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App highlights:

By incorporating Countdown Timer Bar app, you will create a sense of urgency in your marketing messages within minutes. Add urgency & FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) effects to your sales events with countdown timer to nudge customers to BUY NOW instead of later. Multiple timer types fit any sales event, including one-time, auto-recurring, daily & weekly timers. For your flash, daily, scheduled sales.

Key Features:

  • 1 click installation. Easy to Install and Setup
  • 0 developers needed!
  • Multiple types of countdown timers to meet different needs such as generic countdown, periodic countdown, daily/weekly countdown, and visitor session based countdown
  • Good for early bird promotions, flash sale promotions, holiday promotions, time limited offers, product launch events and more
  • With a call-to-action button on the bar, your customers will dash to your sales
  • Supports unlimited active bars for creating different promotions on different pages
  • Geo Target, display different promotions based on the visitors’ country
  • Display highly urgent timers specifically for visitors coming from your social ads such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  • With our auto-scheduling feature, you can create as many bars as you want for the next several months
  • Highly Customizable. Options to define the pages you want the bar to display on, such as all pages, home page only, collection or product pages only, or any pages by giving the URLs.
  • Add the bar to any desired position on your webpage
  • Options to define which pages should be excluded, such as home page, collection or product pages, or any pages by giving the URLs
  • Fully responsive and optimized across all screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • We do NOT put our App logo on the bar to make your site look unprofessional!
  • Unlimited number of impressions!


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