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Free plan available, paid plan starts from $29/month and comes with a 30-day free trial.

Tap into the power of Facebook Shop, the unified digital storefront that seamlessly integrates across Facebook and Instagram, with Flexify, your one-stop solution for advertising and selling your products on these leading social media platforms. Join tens of thousands of merchants who have harnessed Flexify's capabilities to create auto-synced Facebook Product Catalogs, enabling Dynamic Product Ads, Facebook Shop, and Instagram Shopping – and don't worry, it works with Google and Pinterest too!

Embark on your ecommerce journey risk-free with Flexify's generous free-forever plan and discover a suite of powerful features designed to elevate your online presence:

  • Highly Targeted Product Ads: Craft laser-focused product ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Google, reaching the right audience at the right time.
  • Dynamic Creative Automation: Eliminate the tedious task of manual ad configuration. Flexify generates unique creative for all your products, ensuring your ads are always fresh and engaging.
  • Set-and-Forget Campaigns: Create campaigns once and let Flexify work its magic. Your product ads will continuously reach potential customers, maximizing your visibility and sales opportunities.
  • Cross-Device Reach: Expand your reach beyond desktop computers. Flexify ensures your product ads are displayed across all devices, capturing the attention of potential customers wherever they are.
  • High-Relevance Targeting: Showcase products that resonate with your audience's interests and social media behavior, driving conversions and boosting sales.
  • Always Up-to-Date Inventory: Never advertise out-of-stock products again! Flexify seamlessly synchronizes your store's inventory with your ads, ensuring you always present customers with available items.
  • Massive Product Feeds: Showcase up to 1000 products on our free plan. Upgrade to paid plans for unlimited feeds and enjoy limitless product promotion.
  • Curated Product Collections: Decide which products to sync – showcase your entire product line or select specific collections to highlight.
  • Enhanced Image Quality: Say goodbye to cropped images in your ads! Flexify intelligently resizes images for optimal display across all platforms.

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