BEST Currency Converter


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Free plan available. Starts from $9.95/month

BEST Currency Converter works out of the box with any theme, and looks amazing! App works with 160+ currencies including Bitcoin. Converts prices instantly, on any devices, any theme, even if you use ajax. You can even add all the currencies with the push of a button.

Currency Rates get updated twice a day. The app detects your customer's location and automatically selects the currency for them. They can also change it manually if they wish from the Currency Switcher. Choose from 3 different currency converter themes, one more beautiful than the other.

Since Shopify doesn't allow us to convert the prices on the Checkout page, we came up with a few ways to inform your customers of this. Either with a custom message on the cart page or if they hover over the converted prices, they'll be able to still see the original prices.

Key Features:

* Works with any Theme

* Supports any Currency

* Auto-select currency based on Customer's Location

* Beautiful Design

* Price configuration

* Our app informs your customers

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