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Customize your Loyalty Points

Growave’s loyalty points feature allows you to set up how many points your customer will receive after placing an order. You can customize the points value no matter the currency of your store!

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What are the benefits?


Customizable Points Value

Choose how many points your customer will get after placing an order and adjusting how your customers earn.


Engage Loyal Customers

Motivate your customers to earn and redeem points while on your website and stay engaged.


Sell Products in your currency

Keep the currency of your store that your customers prefer with a customizable loyalty point value.


Who is it for?

Growave’s Loyalty points features are used by every single small business around the world. Customized loyalty point system is especially useful for stores using low valued currencies. The feature is widely used by merchants located in South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India.

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Growave vs. Other Loyalty Apps

Growave allows you to take a full control of the way how your customers earn points with the loyalty points feature

  • Ability to customize points value
  • Multiple ways to earn points
  • Various features embedded in one app


  • No ability to customize points value
  • Standardized ways of earning points
  • Limited in the app’s features

How does it work?

Growave allows you to take a full control of the way how your customers earn points with the loyalty points feature

  • Select A Plan Starter Or Higher
  • Install Growave
  • Enable Loyalty and Rewards Feature
  • Set Up Points Value In A Few Clicks In Your Points For Purchase Settings

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