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App highlights:

This app gives you an easy-to-use tool to display product variants on both collection page, homepage and product page creatively as a means to enhance customers’ experience and stimulate them to purchase.

Showcase the product variant image in swatch options for a lively and picturesque look. Automatically show the corresponding main variant image and a group of variant image when an option is selected.

Attract your customers’ attention by displaying insightful color swatch option. Display not only 1-color swatch but also 2-color swatch to demonstrate the product color variant in the most optimized way.

Display whatever you want in swatches with custom image swatch. Just upload image file or image url to achieve this.

The most basic option types are still supported along with customizable swatch options to fulfill your various demands

Options can be displayed along with Add to cart button on collection page and homepage so that your customers can quickly purchase right there.

Key Features:

  • Automated variant image swatch
  • Custom color swatch
  • Custom image swatch
  • Button and Dropdown
  • Sort options - Just drag and drop to arrange the option order
  • Swatch options on product list page
  • Customizable design: pre-set templates and customizable options
  • 4 pre-set templates on product page and 4 ones on collection page Avoid ordering the wrong variants
  • Show variant image group
  • Import/export
  • Support multiple Shopify themes
  • Sold-out variants. Choose one among 3 options: Hide/Cross out/Grey out out-of-stock variants
  • Redirect to cart page

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