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Apr 15, 2022


What is Growave?


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Why is Growave the Right Loyalty and Reviews App for your Shopify Store?

What's super nice and always right? A loyalty program! Read about how Growave can drive your marketing needs with their all-in-one marketing solution for Shopify.

Why is Growave the Right Loyalty and Reviews App for your Shopify Store?

Growave is a third-party marketing integration that is dedicated to Shopify merchants. What does that all mean? Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform that operates more then 1.7 million stores world wide. It is well regarded for its awesome features and endless functionality. Needless to say, there are millions of consumers and store owners that have Shopify to thank in one way or another. Shopify is heralded for its untethered access to the global market but it still lacks a lot of important features starting from its basic package. Which is why Shopify endorses thousands of third-party apps to bring a variety of creative solutions to merchants' needs. This is were Growave becomes highly relevant as one the highest rated apps available in the official Shopify app-store.

Growave as a marketing app has an extensive history of consistent performance and customer satisfaction, as seen in the comment section of the app reviews. Growave is a client facing marketing platform that provides a complete bundle of tools from a single app, saving you the time and money that you would otherwise require to manage a sporadic app stack. We as Growave work primarily with e-commerce businesses and are dedicated to Shopify which is one of the major platforms available in the market at the moment. We have been in the market for 13 years and our team of highly skilled devs are constantly making improvements to an already highly rated integration. We are more than confident that you will see an increase across all metrics should you choose Growave. This is after all what this article attempts to accomplish.

To truly understand Growave we will have to unpack a few key points
1.    The size and magnitude of e-commerce as an overarching industry
2.    The scale and exceptional track record of Shopify in relationship to the industry
3.    And Growave as an extension and supplementary component to Shopify

Why all the excitement about e-commerce?

Traditional commerce or the barter of goods and services from a physical point of sale, has dated back millennia and has proven to be the backbone of society through out the ages. Our lives have been slowly changing due to major technological shifts and as things get more hectic, we’re realizing just how little time we have on our plate. E-commerce could be regarded as simple "barter" thats facilitated by the internet, an industry that is still maturing and seems to have limitless potential.

The many working parts of the industry work in unison to fulfill global demand. Their scale is mind boggling which includes; logistics, the infrastructure of the internet and countless manufacturers. The ultra massive investment into global trade is justified by the even more incredible and resilient demand for their goods and services. As a result of constant new findings and ideas, the global basket of goods is growing more diverse, more sophisticated and far more affordable. People are the motivation to these forces driving change.

People love making online purchases because of improvements to usability and the free access to a world of options. In fact, they love it so much that in 2021 sales conducted through the internet reached an astronomical $4.9 trillion. As we all know, numbers do not lie and these numbers point to a very clear conclusion, there are no signs of e-commerce slowing down. There are projections that suggest that sales will grow by a further $3 trillion in the next 3 years. There are clear indicators to the massive potential of e-commerce in the coming years and my prediction is that this is the next big wave that will take the world by storm. Remember that there are many people out there are already wise to the phenomenon, so time is of the essence.

Is Shopify the Right Option?

Shopify has a mystical business model, that's subscription based and services more than 1.7 million stores. I've heard outlandish stories of bespoke websites costing SMB's something like $30,000 to get up and running. I think you can find about a million ways to spend that money minus the $29 subscription fee that you pay with Shopify. Bear in mind, that Shopify is publicly traded which means the company is enormous and its scale is reflective in the quality of their services. Shopify makes the process so easy a 16 year old could be running their own passion project on Star Wars memorabilia from his parents home. When you buy a ticket on the funnest ride on the internet you also gain access to the global market, which is an open invitation to sell to every internet user anywhere in the world. This is a primary reason why Shopify has been popularized, mainly for creating mega-brands from what seems to be thin air.

Growave as necessary addition to your Shopify store

Where does Growave position itself?

There are a few techniques that online businesses typically utilize in order to generate leads. They are all effective with some more than others. The generation of these leads is one thing, while the conversion of these leads is an entirely different ball game. Besides the commonly understood UX and UI approach, you also need to engage your clients and motivate them to interact with your store. This is what Growave is best known for as an all-in-one marketing application, that helps amplify the effectiveness of traffic generating sources with a variety of highly effective engagement tools.

When we first send our love child or “business” into the market all we can do at first is sit idly and hope that our wide net catches shoppers' attention. Our lack of control is a major issue, because it worsens the disconnect between clients and merchants. Thats is why we have a pressing task to bridge the gap and to build a recurring and lasting relationship. The acquisition cost of adverts can be expensive so a complete tool that can help engage your visitors is a sure way to amplify your brands influence. The graph below demonstrates the value of Growave as a marketing solution over time.


Starting as low as $9 per month:

1.    Rewards or Incentive marketing
2.    Loyalty Programs
3.    Social Login
4.    Wishlist with social sharing
5.    UGC and Instagram integration
6.    Gift cards
7.    Referrals
8.    Automated Emails
9.    Database and Analytics
10.  Custom Pages
11.  Speed Optimized
12. Full Customization

This broad range of tools are all part of a very affordable and complete package built specifically to improve the customers experience and create interest. A comprehensive marketing solution is becoming a staple part of any successful business as part of the growth process. Loyalty programs are utilized by small and large companies alike all over the world for their functionality. Free trails are typically used to gather performance data, so that we can better understand the effect these marketing solutions have. I often recommend that you use your free trail to familiarize yourself with the app, but more importantly to draw a baseline and visualize any improvement in performance.

Is Our Unique Marketing App the Right Choice?

No two apps are built the same and at Growave we love thinking how unique and brilliant we are. When designing Growave, we placed extra emphasis on its concept and ease of use. It was important to us that our app was really well built, but more importantly that it brought real value to our users. A secondary objective of this article is to clear up the common misconceptions about loyalty programs, notably their intentions and their benefits. Loyalty programs are known as a way of establishing new cashflow and reciprocating gratitude. I argue that their value is far deeper than these commonly known characteristics.

Example Argument:

It’s not going to work for our business, it’s too expensive and the rewards program is going to cut into our earnings. I think we will be fine without it and our store is already earning some cash as it is. We don’t necessarily trust all the information that’s surrounding loyalty programs because it's biased. But in general we think that it may be too expensive for us at this moment, and many of the functions we think we won’t use.

We do not shy away from criticism at Growave. We actually encourage it because our track record is genuine and our clients have a lot of good things to say about our services.

Our platform is packed with features and each one of these features serves some sort of distinct purpose.

1. Any new store faces the same common problem as any other store. The lack of control and poor communication. Our objective is to give all types of business a new means of building their business with "active tools" that can help engage their clients in an otherwise isolated space.
2. The longer you use Growave our tools grow more effective. With social login, which is a super easy system for customer registration, you can drastically expand your database. As your database of clients continues to grow, your email campaigns will become more effective and the value of your database will become more prominent.
3. All your Content, Theme and Branding are a form of passive marketing. To the contrary, Growave is an active form of promotion which will draw more clients into your store then any passive strategy.
4. The brightest ideas and the most novel products are the ones that benefit the most from our services. Growave is an amplification to your marketing reach, which is more effective to the best businesses and products.
5. Growave will increase in value over time, because our platform is about retainment and engagement. As you build momentum and your product builds renown, our tools will help to create a deeper effect into your market segment and encourage deeper life time value of your business.

Overcoming Common Problems

There is a major issue in e-commerce that is no better articulated then by the barriers to communication. This issue is inherent in all transactions conducted through the internet. The internet in many respects can be compared to a blank canvass, with every piece of information a measured contribution to your business. Having an "active" component to your business is fundamental to the early stages of your market approach. Growave as a supplementary component to your business is ideal for companies in their early stages, but most effective for established business.

We believe that your web presence is a premier asset, an investment with immense earning potential. The world’s greatest facilitator is in fact the internet, enabling bright entrepreneurs from all over the world to bring their ideas to market with relative ease. The best products are the ones that benefit the most from the digital marketing. A sound marketing platform such as Growave can be the defining component to a growing business, by giving the best businesses the edge they need. Where ever you maybe in the entrepreneurial journey, you have a persistent marketing requirement. So whether you maybe a fresh launch or a scaling business, you need to eliminate the barriers to communication between you and your client. However brilliant your product or service maybe, what is the reason might you have for neglecting your full market potential? The reality is that the more novel your product is the more necessary a marketing extension becomes.

First Encounter with the Client

Industry Conversion rates are as low as 3%, which is another way of say that only 3 out of 100 people actually make a purchase. That doesn’t necessarily mean that our expectations should be to convert 3 people, this couldn't be further from the truth. Instead we should be actively aiming to resolve the main attributing factors that cause such low conversions.

When dealing with an unfamiliar brand there is always an aura of distrust, that can only be worse when money is involved. Imagine the position you would be in if your client didn’t trust your store having never even considering purchase. The financial risk when dealing over the internet is high, most notably for early companies. There are many ways to resolve this problem, but having a reputation that can be trusted is the simplest solution.

Growth Stages

While in the middle stages of your business, once you have an established stream of cash and you're just starting to grow. An effective loyalty program such as Growave, has the ability to extend your stores life span and generate extra revenue. Any business or store only has x amount of years of operation before it's begins to fade, whether due to market disruptions or simple product decline. Wouldn't it become imperative to maximize our performance over the course of our businesses life span in order to derive its true potential? This is the sort of logic that makes marketing apps a staple amongst top brands. Marketing is all about optimization and there is no direct way of judging if your potential is being fulfilled.

Product Decline

It perfectly common that a product begins to decline and when we begin to see poor performance, price mechanisms become a common theme amongst managers. The logic is to try extending the products profitability beyond its usefulness. Our marketing tools have the unique characteristic of being applicable at all stages of the business life cycle with growing effectiveness as your company matures. Employing a database building loyalty program such as Growave will make your product more productive across all stages of your business life cycle. This database is a valuable asset as a communication channel and represents the success of your retention strategy. As you continuously make additions to your contact list your re-engagement strategy will also grow more effective.

A companies reputation relies heavily on your products specific qualities and after-purchase sentiment. In this respect, an incentive based rewards program serves as an extension of your stores subjective factors as an amplification. You should see a longer product life cycle, a more engaged clientele and a more productive marketing strategy.

Here is what you should come to expect from your marketing Integration.

1. Increase Traffic
2. Build Store Authenticity
3. Increase Conversion Rates
4. Increase Average Order Value
5. Generate UGC
6. Reduced Cart Abandonment
7. Create Incentive
8. Generate Referral and Indirect Traffic
9. Amplify your Advertisement
10. Save costs over the long-term

In Conclusion

There are components of Growave that may not have a clear dollar result, qualities that are more qualitative. Their value is in many cases far more valuable than we can simply state. For instance, authenticity has immeasurable value, because it restricts all other things. What ever the contribution Growave may have on your business, it is certain that there will be a significant change. This I cannot prove argue, it is best witnessed. Our services come with a free trail and if your attuned to your data, then we can only demonstrate our capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Growave?

Growave is a bundle of apps built for Shopify stores to increase conversion rates. You can upgrade your Shopify store with a simply install the app and test out the entire bundle of apps for 30 days with out charge. You can build a complete marketing strategy using Growaves apps.

Does Growave have a Demo Store?

Growave has a demo-store with real examples of how each app works and gives you some context to compare with. All the features you find in the demo-store can be implemented in your own store.

What are the benefits of Loyalty Programs?

They are linked to lower customer acquisition costs, increased average order value, and lifetime value of customers. They are considered robust ecommerce marketing tools. Loyalty programs are also databases of all your members that can be used in combination with emails to re-market shoppers.

Does Growave offer free trails?

Promotions varry from time to time. Growave currently offers a 30-day free trail on all plans and an generous annual discount.

What are Loyalty Programs?

Loyalty programs are apps that easily integrate into your ecommerce store. They offer reward systems that grant shoppers points for their purchases. As these customers continue to shop, they unlock progressively redeeming perks segmented into tiers. Loyalty programs are considered effective customer retention tools.

Why use Reviews in your Ecommerce store?

Reviews give an authentic glance at your company through external voices. They create positive impressions and build trust with shoppers. Reviews are widely considered amongst the most important ecommerce tools.


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