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Speed up Your Store, Improve SEO and User Experience!

Website speed is crucial to positive user experience. A faster loading storefront makes customers happier and improves the conversion rate. In addition, Google is obsessed with page load speed and uses it as a metric to build its web search rankings. An image-rich store requires images to be as small as possible because oversized images take longer to load.

The Image Optimizer app automatically compresses images to minimize file size without degrading quality to an unacceptable level. As a result, the time required for images to be sent over the Internet or downloaded is greatly reduced. With compressed images, store loading time, user experience, and SEO all improve.

Images can be a great source of organic traffic for a store if images are named correctly. The image file name tells Google the content of the photo and what the webpage on which it appears is about. Descriptive, keyword-rich image filenames are crucial for image SEO optimization. The Image Optimizer app can automatically rename image filenames by using simple templates and, as a result, help the website rank higher on search engines.

JPEG images are ideal for Shopify stores because they provide the best quality for the smallest file size (Note: Shopify automatically serves WebP images). The PNG format is only advisable for images with a transparent background. The Image Optimizer app can convert images from PNG to JPG and dramatically reduce the file size up to 80% of the original size.

Images are one of the most important assets of any store. The Image Optimizer app acknowledges this fact and, therefore, backups original images before making changes. It gives users peace of mind because they can restore an individual image or whole set of images with a press of a button.

After installing the Image Optimizer app, it will automatically scan all existing images and optimize them. It will also periodically scan for new images, which means there is no need to worry about slow and unoptimized images.

Key Features:

  • Backup and Restore
  • Set and Forget
  • Speed up Your Store, Improve SEO and User Experience!
  • Image optimization
  • Alt Text Optimization
  • Filename Optimization
  • Convert PNG to JPG
  • Image optimization
  • Alt Text Optimization
  • Filename Optimization
  • Convert PNG to JPG

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