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Import an unlimited number of AliExpress reviews effortlessly. You can showcase these reviews through Judge.me or any preferred review application.

To begin the review import process, simply install the corresponding app or Chrome extension. Then, select the Shopify product to which you wish to add reviews and input the AliExpress product URL. Customize your review import by applying various filters, such as specifying the number of reviews to import or selecting reviews that include photos.

For enhanced efficiency, you can create distinct import settings and execute multiple imports simultaneously, each with its unique configuration. Moreover, you have the option to automate the transfer of your imported reviews to Judge.me or export them in CSV format for import into another review application.

This comprehensive solution allows you to:

  • Import an unlimited number of AliExpress reviews.
  • Run multiple imports concurrently.
  • Employ diverse filters to refine your review selection.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Judge.me for review display.
  • Export reviews for integration with other review applications.
  • Source reviews directly from AliExpress pages using the Chrome extension.
  • Boost trust and conversion rates by incorporating review photos and descriptive user-generated content.
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