Stack Discounts



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nhance the conversion rate from the shopping cart to checkout by implementing a range of effective strategies, including the stacking of discounts in the cart, tiered discounts, and product labeling.

Empower customers to apply their discount codes directly in the cart, merge multiple discounts, benefit from tiered automatic discounts, utilize product labels, and explore enticing product bundles.

Key features and benefits include:

  • On-Cart Discounts: Enable customers to stack various discounts within the cart discount field.
  • Tiered Discounts: Offer tiered discounts through combined codes or automatic application to the customer's cart.
  • Product Labels: Enhance product visibility and sales by adding labels and badges to your products.
  • Product Bundles: Boost sales by recommending appealing product combinations to customers.
  • Featured Offers: Highlight selected offers on a side widget to encourage customers to increase their purchase size.

By incorporating these features, you can optimize the shopping experience, making it more enticing for customers and ultimately increasing the conversion rate from cart to checkout.

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