How Growave Increased Flat Pack FX’s Conversion Rate

November 26, 2022
How Growave Increased Flat Pack FX’s Conversion Rate

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The Actor 

Flat Pack FX is a Shopify-based store that serves as a library for exclusive After Effects templates and free tutorials. The dynamic brand was founded in 2016 in Perth, Australia and since then has helped thousands of stores and vendors to create their own unique stories through colourful and engaging graphics.

The Challenge

Low site traffic was the very first issue that the store has faced like many other startups steeped in rough competition.

As you know, it depends entirely on the number of site visits a day. So the more visitors you have, the more chances you have to make your brand known. And the faster you let them into your online store, the sooner they can start purchasing your product. That’s why it was so important for Flat Pack not to spoil visitors' impression from the very first moment. To achieve that, the brand began with searching for a customer login solution that would remove the barriers to entry and checkout.

They looked through many Shopify apps and finally stopped on Growave. The choice wasn’t random, since the platform offered more than just one Social Login feature. Instead, there was a variety of tools for customer engagement, such as Wishlist or Reviews, which attracted Flat Pack. Or as the company's founder puts it:

I feel it has given my customers a more personalized experience to their shopping experience.”

The fast registration process with one-click login 

It is no longer a secret that Social Login increases satisfaction among customers by providing them with more personalized experiences online. You can make life-long customers by making it super easy to get to your shop with a username and password they already use for other places.

It is especially true in the case with Flat Pack FX, which is so popular on its YouTube channel. It has over 16.5K subscribers there, and the number of viewers for the channel’s videos has now exceeded one million.

So by choosing Social Login, the brand enabled their enourmous YouTube base to sign up for and log into the shop through their existing social accounts, making it a much smoother experience for the audience.

Moreover, Social login allowed to decrease the number of fake email addresses left by visitors during registration, since by using their personal accounts for logging in, the customers were automatically verifying their identity.

flat pack fx social login

“I feel people really warmed to the new features. Being able to login using social media logins was a big drawcard.”

Social Login for Seamless Checkout

Our Social Login also allowed Flat Pack’s customers to use their preferred social accounts for checkout, thus allowing for a much easier, faster and more comfortable checkout every time they visited the shop. As a result, it reduced the shopping cart abandonment.

social login checkout

Wishlist for catching customers' interest again and again

Meanwhile, Wishlist has helped Flat Pack FX to improve their customer experience in 3 major ways:

- it allowed to quickly find customer's favorite product and purchase it later without browsing the site once again;
- it made it easy to collect one's favorite items and share them to their friends;
- it helped customers to orient themselves in the abundance of products by showing them the popular picks. 

“I really like how they can select items to add to their wishlist, check the status of the favorite item, share it with friends and also view past orders.”

flat pack fx wishlist

Thus, with Growave's features, Ross can monitor the demand for his After Effect templates, increase social proof for his products via "most popular" picks and return to his customers with a personalized wishlist reminder email. The latter, in turn, helps his customers feel more valuable, which then makes them return back to the brand again and again.

“Great platform and fantastic support, Growave has given me exactly what I was after plus more. The support has been amazing, they have gone above and beyond for making the changes needed for my site.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should you use Social Login?

Social Login improves the user experience, shortens the registration process, and can be used in combination with rewards to encourage registration. The easier it is for customers to register to your loyalty program, the more opportunities you have to communicate and ecnourage them.

What is Social Login?

Social Login is a quick login feature that allows shoppers to sign in to your e-commerce store using their social media accounts or email. This app is designed to improve the overall customer expierence and increase the amount of customer registration you receive. Social Login is great in combination with your Loyalty Program.

Can you reward Social Login?

Social Login is meant to be a part of a broader marketing strategy. Social Login can be used in combination with rewards to encourage loyalty program registration.

What are the benefits of Wishlists?

Wishlists primarily target cart abandonment and referral traffic. They make your store social interactive and allow you to build re-engagement campaigns with email reminders. Using email reminders in combination with your Wishlist can help retain important customers. You can send reminders when items are back in stock or if you are runnind a discount on those items.

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