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Enhance your B2B sales strategy with the ability to craft customized wholesale and tiered volume discounts based on customer tags. No need to create a separate store – effortlessly configure user tags for your wholesale clientele, optimizing your offerings with the help of robust analytics. Tailor the pricing to suit your store's unique design and watch your sales soar. This comprehensive solution offers multiple tiers of volume-tiered pricing and B2B wholesale pricing, empowering you to propose specialized pricing and quantity breaks to bulk customers. Easily mark accounts by tags to offer special prices to specific customers, all while seamlessly tracking revenue and Average Order Value (AOV). Plus, it operates responsively without affecting your store's speed, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Key Features:

  • Configure multiple tiers of volume-tiered pricing and B2B wholesale pricing.
  • Tailor specialized wholesale and tiered pricing, along with volume/quantity breaks for bulk customers.
  • Effortlessly mark accounts by tags to offer exclusive pricing to selected customers.
  • Harness powerful analytics tools to track revenue and Average Order Value (AOV).
  • Enjoy responsive performance without impacting your store's speed and efficiency.
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