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Joshua Lloyd has become one of the leading LGBTQ+ brands in Europe. They stand out from the crowd with a heart warming message of inclusion and acceptance and have always been driven by a powerful social cause. Joshua Lloyd is heralded as the UK’s fastest-growing gender-neutral, inclusive fashion brand, which today proudly provides in excess of 1,000 inclusive LGBTQ+ accessories, clothing and homeware sold internationally, through Shopify and Apps like Growave. Building a Community was a priority for Joshua Lloyd. A community built by Growave.

Joshua Lloyd set about to Achieve these objectives:

Increase Reach and Re-engage with Automated Emails

Build a Strong Community with Loyalty & Rewards

Generate Authentic Reviews for Social Trust

Derive Customer Insight for Catalog Decisions

Scale his Social Channels with UGC

But Most Importantly to Spread a Message

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As a Result

Saw a 10% Increase in Email CTR

Gathered 2,000+ Positive Reviews

Expanded its Market with 3 Loyalty Tiers and 15 Unique Rewards

Scaled his Business to the leading LGBTQ+ brand in Europe

“Growave ties in perfectly with our daily marketing goals and activities and helps the brand truly reach those who are most likely to engage whilst also allowing us to reach our audience where it matters. Growave has definitely helped us increase brand awareness and improve the delivery of our message.”

“We originally used Shopify Reviews as it was an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box default reviewing platform, for us to gain new reviews on our products. Although this was great as a starting point, we felt there was so much more that we were missing out on when it comes to reviews and more ways to build social proof for our brand.”

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Joshua Lloyd Griffin

Founder & Managing Director

Loved by more than 13,000 Shopify merchants

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