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Mar 24, 2022


Optimizing Growave


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Here's How to Turn Visitors into Conversions - Gather Reviews and Build Trust w/ Shopify Loyalty and Rewards

Reviews are very important for building consumer trust in e-commerce. This article gives you a glimpse at how a third-party Shopify app can bring major value to your business. The article goes step by step, in explaining the process of setting up and starting an effective reviews campaign with email and rewards.

Here's How to Turn Visitors into Conversions - Gather Reviews and Build Trust w/ Shopify Loyalty and Rewards

I'm sure that we all recognize the obscurity that new businesses encounter when beginning their operations in the online space. These issues typically stem from general distrust, founded in the disconnect between merchants and consumers. Online stores without any means of verification are limiting their growth potential. There are several different techniques one might employ in order to communicate trust, each possessing their own merits and with an order effectiveness. One must bear in mind that a website must appear well established and must take active measures which target consumer distrust specifically. I am sure that you recognize the biases involved in risk mitigation if undertaken by the immediate stakeholders of a business. It is for this reason, that independent reviews and other forms of verification must not originate from financially vested parties.

Growave is a marketing application dedicated to Shopify stores, which serves as an extension of your core business model. For this reason, the effectiveness of our marketing function is based on the primary qualities of your website. Marketing Apps are amongst the finest investments of your time if you are seeking to reduce your customer acquisition costs. Top rated apps like Growave have several valuable functions, but the main topic of this article is how we generate user reviews. These independent reviews are a practical means to an end. Below we will go into detail, showing you the full potential of our reviews function.

Steps to Legitimizing your Shopify Stores

· Displaying your reviews widget

High bounce rates are a complex topic with varying causes.  Authenticity is a significant factor in high bounce rates, which is actionable through Growave. User-generated content enriches your product descriptions and provides valued insight to customers. Growave's reviews widget is a practical way to build assurance in your store. Go ahead and play around with the features, you have full control over the widgets design and positioning through the admin editor.

Example of Growave's on page reviews widget

· Display review ratings where they will have the most impact

Every page is a selling opportunity. In order to raise conversion rates and enhance credibility, make sure to display reviews on the product and collections pages. If you are unsure on how to build reviews into your desired pages, our team is always available. Contact us to get professional help.

· Create incentive with rewards

One of Growave's many functions allows for you to reward customers for a broad variety of interactions. You can increase the rate of user generated reviews by incentivizing them with rewards. This simple gesture can help you accumulate feedback and build excitement for you store.

Here is the way to set up a reward for leaving a review.

Example of Growave's reward widget

· Activate and customize automatic email requests

Our analysis indicates that some 50% - 60% of all reviews originate through email notifications. The content and design of your email templates are important factors to consider. We highly recommend you adjust the template style according to your website design and added a bit our your own flare. It would be highly advisable to include some sort of reward for user reviews in these emails. Did you know that 7 out of 10 consumers will leave a review if prompted?

Adjust email style according to your website design

Growave's automated emails

· Timing your email campaign

When is it too early and when is it too late? Send the review request too early and your customer may have not had a chance to appreciate the product. Send the review email too late and the customer may have lost their initial excitement. What if they haven't even received the product due to delays? At Growave, we're integrated with shipping apps to improve logistics and help you to find that perfect window.

BONUS: Here is an article which will help you time your email campaign.

· Track your metrics and make adjustments to your emails

Growave comes with the ability to monitor your email campaigns and assess their performance. Key indicators like email open rate suggest when you should adjust your email subject line or timing. If you're experiencing issues with your click through rate, try updating the emails content and structure. The main point is, monitoring and making adjustments can improve your email templates performance. These email templates can be used for several purposes, not limited to review requests.

· Keep active with your consumers and be honest

Reminding your customers that there is someone behind the curtain is a major bonus. You can respond to customer reviews either publicly or privately through the admin panel. Remember that good and bad reviews are both beneficial to your business. One provides you assurance and the other gives you advise on how you can improve. Most importantly, its an honest approach and a true reflection of your products. Merchants should never ignore customer testimonials, try showing your appreciation instead in spite of negativity.

Image of Growave's Reply to Customer reviews

· Combine Growave with other third-party apps

PushOwl - Send review request via web push notifications and reach your customers directly on their devices.

FirePush - Send review request emails with web push notifications or mobile sms even after they have left your site.

· Growave allows your to import reviews

There is no need to start from scratch when installing Growave for the first time. Our application allows you to import reviews that you might have on file without the hassle of having start all over.

· Collect reviews from old Shopify orders

If you're worried about losing out on older customers, Growave allows you to send review request emails to Shopify orders. These orders could originate from before Growave's installation, you can read more on the subject here.

· Manually invite your customers to leave a review

We have a special page that will help you to collect reviews manually. You can share the page link on your social media, include it in your email campaigns, and request reviews from your offline sales. Read more about it here.

BONUS: If reviews have been booming, you can show them off with a Reviews badge and impress your visitors (at least 20 reviews)

Growave's Customer Reviews Badge meant to describe the trust factor

BONUS 2: If there is a special review that you wish to highlight, you can mark as featured and display them in a slider on any of your pages.

Description of Growave's highlight feature

Find out more about our Review Slider

In conclusion

The e-commerce space is constantly evolving, with digital marketing leading the charge towards a new age of trade. In order to keep up with the modern entrepreneur, you'll have to think like one. That value is in the sophistication of your webpage, luckily for you, there is no need for programming. A dollar is hard to come by and people want a sense of security before making that first purchase. Get started by putting these tips into practice today, so that the future is secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can guests create Reviews?

Growave permits you to can control who is able to leave reviews, what kind of reviews they leave and even control over which reviews are visible.

Do Reviews impact SEO?

Reviews are excellent for SEO and make your shop stand out. They can be used to build your website's profile and can featured across your marketing channels.

Where can you display Reviews?

Reviews can be displayed in numerous places. You can display reviews in your pop-up widgets, create dedicagted pages, and include them on product pages, in email requests, in catalog pages, feature them on social media or SEO and include them in your marketing.

Can you edit/unpublish user Reviews?

Measures to protect your business from malicious reviews is an important feature. Growave allows shop owners to publish, edit, and unpublish reviews. Additional features include verification badges, controls over who can leave reviews and the ability to highlight reviews.

Can you import/export Reviews data?

Reviews are important for ecommerce business and therefore should be importable/exportable. You can manage your review data by creating CSV files allowing you to save your data for future use.


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