Best Shipping Apps for Shopify in 2024

By thoroughly exploring the Shopify App store, we have gathered the apps that can help you with shipping, returns, and shipping announcements on your Shopify store easily. We hope this will help you in your research to pick the best app for your store! Here are the best shipping apps for Shopify that we think you should use, free or paid, based on hundreds of recommendations.

PH Ship, Rate and Track



Price from:
14-day free trial. $19/month

PH Ship, Rate and Track is a certified Shopify Shipping app by FedEx that optimizes your label printing process and boosts your business. It offers live carrier rates from FedEx at checkout, ensuring transparent shipping costs for customers. With one-click bulk label printing, you can efficiently handle a high volume of orders. The app also provides real-time tracking powered by FedEx, keeping you and your customers updated on shipment status. Streamline shipping, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve business success with PH Ship, Rate and Track

Key Features

  • Generate Shopify FedEx shipping labels manually or automatically as soon as the order is placed.
  • Supports both FedEx domestic and international shipping services with commercial invoice
  • Show delivery estimates for FedEx services on Shopify checkout page
  • Print FedEx labels and fulfil Shopify orders in bulk
  • Allow your customers to choose the nearest or preferred FedEx Hold at Location as their delivery address
  • Supports special services like FedEx One rate, FedEx SmartPost etc 
  • Integrate FedEx Freight shipping services with your Shopify store

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ShipZip: Shipping & Delivery



Price from:
Free plan available. 30-day free trial.

Shipzip: The ultimate shipping rate calculator, with advanced shipping rules based on products, zip code, vendor, and other factors. It also allows for an order delivery date, store pickup, and local delivery feature.

You can set the incremental shipping by weight or quantity, called surcharge shipping. Unlimited locations for store pickup and local delivery with order limit time slots.

You have never seen an app like ShipZip. This app provides you a solution out of your mind. Very deep customization for users as per their requirements.

Key Features:

  • Easily restrict PO box address if X product is in the cart
  • Shipping rates based on delivery date like extra charge on weekend delivery
  • Set shipping rates by zip code, product, customer tag, distance, etc.
  • Avoid losses or cancel order by calculating shipping rates by zip code,distance
  • Schedule a call with our shipping expert for complete setup assistance

Try app 30-day free trial & setup support.

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Shipping Rates ‑ Shipeasy



Price from:
From $9.99/month. 30-day free trial.

We understand shipping rates are unique to each store. With Shipeasy you can setup multiple conditions to set the correct shipping rate.

Schedule a call with us for complete setup assistance. The shipping rate calculator enables you to show rates based on 20+ parameters.

Suitable for businesses like: Dropshipping, Beauty, Clothing, Electronics, Furniture, Jewellery, Restaurants, Grocery, Sports, Toys

Note: You need the Shopify’s Carrier Calculated Shipping API for the app to work, so you’ll need access to it included with your Shopify plan. It can’t generate prices without it. If you’re not sure, or need to add it, get in touch with Shopify Support.

Key Features:

  • Set different rates based on all product and order parameters.
  • Multi origin shipping rates.
  • Post code/ Zip code, distance based rates.
  • Product dimension based rates.
  • Rate blending lets you define how rates from different rule sets should be combined at checkout.
  • No code setup.
  • Multi supplier rates to handle drop shipping.
  • Special rates by customer
  • Complete flexibility to show only desired rates.
  • Can be used in all countries supported by Shopify in the currency of their choice.
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Intuitive Shipping


Intuitive Shipping Inc

Price from:
Free plan available, paid plan starts from $70/month and comes with a 15-day free trial.

Intuitive Shipping enhances Shopify's native shipping options, equipping you with a comprehensive toolkit to accurately charge your customers for shipping. Whether you have simple or intricate shipping needs, Intuitive Shipping has the solution. They've empowered numerous entrepreneurs to expand their stores, offering tailored solutions from Basic to Plus tiers.

During the checkout process, the shipping step is pivotal, transforming potential shoppers into buyers. When shipping costs seem arbitrary or delivery choices lack clarity, abandoned checkouts rise, leading to unexpected expenses during fulfillment. Intuitive Shipping resolves these issues by eliminating unnecessary friction. It grants you control over shipping expenses and their presentation to your customers.

Key Features:

  • Link your ShipStation account to access negotiated rates from leading carriers.
  • Provide accurate delivery estimates directly from your shipping carrier, establishing realistic expectations for your customers.
  • Define how rates from various rule sets should be blended at checkout.
  • Enable store pick-up options within specified postal/zip code zones (compatible with UK Postcodes).
  • Customize shipping descriptions to include special instructions or notes under your shipping rates during checkout.
  • Utilize over 40 Conditions, such as Customer Tag, Collection, and Time of Day, to control every aspect of your shipping costs, enhancing conversions and profits.
  • Leverage SmartBoxing to display precise costs for real-time shipping options, granting customers access to faster shipping speeds.
  • Implement customizable free shipping triggers, allowing free shipping for specific customers or when the cart value exceeds a designated amount.
  • Set custom pricing based on product quantity, weight, distance, and more.
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Amazon FBA Shipping



Price from:
$25/month. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

What is FBA Shipping by ByteStand?

FBA Shipping connects all of your US & non-US FBA account with your Shopify store, allowing you to finally leverage the power of Amazon FBA around the world. Once setup your orders can automagically be sent to and fulfilled by Amazon FBA. Through the power of the internets we automatically pull in shipping status updates and tracking numbers. The app pulls in updates every 5 minutes, and automatically emails your customer when their item ships. With FBA Shipping never worry about shipping or customer updates again.

We've sold on Amazon for years, and used FBA to fulfill all our orders. It's been fantastic! We created FBA Shipping so that users outside of the United States can enjoy the same convenience, cost saving, and shipping abilities that we've enjoyed in the US for years.

Using your customers shipping information and cart data we intelligently select the closest Amazon FBA account. We then send really REALLY fast carrier pigeons(or the Amazon API) out to Amazon. Once there, they pick up all the fees Amazon is deciding to charge then turn around and provide these to you. We then look at the settings within your account to provide the final fees to your customers.

Our app is embedded in the admin section of your store, works through Shopify, and if you type fast, can be setup in less than one minute.To get setup we just need a few identifying pieces of information from your Amazon account, plus your shipping rules and you're done.

You can also checkout our other apps in the app store. ByteStand to move your Amazon products to Shopify and FreshCredit the first true store credit app for Shopify.

Key Features:

  • Connect all of your US & non-US Amazon FBA account to your Shopify store
  • Intelligently switch FBA accounts according to your customers shipping address
  • Simple automatic mutli-channel Amazon FBA fulfillment
  • Provide real time shipping quotes from Amazon FBA to your customers
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Multi Carrier Shipping Label



Price from:
14-day free trial. $9/mo, $29/mo, $49/mo, and $99/mo subscription plans

The Shopify Multi Carrier Shipping Label app allows you to display exact shipping prices at checkout, print labels with a single click, and track orders directly from the Shopify dashboard, saving you time and cost.

This app, as the name implies, supports all major carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Stamps, Aramex, Blue Dart, Australia Post, Canada Post, and others. You may also select from a list of main shipping carriers' domestic and international shipping services. This way, you won't need to use numerous shipping solutions to send to different locations.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Parcel Packing Methods: You have total control over how things are packed. You can pick between cost-effective weight-based packing and box-packing if you ship the items in your customized boxes.
  • Shipping Cost Adjustment for Shopify Shipments: You may customize the delivery costs for each shipping service based on your needs. You may add a predetermined handling charge to the shipment cost and even offer clients a percentage discount.
  • Automatically Choose The Cheapest Shipping Services: If you offer free or flat-rate shipping to your clients, the plugin will automatically select the lowest shipping option for order fulfillment.
  • Estimated Delivery Date on Checkout: For the approved shipping carriers, the app displays the number of days it may take for customers to receive their products at the Shopify checkout page.
  • Carrier Pickup Requests & Manifests: Using this app, you can request carrier pickups directly from your Shopify dashboard and print manifests with all of your shipments in a click.
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Shipping Automation



Price from:

EzySlips - Shipping Labels, Fulfillment & Returns automation.

One-click refunds via bank-transfer, UPI, Paytm . Automatically settle refunds with Shopify Giftcards for COD/Prepaid payments within a click.

Now process thousands of orders with no worries, quickly and efficiently. You can automate all your back office tasks such as

Automatic Allocation of tracking numbers based on weight, carrier, etc Automatically generating shipping labels in bulk (all formats, 4in1, thermal labels) Downloading invoices and GSTR reports Auto fulfill back into Shopify etc. Self service returns automation Track all your shipments at single place. NDR Management Automatic Fraud detection

Key Features:

  • Auto Import orders from your Shopify Store. *Automatic allocation of tracking numbers
  • Option to sync Shopify orders with tags
  • Automatic pushback in Shopify once the tracking number is assigned
  • End-to-end Returns process from approval to processing of returns. Create reverse pickups, keep track of refunds, create exchange order etc
  • GST invoice handle all types of discounts, product wise, order wise, shipping charges, cod charges, Gift card, etc
  • Save tons of hours of manual work.
  • Reduce RTO % and operational cost
  • Improve buyer experience with automated customer followups
  • Automate re-attempts updates to carriers
  • Automatically Mark as Paid into Shopify
  • Option to cancel orders directly on Shopify
  • Shopify fulfill pushback done as per location wise inventory
  • Automatic order update capture once order is updated at Shopify
  • Generate Shipping Labels in bulk
  • Generate Invoice in bulk
  • Thermal as well as normal shipping labels. and much more.
  • Seamless Returns & Refunds automation
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Easyship ‑ All in one shipping



Price from:
Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Easyship is the world's leading cloud-based shipping platform empowering Shopify merchants to drive down shipping costs, save time and scale globally.

Save Money From Day One - We use our volume to offer pre-negotiated, heavily discounted shipping rates to all users, instantly. We even offer great savings from couriers not offered on other platforms. No contracts or time consuming setup necessary!

Increase Conversion Rates At Checkout - Close the sale at checkout by giving your customers the choice between the cheapest, fastest and most affordable rates at checkout, as well full tax and duty costs for cross-border shipments. Choice + visibility = more conversions.

Support Whenever You Need It - Access 24/7 support from our logistics and shipping experts, ready to solve any problem you encounter.

Powerful Automations To Cut Time Spent Shipping - Utilize shipping rules to automate your workflow for repetitive tasks like courier selection, delivery preference, package size, product value and more.

Key Features:

  • Manage your shipments on one platform
  • Easily sync orders and print all your labels for fast, efficient processing
  • Store your product dimensions, category, and weight for faster processing and accurate shipping costs, even with volumetric weights
  • Automatically update “fulfilled” orders with tracking numbers and courier names back to your store
  • Choose preferred solutions based on destination, product type, or weight and expedite shipping with preset rules
  • Maintain control of your finances by downloading past invoices, receipts, and transactions statements
  • Monitor your shipments with notifications from your chosen couriers
  • Automatically generate domestic return labels
  • Go Global by shipping internationally with confidence
  • No other Shopify shipping app makes it this easy to reach customers around the world
  • Automatically generate and download ready-to-go shipping and Customs documents
  • See exact import tax, VAT, GST and other fees upfront so there are no surprises
  • Give customers total flexibility
  • Flexible shipping options increases conversion, let your customers choose between the cheapest, fastest or best-value delivery solutions
  • Reduce customer complaints and emails by showing clear delivery times
  • In-cart settings give you the flexibility to choose prepaid (DDP) or postpaid (DDU) tax and duty - you can even include this as a checkout option
  • A fully customizable post-purchase brand experience
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Envia Shipping and Fulfillment



Price from:

Easy and Quick Shipping for E-commerce Businesses - Envia Shipping and Fulfillment.

We offer a great and unique platform for E-commerce stores. Envia is an expert in making the shipping process as easy and fast as possible. You can either send a small package like documents, all the way to large shipments like a pallet.

Key Features:

  • Create shipping labels.
  • Request pick-up in store or warehouse.
  • Have a customer addresses.
  • Get quotes on shipping orders.
  • Get low prices.
  • Compare carriers quotes.
  • Have access to an online tracking system.
  • Express Service
  • Low shipping costs
  • Shipping Platform
  • Financing available
  • Pick up included
  • Insurance included
  • Couriers: (We handle over 50 couriers in 11 countries).
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Packlink PRO Shipping Platform



Price from:
Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

With Packlink PRO you can optimize your full shipping process. From importing orders, printing shipping labels, picking & packing orders, you can automate every step in your shipping process. Over 20.000 online stores are using Packlink PRO today! Save up to 70% on every shipment with the Packlink PRO shipping module. Access our market-leading selection of over 350 shipping services. Rely on a trusted platform that has shipped over 6 million parcels worldwide. You will have access to a large portfolio of carriers which makes it easy to meet the needs of your customers.

Packlink PRO enables more than 20.000 e-commerce businesses to connect with carriers and efficiently ship worldwide. Why rely on one carrier when you have different shipping needs?

Get flexible: Sell more by offering shipping options from the world's best carriers. Activate up to +30 carriers and switch with one click between them. Ship faster: Build a custom workflow to pick, pack, and print shipping labels at light speed. Your business isn’t like anyone else’s: That’s why we’ve built integrations and relationships with the world’s leading e-commerce platforms and shipping carriers- so you can custom build the perfect combination for your store.

Key Features:

  • Automated, real-time import of your Shopify orders
  • A wide selection of the best carriers on the market to meet the needs of your customers.
  • Print your shipping labels from your back office.
  • Tracking for all your orders
  • Easy to configure pricing rules for shipping
  • Automation tools (e.g. bulk printing, pricing rules)
  • Dedicated phone support available 7 days a week - a single point of contact for all your shipping needs
  • The breadth of shipping services covering all global destinations.
  • Tailored options according to their preferences - e.g. economy/express, drop off/pick up.
  • The choice of delivery point lives on your site.
  • Increase Conversion With Optimized Checkout
  • Automate & Ship Your Packages In Minutes
  • Automate and streamline your shipping process and customize your workflow to save time and money. *Print shipping labels in bulk from your order overview. Schedule pickups or drop off your packages.
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Shipping in India



Price from:
Free plan available. Starts from $17/month

Ship your orders faster and cheaper with the best eCommerce shipping solution in India. Choose from 17+ courier partners including EcomExpress, BlueDart, Delhivery, XpressBees, Shadowfax, and more.

One-Step Integration: Integrate your Shopify store with Shiprocket in just one click. Allow automatic synchronization to process orders directly from the Shiprocket dashboard.

National & International Reach: Serve customers all over the globe with the widest coverage of 29,000+ pin codes in India and 220+ countries globally. Get COD and pre-paid facility.

Cheapest Courier Charges: Choose the cheapest option from 17+ courier partners. Also, choose courier partner based on your other different requirements.

Weight Management: Stay up-to-date with all weight reconciliations through a dedicated panel. Also, manage weight discrepancies and take actions on them within clicks.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Sales Channel Integration: Sell on multiple channels and ship orders from a single Shiprocket dashboard. Integrate 12+ marketplaces like Amazon, Woocommerce, Magento, etc.
  • Damage and Loss Protection: Never worry about the security of your orders. Protect them with a 100% cover of up to Rs. 25 lakhs.
  • Branded Order Tracking pages: Choose from different order tracking page themes to cross-sell products using different marketing banners, collect customer feedback, and much more.
  • QC Enabled Return Order Processing: Efficient order return management with QC enabled reverse pickups. Choose from different quality check options.
  • Courier Recommendation Engine: Make the right decision by picking the right courier partner based on their performance, ratings, and suitability.
  • Easier Return Order Processing: Create new return orders and process them within a few clicks.
  • Lower RTO Charges: Save costs by processing returns at a 5-15% lower cost as compared to the forward charges.
  • Catalog & Inventory Sync: Conveniently manage your inventory from the Shiprocket dashboard as the active products on your Shopify store are fetched automatically.
  • Better Analytics: An all-in-one dashboard to track orders and get reports on the courier, channel, and seller performance.
  • GST Enabled Invoices: As per the new tax system in India print the GST invoices for your shipments easily.
  • Unified Technical Support: Get all the shipping, technical, and on-time support from a single point of contact.
  • Automated Labels and Manifest Generation: Print customized shipping labels in bulk in A4, as well as 4” X 6”, sizes for thermal printers with your brand logo and other required details.

Shiprocket is available only in India.

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Post & DHL Shipping (official)



Price from:
Free to install. External charges may apply.

With the official Post & DHL Shipping plugin you profit from a quick and simplified shipment process enabling you to create Internetmarke & DHL labels and send tracking IDs to your customers. It covers domestic and international services from DHL Paket Germany and Deutsche Post Internetmarke to perfectly suit your needs. Manage your shipments through one single shipping provider by using Post & DHL Shipping App.

Please note: Our Shopify App for DHL Express Shipping services was removed from Store recently. To request access to the new one, please reach out to It will be published soon in the Shopify App Store.

This new Shipping App offers currently only DHL shipping products for DHL Paket and Internetmarke in Germany. We will add further services to support additional origin countries soon.

Key Features:

  • Print labels for DHL Paket incl. the new product "Warenpost National): Fast and easy label creation for domestic and international orders as single or bulk creation process
  • Print labels for Deutsche Post products such as national and international mail, books and merchandise shipments and "Warenpost International"
  • Create auto tracking codes: Automatically receive a tracking code for each label (if tracking is available for selected product)
  • Use additional DHL delivery services, e.g. parcel routing, insurance, visual check of age, etc.
  • Use additional Deutsche Post services such as "Einschreiben", Prio etc.
  • Offer preferred delivery options named “Wunschzustellung” enabling your customers to select preferred day and preferred location for delivery. If the customer enters his home address and a preferred location or neighbor, the parcel can be delivered in his absence (Attention: This requires your store to support Shopify CarrierService API - this is supported only by specific Shopify plans!)
  • Delete labels or reprint labels in case your printer experiences any issues
  • Experience premium support, timely compatibility updates and bug fixes
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Shipping & Returns



Price from:
Free plan available. 14-day free trial. External charges may apply. From $45/month

Handle your Shipping Faster & Easier. Over 15.000 European stores already do.

Your online store is completely unique, and we understand this well. We will automate your shipping process so that you can focus on growing your business.

"The order and shipping process has now become one and is now super smooth! This saved us 60 to 70 hours per year!" ~ Shortbox Comics

Set it All up in Minutes. It's easy as a pie.

"Amazingly simple setup process. API connection with major marketplaces and with our webshop was very easy. The process of addressing and creating labels for packages became super quick. Exactly what we needed. Issues are solved quickly - customer service is excellent." ~ Business owner, Capterra

Key Features:

  • Create & Print Shipping Labels in no Time
  • Get all your orders automatically imported to Sendcloud where you can print labels in bulk or one by one, but without copy-pasting anything.
  • Create shipping rules to automatically assign the correct shipping method to your orders.
  • "Works perfectly with Shopify, takes a lot of work off your hands! (...) With sendcloud: press 1 button and it’s done! I am super satisfied" ~ Treasure Collection
  • Have 25+ Carriers and All Delivery Methods at your Disposal
  • Easily integrate carriers' Service Point pickers, offer Same-day, Saturday, Cash on delivery, and other delivery methods.
  • Send Customised Tracking E-mails & Pages
  • Make customers remember your brand by customising tracking pages and emails using your brand’s logo and colours.
  • Boost engagement and grow your followers organically by linking your social media accounts.
  • Speed up your Picking & Packing Process
  • Use our Pack&Go system to streamline work in your warehouse.
  • Use Barcode Scanner Support to print the corresponding shipping label as soon as the barcode is scanned.
  • Provide Great Return Experience
  • Shipping globally? Get documents for customs clearance.
  • Generate customs forms and commercial invoices along with your shipping labels.
  • Supported 19 carriers
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Hextom: Free Shipping Bar



Price from:
Free plan available, paid plan starts from $9.99/month

In today's retail landscape, customers have come to expect free shipping as a compelling incentive for making multiple purchases online. Recent data reveals that 88% of consumers are more inclined to shop on a website that offers free shipping. Free Shipping Offers come with progressive messages, advanced targeting, and complete customization, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Free Shipping Bar: Display your free shipping offer in a sleek, customizable bar that slides out for maximum visibility.
  • Progressive Messages: Show dynamic messages as customers add more items to their cart, encouraging higher spending.
  • Congratulatory Messages: Celebrate with customers when they qualify for free shipping, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitor the effectiveness of each bar to identify which free shipping goals drive the most sales.
  • Geotargeting: Tailor bars to specific countries, displaying messages like "Free shipping over $50" in the US and "Free shipping over C$70" in Canada.
  • Page Targeting: Configure bars to appear on specific pages, optimizing visibility based on customer engagement.
  • Currency Detection: Automatically detect visitors' local currencies and convert free shipping amounts using real-time exchange rates.
  • Customizable Design: Curate bar backgrounds with holiday-themed images, boosting conversions and sales.
  • Emoji Support: Enhance messages with emojis to create a lively, engaging atmosphere.
  • Responsive Design: Optimized for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across all screen sizes.
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Australia Post Rates & Labels



Price from:
Starts from $19/month along with a 15-day free trial.

The Australia Post Rates & Labels app for Shopify is an indispensable tool to elevate your store's shipping capabilities. Seamlessly integrate your Australia Post and MyPost Business accounts within your Shopify store to unlock competitive shipping rates, providing you with a distinct advantage in the market. Bid farewell to manual calculations and effortlessly streamline your Australia Post label printing process with this powerful app. Real-time Australia Post tracking ensures smooth operations and timely deliveries, contributing to an enhanced and reliable shipping experience for your customers. Take your Shopify store to new heights of success with the PluginHive Australia Post app.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Shipping Rates: Display accurate Australia Post and MyPost Business shipping rates, along with precise delivery estimates directly at the Shopify checkout.
  • Effortless Label Printing: Easily print Australia Post and MyPost Business shipping labels, commercial invoices, packing slips, and other necessary shipping documents.
  • Pickup Scheduling: Schedule pickups and conveniently print manifests directly from your Shopify store, streamlining the logistics process.
  • Australia Post Tracking: Track your orders in real time and automatically share Australia Post and MyPost Business tracking information with your customers, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.
  • Versatile Packaging Options: Pack your items into Australia Post flat rate boxes, satchels, or your preferred packaging for flexible shipping solutions.
  • Efficient Bulk Label Printing: Print Australia Post labels in bulk or one by one directly from the Shopify order page, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between the apps.

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