Giftship: Premium Gift Options



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Starts from $29.99/month. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

A Comprehensive Suite of Gifting Tools: Gift Messages, Datepicker, Bulk Shipping, Box Builder, Upsells, and More

Giftship offers an extensive array of gifting features seamlessly integrated into your storefront and order fulfillment process. Empower your customers to send items to various addresses within a single checkout. Streamline the collection and automatic printing of gift messages. Provide the option for selecting delivery dates and automate order tagging. Whether you require gifting solutions for product and cart options, upselling strategies, box customization, and beyond, Giftship encompasses all these features and more, ready to elevate your gifting business to new heights.

Key Features Include:

  • Gifting Options: Implement gift messages and a delivery date picker on both product and cart pages.
  • Enhanced Checkout: Enable the shipping of items to multiple addresses from a single checkout.
  • Smart Upsells: Employ one-click, popup, dropdown, and thumbnail image upselling techniques.
  • Box Builder: Create custom gift boxes with multiple storefront layout options.
  • Back-end Engine: Utilize smart auto-tagging, order printing, and customize all available tools to suit your specific needs.
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