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The Dovetale Community platform offers the most important features to manage an influencer marketing program and scales with your team as you grow.

Influencer marketing software doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg... get started using the entire Community platform and scale your influencer marketing efforts with our member management, gifting, affiliate tracking, and payment solutions.

Your community application page is a perfect place to send them. Our application page builder will help you build a beautiful and easy-to-use application process for influencers to join your community. Customize your application page to help collect information such as social @handles, emails, phone numbers, shipping addresses, and more - this process has never been easier.

No need to chase down addresses and shipping details... easily send out gifts to many of your community members at once and let people choose their sizes, colors, or any other options you specify with gifting templates. Give your members a reason to love being a part of your community! Set up custom discount codes, referral links, and commission structures to help them sell your products. Commissions incentivize your members so they can earn money from sales they generate.

Let us do the hard work by tracking conversions and calculating the commissions. Stop hunting down payment details and automate your work, then easily review and make payments to affiliates in seconds.

Track the success of your influencer marketing efforts with dashboards that focus on showing sales that members of your community generate. Additionally, you can easily monitor the value of the gifts you're sending, affiliate commissions, and payment history. It's never been easier to understand how much money you're earning from influencer marketing.

Key Features:

  • Custom application pages for recruiting
  • Send gifts at scale
  • Affiliate discount codes and referral links
  • Track commissions and make payments with PayPal
  • Dashboards built to help you focus on growth
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