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Oct 16, 2022




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Case Study: How Growave Helped Lily Charmed Gain Over 30% Customer Retention Rate

In order to demonstrate a real world example of success using Growave marketing, the author has constructed a business case study from an authentic client. The client is said to have increased their e-commerce stores performance and market reach. The evidence is elaborated on in the article itself, perhaps serving enough reasoning to convince clients to partake in this Shopify marketing integration.

Case Study: How Growave Helped Lily Charmed Gain Over 30% Customer Retention Rate

Lily Charmed is a family-owned designer jewelry business based in the United Kingdom. They aim to tell a story with jewelry by adding sentimental notes with each piece. The company has strong ethical standards and uses recycled silver, with each piece being made by a co-operative in Bali and with each worker getting a profit share.

Migrating to Shopify

lily charmed home page

Lily Charmed started using Shopify two years ago. The company was looking for a new supplier of customer-generated reviews. Previously, Lily Charmed used a well-known review platform, which was way too complicated to use and was charging a significant amount of money. 

After searching for a new app on the Shopify app store, Lily Charmed came across Growave, which had many positive reviews. Lily Charmed decided to start with a free version of an app, and as the business grew on the platform, they switched to a “Growth” plan. The main focus was to use the Reviews feature to collect customer reviews, and then Lily Charmed started to implement other Growave’s features. Lily Charmed appreciates the Growave app's simplicity and seamless integration within Shopify POS, unlike the other apps requiring a separate login to use an app. 

Building Customer Trust with Reviews

lily charmed reviews

There is the significant importance of the Reviews feature for Lily Charmed, as it is a way to engage with their customers. The ability to send a reminder to leave a review, reply to a review, and send a reward for leaving a review is necessary for any online business. Reviews are generally hard to get from customers, but Growave helped Lily Charmed get 600+ positive reviews and create social proof. Lily Charmed believes that the Reviews feature allows them to get return customers because of follow-up discounts

Integration with Google Shopping

lily charmed google shopping

Lily Charmed was able to improve the ROI by utilizing Growave's integration with Google Shopping. Being Google Shopping partner has a significant advantage in favor of Growave. It helped drive a lot of sales for Lily Charmed, as their website gained substantial SEO dominance with Google reviews. Customers prefer to see reviews for products when they search on Google. It is necessary, especially when there are many similar products online. Indeed, Growave helped Lily Charmed to stand out in Google Shopping, compared to competitors.

Increasing Sales with Shoppable Instagram Galleries

lily charmed instagram shopping

Instagram is an essential channel for Lily Charmed to showcase their products and engage with their customers. Shoppable Instagram feature helps Lily Charmed embed galleries on their website and allow their customers to shop by clicking on the images. The Instagram feature on the website is incredibly convenient for mobile shoppers, as mobile shopping is significantly more prevalent among their customers. About 70-80% of Lily Charmed customers purchase products from their website using mobile. Over the last months, Lily Charmed had 3,000+ impressions on their Instagram Gallery. 

Reducing Cart Abandonment Rate with Wishlists

lily charmed wishlist

Wishlist is another essential feature that helped Lily Charmed to decrease cart abandonment rate. Additionally, Lily Charmed successfully combined functionalities of Shopify abandoned cart notifications, Omnisend, and Growave to drive customers back to the website. The overall cart abandonment rate has reduced by 22% since Lily Charmed started using Growave. From the start of implementing the Wishlist feature, hundreds of users added items to their wishlist. As the holiday season is approaching, there was a 45% increase in Wishlist users since September 2020. Lily Charmed mentioned that customer behavior has changed, and early holiday shopping is favored by many customers this year.

Building Customer Loyalty 

Lily Charmed has seen a 30-40% increase in return customers to their website in the last year, and it is hard to pinpoint which channels helped gain return customers precisely. However, they firmly believe that Growave was the primary channel that enabled them to achieve it. Lily Charmed gained a loyal customer base by incentivizing their customers with discounts for leaving reviews on the website. Of course, to have return customers, the business also needs to have the right product, and Lily Charmed is confident that they have that. Additionally, utilizing Shopify and Growave features is necessary for maximizing return customers.

FAQ Section

Are Loyalty Programs profitable?

While there is no definitive answer, industry figures suggest a clear improvement in engagement rates and customer lifetime value. Keep in mind that points have a financial value that affects your bottom line. There is a balance between point value and their cost.

What are the benefits of Wishlists?

Wishlists primarily target cart abandonment and referral traffic. They make your store social interactive and allow you to build re-engagement campaigns with email reminders. Using email reminders in combination with your Wishlist can help retain important customers. You can send reminders when items are back in stock or if you are runnind a discount on those items.

Do Reviews impact SEO?

Reviews are excellent for SEO and make your shop stand out. They can be used to build your website's profile and can featured across your marketing channels.

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