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“Growave offers a FLAWLESS social sharing program that includes post-purchase pop-ups that allow customers to share their purchases right away!”

Beautiful Baleine is a clothing company based in Modesto, CA that donates 10% of each sale to Whale and Dolphin Conservation. A light hearted business like Baleine is made to stand out from the crowd because of their noble cause.

Baleine leveraged Growave’s many features for maximum Engagement and Growth:

Growave interested them because they were looking for features like reviews, sharing, discounts, email collecting, etc in one app with a reasonable price.

Gus, Baleine’s head of the company, wanted to get new leads, build trust and gain new customers.

“I considered everything. I looked through the APP store and tried countless apps, but most of them barely made any sort of difference. After throwing away countless dollars on facebook ads and other apps, I realized I had to find another way to pull my store together or I wouldn’t be around too long!”

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As a Result

Baleine saw site views increment as well as marketing list growth.

Integrating the Social Login that helped to capture customer emails and growing marketing lists.

Growave's Instagram product gave them an ability to create shoppable galleries that ease the process of buying a product they liked.

They found Reviews feature most useful.

And as a part of that solution, we're proud to have helped Beautiful Baleine in their mission to empower people and provide them with confidence in who they are!

“Rather than a customer has only one option of creating an account directly with your store, Growave allows customers to log in using popular social sites such as Facebook, Google+, Amazon and many more! With the sleek drop-down menu style, creating an account with your store has never been easier

“This is a perfect way to grow your social media accounts” - says Gus, - ”Growave offered an amazing price for a platform that offered a shoppable Instagram gallery”

“Growave platform offers the Reviews product, that is the most efficient on the market. Buyers will select a rating, write a review, and boom! Need some incentive for a buyer to post reviews? Offer rewards such as discounts or free shipping whenever customers post a review!”- describes Beautiful Baleine.



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