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Building an Online-Shop With Themes for Shopify Stores: What Do You Need to Know?

Get with the program, an online presence is a must have asset these days. It's also more affordable than over, with people able to have a online business set up in less than a weeks time. Here are some way that you can take your business to the next level.

Building an Online-Shop With Themes for Shopify Stores: What Do You Need to Know?

Unfortunately, one-third of American small businesses do not have a website. To be honest, it is a wrong decision to be left without a decent online presence. Companies can capitalize on the growing trend of having a web resource. Especially when it comes to brick-and-mortar stores that start selling their assortment on the Internet. Who wants to see how their online store turns into dust, due to the incorrect strategy? Guesswork is a false path to follow. It is better to learn everything about it beforehand. In this case, some mistakes would not cost you a fortune. I have prepared a guide that will pave the way through your online store launch. Together with you, we are going to understand how to:

  • analyze existing niches and choose the most appropriate one for your online project;
  • select the most suitable platform and ready-made solution;
  • customize your online store in a way that meets your satisfaction;
  • manage different eCommerce-related options;
  • promote your online shop and get the first sales as quickly as possible;
  • track your results and improve the general performance of the site.

Are you intrigued to go through all the points? I am rubbing my hands to share all these pieces of information about themes for Shopify stores with you. Get ready to take off and touch down a big and beautiful land of online stores!

Your Guide to Getting a Perfect Online-Shop Using Themes for Shopify Stores

Have you ever asked yourself how many people shop online? In general, researchers estimate that there will be 2.14 billion digital buyers in 2021. Such a number seems to be very impressive, doesn’t it? When one enters the flow of online stores, it is possible to get confused. Let me explain all the steps to you.

Being a Newcomer: What Niche to Choose?


It is a question in which every newcomer has an interest. There are thousands of niches, and each of them has its peculiarities. In addition to this, the biggest part of them is over-crowded. What pieces of advice to follow while being in search of the best sphere?

  1. To start with, you need to draw attention to something for which you have a fancy. Take a thought about niches that you can speak for hours. Choosing the sphere that does not make you passionate is improper. If you still can't decide on a niche, you can try out this Business Idea Generator to branch out of your comfort zone.
  2. Furthermore, take into consideration those spheres that are capable of bringing value. Perhaps, it is complicated to think about items or services that are not available on the Internet. It sells almost everything that can come to your mind. For this reason, making an attempt to create a brand-new and unique niche is a clever move.
  3. Do you know that your desired niche will make you face a massive number of competitors? In this case, make sure to get creative. Turn over a special sub-niche in your mind.
  4. Remember to think about your chances in terms of profitability, marketing, and target audience. To learn more about these aspects, you have the freedom to turn to a keyword search.

Which eCommerce Platform Will Be Your Perfect Match?


I am pretty sure that many people are afraid of this step. There is no need to get nervous while working on this task. A list of the most important characteristics will simplify this task. These are the following ones:

  • speed;
  • customization options;
  • security;
  • scalability;
  • support;
  • analytics;
  • order management.

Moreover, you need to understand whether the chosen platform suits your budget. Some of them require purchasing web hosting, so your expenditures are going to grow.

Why Opt for Shopify?

why shopify

Today, I want to recommend using Shopify as your eCommerce assistant. It has already become a foundation for a wide range of online-store regardless of their niche. Why do many users consider this platform to be a valuable tool with useful functions? I have tried to make a list of the main reasons to choose Shopify over other platforms.

  1. Easy management process is available, thanks to a user-friendly admin panel. It enables managing your inventory, orders, shipping methods, payments, and other options.
  2. The platform is going to grow together with your business. It will start performing better after choosing a more powerful plan.
  3. You do not need to worry about costs of needing a web host.
  4. An effective communication process turns out to be possible due to app integrations.
  5. To provide a perfect user experience, Shopify offers to use over 100 payment gateways. As a result, your customers will be impressed with your online shop flexibility.
  6. You will be ready to work with different sales channels. These include Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Walmart Marketplace.
  7. A set of marketing tools will also boost your online store. Using them, targeting your audience, and reaching more potential clients will be easier.
  8. It also includes 24/7 support. There is also a chance to visit multiple discussion forums.
  9. Advanced analytics make sure you can understand whether your online shop is successful or not.
  10. Shopify also provides different SEO features. These include on-page optimization, structure, and other factors.
  11. In 2021, Shopify is the most popular destinationfor e-merchants moving their stores from Wix, WooCommerce, Magento.

What About Themes for Shopify Stores?

shopify themes

Without a doubt, it is not right to grab a random ready-made solution. It is impossible to close your eyes and dab one of the themes for Shopify stores with your finger. As you can understand, there are several things to take into consideration. All of them are about your taste and preferences.

  1. What layout would you like to have? It is a boxed-width or a full-width design?
  2. Do you like bright or minimalist-looking designs?
  3. What are the elements that should appear on the homepage? Perhaps, it is a visually attractive slider with the latest news? Is it a header image that catches the attention in a flash? Or is it a slideshow that describes your assortment or services in the best possible light?

In addition to this, you cannot forget about a functional part. Make sure to know whether the chosen variant from themes for Shopify stores includes:

  • one-click installation;
  • drag-and-drop builder;
  • customization options;
  • custom widgets or add-ons.

To learn more about customizing Shopify themes, or for a list of popular themes, check out this post from our friends at Shero Commerce

How to Promote Your Online Store and Get the First Sales?


Staying idle is not going to bring you any money. It means that you need to apply effort to get the first sales and spread the word about your online store. In this case, it will be possible to turn your visitors into buyers. Here are some of them.

  1. Use social media to speak about your online store.
  2. Turn to Google AdSense to post your advertising campaigns.
  3. Start working with popular bloggers and influencers.
  4. Submit guest posts to make others draw attention to your online shop.
  5. Start sharing discount coupons to gather your audience.
  6. Do not forget about high-quality product photos and their descriptions.
  7. After this, it is possible to work with flash sales, seasonal offers, gifts, rewards for loyal customers, and free shipping.

What Are Other Things to Keep in Mind While Working With Themes for Shopify Stores?

To my mind, it is better to speak about the secrets of themes for Shopify stores using a particular ready-made solution. I have decided to use a beautifully designed theme called Glossier.

Download for Free in ONE
  1. What will you need to manage its design? The package has five homepage variations. You are free to change their design and add your content using a drag-and-drop builder. Furthermore, it is possible to work with multiple headers and footers. There are also unlimited color options.
  2. To showcase your assortment, you can take advantage of different options. Among them, you are going to find collections, product details, product video, gallery, and lookbook functionality. It is also possible to increase the level of trust. In this case, make sure to turn to such options as team members, testimonials, and customer reviews.
  3. Many options are here to set a perfect shopping process. Just add such functions as a mega-menu, live search, and filter systems. Moreover, it allows the implementation of multi-currency and multi-language support. Together with these instruments, providing a 5-star buying experience will take you nothing.
  4. It also provides a bunch of options to improve your online store and its position among competitors. As an example, social sharing makes sure people can present their favorite items to friends and relatives. A promotion announcement bar allows drawing more attention to your special deals and offers. There are also some labels that enable emphasizing hot, new, and sale products.

A Few Words in Conclusion

Unfortunately, you cannot snap your fingers and get a ready-to-use online store with all essential functionality. No one has invented something like this yet. Every potential web resource owner needs to go through multiple steps to enter eCommerce. I know that the general process might seem a little bit terrifying. Or very terrifying. However, knowing all the stages before the beginning will save you time and energy. Even though it is hard to look at a blank canvas, you can realize all the ideas. I have tried to mention some pieces of advice connected with the niche and platform choice, promotion, and customization. Perhaps, some of them will help you to launch your online store. I am pretty sure that you feel incredible after getting your first sales. Do not be scared and try to make your online shop dream come true. Thanks for reading!

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