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Discover the Only AliExpress Dropshipping Partner - DSers

Dropshipping is an amazing business model for its low risk and low investment requirement. DSers is a premier option for anyone looking to start dropshipping business, check-out out the main features.

Discover the Only AliExpress Dropshipping Partner - DSers

DSers is one of those tools that stand out from its peers. As the only AliExpress dropshipping partner, it can help merchants solve a lot of problems they may face, from finding products to placing orders efficiently. Merchants can easily find the perfect product with the most reliable supplier and easily import it, but also place 100+ orders to AliExpress in just a few clicks. In this article, we will explore what DSers really is and dive into its features.


What is DSers?

DSers is the only official partner of AliExpress that specializes in automating everything you need to manage a dropshipping business. From searching products to comparing suppliers, importing AliExpress products to fulfilling orders, DSers is doing everything it can to improve efficiency, so that merchants can invest more time in enhancing their business. It is the kind of automation tool that not only saves your time and money but will also help you scale your business by managing orders in bulk. 

DSers is one of the most reputable and popular dropshipping tools in the market with more than 110,000 installations on Shopify and an average 4.9 out of 5 rating, which has helped its merchants fulfill 80,000,000+ orders.

Product Management

Product management is a very important part of dropshipping, and DSers will help its users better manage their products. Compared to other dropshipping plugins in the market, the solutions provided are more effective and powerful.

Product Import

DSers can import goods from AliExpress in one click, but also offers a selection of niche products. With the help of real-time data in "Find Suppliers", you can easily find high-quality products. Each time you import a product from AliExpress to DSers, the product will be added to your DSers Import List. This is where you can edit, tag, and send the products to the store you want.

Bundle and BOGO

Creating special offers on DSers is very easy. With the Bundle feature, you can create the best pack of products with up to 5 different suppliers.

The BOGO feature also helps in producing various offers such as Buy 1 Get 1. The limit is your imagination, and you can set up Buy 3 Get 2, Buy 5 Get 4, or even Buy Supplier A product Get Supplier B product.

Advanced Mapping

Map your product’s variants based on the destination country can come in handy in the same cases. For example, you can choose to ship from China for all the orders or from the US for the US orders. With Advanced Mapping, you can modify your product mapping with more freedom and your customers will receive their orders faster than ever. 

Order Management

Order Management is a big concern for many users. DSers has made a big breakthrough in order management, revolutionizing the industry. DSers can help save a lot of time as it simplifies and automates the process of placing orders and synchronizing information from AliExpress to the merchant’s store.

This is how DSers makes things simpler:

You receive an order in your store

2. The orders syncs to DSers automatically

3. You place the order to AliExpress with DSers

4. You pay the order on AliExpress

5. You are done!

After this, DSers takes care of the rest!

Let's see what happens after payment:

Once your supplier ships the orders and the tracking number is generated, DSers will automatically synchronize the order status AliExpress to DSers, then from DSers to your store, marking the order as Fulfilled. Simultaneously, DSers will also automatically synchronize the tracking number from AliExpress to your store and can even notify your clients!

Order Placing

This is what DSers is most proud of. With our unique technology, you can process more than 100 orders in just one click, in a few seconds, whereas many other tools in the market require users to manually placing orders one by one, or can take upwards of a minute per order.

Order Automation

Like we mentioned before, once you have paid for your order, you don’t need to worry about it anymore, DSers will take care of everything. It will automatically update the order status to your store after the supplier shipped the products and fulfilled the orders. When the products are shipped, DSers will automatically synchronize the tracking number to your store. In the meantime, it will also automatically send an email with the tracking URL and number to your customers. What's even better is that you can integrate DSers with PayPal to automatically update the tracking number from AliExpress to PayPal transactions.

Suppliers Optimization

DSers is full of useful features and also offers suppliers optimization solutions, which solves a big problem for users and saves a lot of time. With this feature, merchants can replace the current supplier of a specific product by searching for other suppliers selling the same product but are more reliable and cheaper on AliExpress. It can greatly simplify the process of finding the best supplier for your products. 

Other Features

In addition, with DSers, you will also be able to enjoy Cashback, AliExpress whitelist, Product importing and many other features.

What's the price?

dsers pricing

With so many features, you may be worried about the cost. No needs to worry as different plans are available with DSers, as shown above. The Basic plan will give you access to most of the incredible features that you need to manage your store and is forever free!


If you want to become a more efficient, time-saving, and successful business in dropshipping, DSers is your best choice.

You can literally do everything about product management on DSers. Like finding and importing products, searching for better suppliers, changing prices, editing products and so on.

Moreover, DSers offers bulk orders, automation in synchronizing order status and sending tracking information to help users manage their orders with maximum efficiency.

The best part is that DSers also provides a forever free plan that covers most of the features we've mentioned in this passage. Install DSers and you'll get a powerful assistant to get you a successful business!

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