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App highlights:

Lookbook Gallery is an awesome way to organize all your images in an organized form. It helps your customers to see all the images at one place.

Image Gallery is an elegant tool to build a photo/video album of your products. This helps to grab the attention of visitors.

You can create Unlimited image or video galleries for your store and give your customers a fantastic experience. Let your customers know all the fine details when they open the image in a full screen pop up.

Create a main/parent layout & link child galleries to the main . Let customers navigate b/w multiple galleries in organised way.

Create image or video gallery with or w/o popups. Add links,titles & alt tags for images. 4 gallery layouts are available

Make fully customizable video gallery using your Youtube or Vimeo videos. Add videos in any page by one click.

Key Features:

  • There are 11 types of galleries that can be created by this app.
  • Add links - Navigate customers to the product page when they click on images. You can create hierarchy of galleries using add links from our app. So you can create a main gallery and then on click of any image , open another one.
  • Add titles, captions to images and Alt tags.
  • Now you can add alt tags in images to boost SEO.
  • Protect you images with disable right click
  • Add call to action links for each image (Hyperlinks)
  • Lookbook can be embedded on any page, product, collection or blog.
  • Our Image & video app is fully customizable.
  • SORT IMAGES. You can sort and order images. Simply drag and drop the images in your sorting order.
  • Multiple Video Gallery
  • You can create Unlimited Video galleries from your YouTube or Vimeo videos.
  • Add videos from any other source too.
  • You can upload custom thumbnail for videos in your video page.
  • Two modes are available for videos also i.e. inline and popup.
  • Gallery in 4 layouts
  • Make Gallery for your Videos
  • Main gallery & sub galleries

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