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App highlights:

New features: I Target rules towards logged in customers - you can extend this to target customers more finely based on their ID, customer tags, total order count or order value. Target rules towards unregistered customers (those who are not logged in). Apply custom images on offer to customer popups. Added support for triggering rules by subscriptions, and adding subscription products.

EasyGift makes it straightforward to automatically include items in your customers' carts based on custom rules. It's simple, easy to use, and works seamlessly without compromising your store's performance or UI.

Creating and editing rules is a breeze. The app is snappy and updates on your site right away. Create a rule based on your customers' total cart value or specific products. Choose when to activate the offer by scheduling a start time.

Key Features:

  • Adding a gift to a customer's cart when their cart exceeds a certain amount.
  • Bundling complementary products that have to be bought together.
  • Adding on a surcharge/deposit for certain products or order values.
  • In-app and email alerts for low in stock and out of stock action products.
  • Give it a go - try out the app on a 5-day trial! It will simplify your business logic and make your customers happy.
  • It's super simple
  • Delight your customers
  • Awesome support

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