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Enable the acceptance of discount codes directly in the cart, permit discount stacking, and harness the power of multiple automatic discounts along with coupon code promotions - all consolidated into one comprehensive app!

Enhanced cart summary feature ensures a swift and responsive shopping experience by allowing your store to accept discount codes right in the cart. Customers can view their potential savings before proceeding to checkout, a feature known to boost conversion rates and Average Order Value (AOV). You can enable discount stacking, enabling customers to input multiple coupon codes during the cart checkout process, even alongside automatic discounts. Furthermore, set up a shipping estimation feature and promote a free shipping tier to entice customers.

Additionally, app offers a convenient POPUP widget for promoting cart discounts, providing a seamless shopping experience. Best of all, the installation is user-friendly and doesn't require any coding expertise.

Here's a breakdown of the key features:

  • Accept Discount Codes on Cart: Show savings early to enhance conversion rates.
  • Stack Discounts On Cart: Control which coupon codes can be stacked during the cart checkout.
  • Automatic Stacking of Multiple Discounts: Customers can stack discounts without any manual input.
  • Free Shipping Promotion: Track free shipping tier progress and promote it alongside cart coupons.
  • Discount Code Promotion Widget: Display available codes to customers throughout your site.

By utilizing this app, you can streamline the discount code process, improve conversion rates, and make the shopping experience more enticing for your customers.

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