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How Do I Get More Traffic to My Store and 7 Ways to Do It

Want to direct more quality traffic to your online store but don't know how? Use 7 effective methods to increase your website traffic. By using these methods you will be able to get your business in front of your customers.

How Do I Get More Traffic to My Store and 7 Ways to Do It

The number of new E-commerce companies keeps climbing every year. These days, almost all online businesses aim to drive traffic to their websites given the highly-competitive nature of the digital world. It’s a busy world out there. In order to get the sales you need, you must get the traffic you want. You need to tell your potential customers about your site, and you need to take care of the visibility of your online store.

If you experiencing trouble getting people to visit your website then today’s article will help you figure out how to get more traffic to your store because there are seemingly endless alternatives for attracting traffic to your website. Let’s focus on the most important ones.

How Do I Get More Traffic to My Store?

Make a trust-worthy website

Write topics with good SEO potential

Participate in forums and communities

Improve your website traffic through guest posting

Increase your website traffic with YouTube

Make your online store mobile-friendly

Include Social Media Share Buttons to drive traffic to your store

Make a trust-worthy website

How to do it?

In order to answer this question, you need to know what makes your site seem untrustworthy.

·        Seeing a “Not secure” warning in Chrome

·        Overly-complex domain name

·        Poor Design

Seeing a “Not secure” warning in Chrome

Add HTTPS for security. If your browser pops a “Not secure” warning about your site, that’s enough reason for people not to visit your website. Your website has HTTP by default so you need an SSL certificate to be able to change your site from HTTP to HTTPS. It’s also important to note that HTTPS sites have a better ranking when it comes to SEO.

HTTPS = Secure; HTTP = Not secure

Overly-complex domain name

The domain name is a unique identifier of your website on the Internet so it would be better if you keep it simple, short, and catchy. You want people to remember it so they can easily find it and access your site without mistyping it. Choosing the right domain name is crucial for your website traffic. Use no more than 2-3 words for a good SEO-friendly domain name. Use common domain extensions such as .com, .net, .store, .io. Your domain name must not give a hard time to people what your site is all about. It should be the same as your business name or close to it. If you own a coffee shop, you can add your street name or city to your domain name.

Poor design

Your poorly designed website can drive traffic away. As with everything you need to keep it simple and fresh, and simple doesn’t necessarily mean boring. Just don’t use too many colors and don’t cram all the information in one place. Create a simple, easy-to-use navigation bar near the top of your website. Make your homepage simple because it tells your potential customers what to do next so they are more likely to explore your site further. Poor design affects your user experience and by providing a great user experience, you get more conversions. Don't even think about traffic, conversions, and sales if your website doesn't look clear, crisp, and trustworthy. Your poorly designed website can load slowly, and the page loading speed is super important. According to Kissmetrics, 47 % of customers expect your website to load in 2 seconds or less. 40 % of customers will leave a site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. If your website is too slow, people will leave it without giving it a second thought. It leads to a high bounce rate. You can test and monitor your page speed with free tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights, WebPageTest, and GTmetrix. Just type in your store’s online address and the tool will analyze your web page, give a score and offer recommendations. Each tool has its own unique features and the score may change between these tools. After you know what factors are hurting your site speed, you can speed up your webpage’s loading time. It will improve your website’s bounce rate and time on page. The main reason why your webpage loading maybe be slow is that you are using unoptimized images. You can fix this issue by compressing them on your website pages. You can use TinyJPG. This online image compressor saves your time and storage space n your computer. It doesn’t require any installation. All you have to do is drag and drop images into its online compressor and it will reduce the file size.

Write Topics with Good SEO potential

Writing blog posts is one of the best ways to organically drive traffic to your online store and writing high-quality articles is very important for driving traffic to your website. How to do it? To give valuable content, you need to understand what your target audience is searching for on search engines. What are the keywords they use when searching for products, services, and topics related to your business? Where and how to use keywords? What do your customers like? What’s trending? To put it in another way, you need to write topics with good SEO potential.

The more value your blog posts offer, the more reasons people will have to visit your website. Search for topics that your audience will always be interested in. These topics will attract traffic to your website but you need to update them whenever necessary. Moreover, your topics should include answering the hottest and most searched questions related to your business. Where do you find which questions are popular? You need to scan social media for them. Social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook are full of content and you may have a hard time searching for popular questions but you can find them on social media platforms like Quora and Reddit. Cover these questions in your article and you’ll increase the organic traffic to your website. Being active on Quora and Reddit is also a great way to find what’s trending. When writing an article, always keep in mind that you need to write for your audience.

Write attention-getting headlines that get shared and drive traffic. Headlines are more important than ever and they should create interest. How to write them? Use headline formulas:

[adjective] + [keyword] + [date]

For example: The best active Shopify Forums and Communities in 2022

Use numbers in your headlines. numbers in your headlines.

For example:

·        8 places to put keywords on your website

·        9 ways to improve your personal development skills

Plus, you might want to use trigger words: what, why, how, and when.

·        What do you need to improve your customer engagement?

·        Why content marketing is important?

·        How to write catchy headlines?

·        When is the best time to post on Instagram?

Choose the right keywords when writing topics with good SEO potential. You don’t want to attract the wrong traffic. Keywords are what bring traffic to your website. To identify effective keywords, consider using Keyword Research Tools like Keywordtool.io, keyword.io, and wordtracker.com. Choose long-tail keywords. Even though they have lower search volume than short-tail keywords, they are highly specific to what your potential customers are looking for. It’s hard to rank highly with short-tail keywords.

Participate in E-commerce forums and communities

E-commerce forums and communities are the places where your target audience is hanging out online. There’s no shortage of them. You can find them on Facebook,  Reddit, Shopify, and other forums. You can drive traffic from these communities but it is a long-term investment so you need to be patient. These forums and communities allow store owners to connect with each other, exchange experiences, ask for advice, get help from E-commerce professionals, and promote themselves. You need to be an active member in the forums and help other online merchants solve their problems, and share some tips for accelerating growth. Many of these forums and communities have strict rules so you don’t want to be banned. On Facebook, you might want to check out: Shopify Entrepreneurs, Dropify - Hacking Shopify Dropshipping. The members of the group are more than willing to help and they’re good at giving E-commerce tips. If you are a Shopify store owner, you are going to love Shopify Entrepreneurs. This community is managed by HeyCarson. On Reddit, there are a few subreddits that can help you increase brand awareness among your target audience and generate more website traffic to your online store. They are: r/ecommerce, r/shopify, r/entrepreneur, r/dropship, r/small business, r/Business_Ideas and etc. Each subreddit has its own rules and you must follow them. Otherwise, you will be banned from the subreddit. You should always read the sidebar. It contains the rules of the subreddit. See the example below.

On Reddit, if you have a good question that doesn’t sound spammy, you’ll get lots of valuable responses and upvotes. Don’t post common questions. Upvotes are good for getting positive karma points. You can also reply to comments. The more upvotes they get, the more comment karma you get. You can include your website link in your answer but only if it adds value. If your posts and comments get a lot of upvotes, you are most likely to end up at the top of the page. Your most upvoted posts and comments will get you more views. Users can also give and receive awards.

Improve your website traffic through guest posting

Writing good guest posts on relevant websites is an amazing off-site technique that can help you increase traffic to your store. By doing this you get backlinks from blogs on authoritative websites to your own website and Google loves high-quality backlinks. This powerful marketing technique has a number of advantages. They are increased organic traffic, brand exposure, authority, credibility, positive connections, and network expansion.

Guest posting or guest blogging, as an effective strategy, requires hard work to perform well, particularly in terms of discovering websites that accept guest posts and providing quality material. Those are two combinations that will help your guest posts succeed.

How to find sites that accept guest posts?  

Google has an answer to your question. All you have to do is head for the search box and type “write for us digital marketing” and you’ll see a list of sites that allow guest blogging.

Choose the right topic for guest posting. After you identify the target audience for the site owner, it’s time to do some topic research. You need to check out their blog to see what they post. This will give you an idea of what to write about. Then you can find a unique topic that’s relevant to their niche. You need to provide valuable information and include more resources. Your article should contain links to other sites and you need to add infographics when necessary. Write captivating headlines, it will make your article stand out. 8 out of 10 people only read the headlines but only two read the whole thing.

Just think about these interesting statistics. 60% of blogs write 1-5 guest posts per month. (Optinmonster). 56 % of bloggers post for multiple sites. (ReferralRock). Guest blogging helps your online store get noticed by search engine index. So, yes, it is an excellent way to boost your website traffic. Plus, it directs quality traffic to your website. More quality traffic, more leads.

Increase your website traffic with YouTube

Text-based content is great but we humans are visual beings and our brains are made for looking. Videos can attract more visitors and keep them engaged as they are their favorite form of content. That’s where YouTube comes in handy. 8 out of 10 video search results are from YouTube.

YouTube marketing strategy proves to be one of the best ways to get more traffic to your website. With 2.56 billion monthly active users (Datareportal), it’s the second most popular social media network in the world. You can connect with one another through profiles, “likes”, and “comments”.

In the chart below you can see that 62 % of American users access YouTube daily and 92 % use the site weekly. 98% access the site monthly. Pretty impressive, huh?


The fact that you can reach such a large audience is enough reason to create a YouTube brand channel. You need to create helpful, informative, fresh, and valuable videos for your customers or soon-to-be customers. You can embed videos into your blog articles as it is a great way to make your article readable and visually appealing. Plus, you can increase your conversions. Moreover, you can turn your articles into YouTube videos. Your videos can include product descriptions, expert interviews, how-tos and etc. By using videos in your marketing strategy you can talk to your audience about the products and services that you offer. You need to pay close attention to your YouTube video descriptions. Writing a good video description is crucial for capturing organic traffic to your site and what applies to general writing, applies here as well. The more descriptive you are the better. Don’t neglect to optimize your YouTube video titles for SEO. Including SEO keywords in your video title and description is an absolute must. Write attention-grabbing headlines. Add your company’s social media links. Add proper hashtags related to your video and by doing it right you can rank your video higher. Put time stamps to good use because viewers love them. If you have a budget you can run paid ads on YouTube. You need to take a look at your competitors, too. You need to know what kind of content they are producing. How effective is their video content? Browse their channel and look for the most viewed videos. By doing this, you get an opportunity to develop your own YouTube strategy.

Being the biggest platform on the web it is no surprise that so many people are marketing on YouTube. It is an effective marketing tactic. If you want to sell more products, build more brand awareness, and increase site traffic, YouTube is the answer.

Make your online store mobile-friendly

If you really want to get traffic to your online store, then you need to make your site accessible to a mobile audience. Why does mobile-friendliness matter so much? Let’s start by looking at some statistics. More than half of web traffic worldwide comes from mobiles. 80 % of internet users are using smartphones. As you can see the use of smartphones has increased a lot.

That’s why it makes sense to optimize your site for mobile users. Mobile-friendly websites give your online business a competitive edge. Making your website load faster on mobile devices must be one of your top priorities because your potential customers want mobile sites to load as fast as desktop sites. If your site takes too long to load, people doubt the credibility of the brand. Page load time affects bounce rate, and views. Aside from bounce rates and views, page load time impacts your customers’ purchasing decision. According to PageSpeed Report from Unbounce, nearly 70% of customers say page speed influences their willingness to purchase. Pageload speeds have a significant impact on mobile user’s experience.

Plus, Google values mobile-friendly websites more than the others. It can be noted in SERP rankings. Mobile-friendly means more traffic. More traffic will also result in more sales online and people do buy products and services with their smartphones. Part of your online success depends on your website’s mobile responsiveness.

Include Social Media Sharing Buttons to drive traffic to your store

If you want to get more traffic to your website install Social Media Sharing buttons. Social Media Sharing Buttons are little interactive online symbols that appear on different website pages. Social sharing buttons encourage people to share your content through social media. Your SEO rating is highly dependent on the number of times your material is shared on social media networks. Social Media affects the buying behavior of consumers. Nearly half of the consumers have bought something after seeing others share it via social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

What is the most share-worthy content on your site? The answer is simple: your blog. People are more likely to read blogs that use social media sharing buttons. Make sure you add them to your blog posts. The best share buttons are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Reddit. By including them, your visitors can share your material with ease. As a result, your website will appear higher on search engine results. These magic buttons are now an important part of the page layout. The sheer number of people who use social media is justification enough to include social media sharing buttons on your website.


Driving real traffic to your store isn’t easy in this ultra-competitive digital world but with some hard work and persistence, it’s absolutely possible. You just need to produce high-quality content which creates value for your soon-to-be customers. It will definitely rank higher. There are many marketing strategies that one can use to increase website traffic but not all of them are working. Each of the strategies has its own benefits. In this article, I've chosen the most important and effective ones.

We’ve collected the most effective tactics for driving traffic to your website in our guide. In this guide, we’ll spend time on each of these topics.

Explore the chapters:

Chapter 1: Get More Website Traffic by Making Your Online Store More Trustworthy

Chapter 2: Writing Quality Content with 7 Effective SEO Tips

Chapter 3: 4 Social Media Tactics to Instantly Boost Your Web Traffic

Chapter 4: 7 Killer Tips To Get Web Traffic From YouTube

Chapter 5: The best active Shopify Forums and Communities in 2022

Chapter 6: Increasing Web Traffic With Guest Posts

Chapter 7: How to Make a Website Mobile Friendly and Increase Traffic

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