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Since Shopify just allows adding maximum 3 options and 100 variants, let the app help you break the limit to display your product options in the most perfect way. Thus, customers enjoy the shopping experience by selecting items for their desired or custom product.

Build an unlimited number of custom product options including text, dropdown, calendar, file upload, swatches, button, checkbox and more

Allow shoppers to design their own custom products based on flexible option choices. Apply particular option set to appropriate products.

Your customer will be happy to pay a small extra amount for a custom option to have the most satisfied product.

Key Features:

  • Various option types. You can creatively build up proper option sets for products with multiple functional elements.
  • Add-on price (Price adjustment)
  • Conditional logic options
  • Apply option set in bulk
  • Customizable Option appearance
  • Live preview
  • Export & Import option sets
  • Control over placeholder & default value of the option
  • Set fields as optional or required
  • Show helptext and invalid notification text
  • Select option column width
  • Bulk add selections (for dropdown, checkbox, radio)
  • Max and Min selection for checkbox
  • Max character length for text input field
  • Max and Min value for numeric field
  • Allow selecting date and time on Calendar. Set up Datetime’s language and format
  • File upload: Allow multiple files and extensions
  • Show lively options with color swatch and image swatch
  • Show selected option details on Cart page and Checkout page
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