The best active Shopify Forums and Communities

April 22, 2022
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The best Shopify Forums and Communities

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Starting your first Shopify business? Prepare yourself for a thrill ride! In an ever-changing world where the digital marketplace is booming, small businesses are thrust into an exciting yet challenging arena. Creating your first online store and writing a business plan is no small feat, especially in a time when cutting-edge technologies are changing how we live. 

But fear not, aspiring entrepreneur! Questions and uncertainties are not signs of weakness. They are the hallmarks of growth and innovation. After all, the road to glory is rarely a solo journey, and there’s no secret formula to running a successful online business. 

The good news is you’re not alone in this adventure. Ecommerce communities are thriving in this era of connectivity, uniting like-minded people with similar goals, needs, and ambitions. Imagine your ecommerce website flourishing, not just as a business but as a hub for collaboration and inspiration. By integrating Shopify forums and communities, you open doors to new business contacts, increased web traffic, and a vibrant network of support. 

So why wait? Dive into the world of ecommerce with confidence and creativity. Your success story is just a click away. 

Here’s what we are going to cover: 

  1. Understanding Shopify Forums and Communities 
  2. Why Join the Shopify Communities and Forums?
  3. The best Shopify Forums and communities to engage with 

Understanding Shopify Forums and Communities

Imagine a bustling digital marketplace, but instead of buying and selling products, people are sharing ideas, tips, solutions, and recommendations. Welcome to the world of Shopify forums and communities!

So, what do we mean by them? Why join them?

Shopify forums and communities are vibrant online hubs where Shopify users and merchants, from beginners to experts, get together to discuss, share, and learn about all things e-commerce. 

Whether you’re looking for design ideas, technical support, or marketing advice, these ecommerce forums and communities have got you covered. It’s like having a team of countless fellow entrepreneurs working as your 24/7 support team. 


Why Join the Shopify Communities and Forums? 

01. Shared Wisdom

Why struggle alone when you can benefit from the combined experience of seasoned Shopify merchants? 

No one has all the answers in a sector as dynamic as ecommerce. Shopify forums and communities bring together people with different professional backgrounds, each with their unique experiences and expertise. 

Benefit: Participating in Shopify discussions gives business owners access to a wealth of information. Whether you need help understanding tax regulations in a new market, picking the best delivery service, or choosing the right theme for your ecommerce store, the solutions are only a post away. 

Real-life scenario: Imagine that you are having trouble deciding which is a better payment gateway for Shopify. So, instead of wasting hours troubleshooting, you can post your question and receive answers from people who have dealt with the same issues.

02. Stay Ahead of the Curve

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.


Just as a river is constantly flowing and changing, so is the world of ecommerce. New technologies, ecommerce trends, consumer preferences, and global events can all influence the ecommerce landscape.   

Benefit: Being always active in forums and communities keeps you in the loop with the latest ecommerce trends and updates. This knowledge allows you to adapt, innovate and overcome, ensuring your Shopify store remains competitive. Stay updated, stay relevant! Shopify communities are a great way to keep your finger on the e-commerce pulse. 

Real-life scenario: A forum member shares news about a new social media platform like Threads gaining traction. If you adopt early you might have a competitive advantage in reaching a new audience. 

03. Ecommerce Networking

Although ecommerce is the main focus, these forums are also a hotspot for establishing professional relationships. 

Benefit: Ecommerce network can result in new partnerships, collaborations, or even mentorship opportunities. It’s more than just finding solutions to problems, it’s about growing together. 

Real-life scenario: You connect with a fellow merchant whose product line complements yours. To increase your reach, you both decide to launch a collaborative marketing campaign. 

For example:

04. Feedback Loop

Background: Feedback is important for growth. However, receiving honest and constructive feedback can be difficult. 

Benefit: The community members understand the value of feedback because they are also business owners. They offer real and useful insights that can be put into practice.

Real-life scenario: You're thinking about launching a new product line. By posting your ideas on the forum, you receive feedback on pricing, design, and even potential problems to avoid. 

05. Boost Shopify Sales

Sales are the driving force of any Shopify business. But with so many strategies out there, which one actually works? 

Benefit: In forums, you'll find real-life case studies, success stories, and tried-and-tested strategies. Implementing these can lead to tangible growth in sales.

Real-life scenario: A fellow Shopify merchant discusses the success of a specific email marketing strategy. Inspired, you adapt it to your Shopify store and witness an increase in sales. 

By delving deeper into these forums and communities, e-commerce merchants not only solve immediate challenges but also equip themselves with the tools and knowledge for long-term success. 

Shopify merchants can not only solve urgent problems by digging deeper into these forums and communities but also equip themselves with the skills and information necessary for long-term success. 

With a good understanding of the Shopify communities and what they are for, let’s have a look at the best Shopify forums and communities. 


The Best Shopify Forums and Communities to Engage With

The Internet is full of forums and communities for Shopify owners and to narrow down the list, we’ve handpicked some of the best ones. By diving into those forums and communities, one doesn’t just learn; one becomes a part of a dynamic movement reshaping the world of ecommerce business. Engage, explore, and elevate your ecommerce journey in these bustling communities. 

So, what are the best Shopify communities that you can join now? 

Shopify Community

There’s no list without an official Shopify community. Shopify has its own community and if you need some help, this is the place. It is without a doubt the largest and most active online Shopify community. The community has over 900000 online merchants, with more than 1 million posts covering every aspect of Shopify. It covers a wide range of topics such as E-commerce, marketing, design, site speed, dropshipping, etc. You’ll find Shopify partners, experts, agencies, developers, marketers, business owners, and merchants all in one place. If you need some technical, financial, sales/marketing advice to get better at e-commerce, you’re definitely going to get some help here. You can also get feedback on your store, discuss experiences and strategies with leading retailers, and talk about Shopify themes and apps they are using.

Suggested reading: The Fastest Shopify Themes for Shopify Success

Shopify Community gives you an opportunity to use 5 features. Let’s take a look at them:

1.      Search and Keyword Subscriptions

Before you start, make sure to check out the forum’s search function before asking questions. Maybe the questions you want to ask already have answers. Merchants ask technical, sales/marketing, and financial questions. They describe their E-commerce issues in their posts and get honest feedback from other members.

Moreover, you can subscribe to particular keyword mentions via search subscriptions.

2.      Access to accepted solutions

With the help of this feature, you can mark a reply as “the solution”. Once a post is marked as solved, it’s elevated for easy access. It will also be marked as a “solved thread” in the Shopify Community search and discussion board.

3.      Discussion boards and private messaging

Here’s what you need to know. This feature offers private messaging. You can send and receive private messages. You can connect with other retailers that share the same passion for the platform and get answers.

4.      Participation rewards

What this feature does is it allows you to reward the community’s most active participants that work hard to solve merchant issues. You can earn badges and ranks with accepted solutions, posts, and likes.

5.      Multiple languages

Finally, Shopify Community is a multilingual community that is accessible to online store owners from around the world. It offers 9 languages. They are English, French, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Chinese.

What sets it apart from other online communities like Facebook and Reddit? 

Authenticity and sheer volume. 

Why join? 

It's your direct line to the experts. Engage with Shopify Staff, Partners, and seasoned merchants. Seek reliable answers, gain invaluable feedback on your store, and share your journey with those who've walked the path.

The Shopify Community isn't just a forum; it's a global hub for online store owners. With a plethora of knowledgeable individuals ready to guide you, your Shopify journey transforms from a mere experience to a delightful adventure. Whether you're brainstorming ideas, seeking fresh perspectives, or simply need advice, this is your go-to place.

Don't miss out! Dive into the Shopify Community and tap into insights straight from the heart of the source. Your online store deserves the best, and this community is here to deliver.

Shopify Communities on Facebook

01. Shopify Unofficial

Shopify Unofficial is an unofficial private Facebook group. It is a support group for Shopify users. As you may have guessed from its self-explanatory name, it is not officially associated with the Shopify company. It serves as an unofficial support platform for the global Shopify community. This ecommerce group was established as a dedicated space for Shopify merchants to exchange insights, discover innovative strategies, and swiftly resolve any Shopify-centric challenges. This Shopify group has a close-knit environment where every member’s voice is valued. The group has 20k members and it had 15 posts in the last month. 

Why join?

Joining such a community can offer insightful information, answers to frequent questions, and a platform to ask questions about Shopify. The group has regular posts and Shopify discussions, so it is an active and engaged community. Given its size and activity, the members discuss various topics related to Shopify, from technical issues to ecommerce strategies. 

03. Shopify Plus Community

Shopify Plus Community is a private group on Facebook designed for ecommerce merchants using Shopify Plus. The group serves as a place where Shopify Plus sellers can connect, work together, and share strategies & experiences. Shopify itself owns and manages this page for the sole use of Shopify Plus merchants and partners. The community has approximately 9.2k members and if you want to become a member you need to be a Shopify Plus merchant. Since it is a private group only members can see who’s in the group and what they post. Partners are allowed to share posts on Thursday using the hashtag #partnerthursdays. There have been 236 posts last month, meaning the group is active. 

Why join?

Anyone connected with or interested in Shopify Plus can gain useful knowledge, support and networking possibilities by joining the Shopify Plus community on Facebook. Plus, if you join the group as a member, you might gain access to Shopify Plus-related events, webinars or unique content. 

03. Unofficial Shopify Partners Lounge 

Next on the list is Unofficial Shopify Partners Lounge. It is another private Shopify community on Facebook that is worth a visit. It has 12k members. The group serves as an unofficial lounge for Shopify partners. It’s a place where they can with other digital professionals using the Shopify platform, share their knowledge and experiences, and work on projects together. Members can discuss topics about Shopify partnerships, from marketing tips to feedback on your product. There were 38 posts in the last month and the group has been active for 6 years.  

Why join?

Developers, marketers, and designers can share their knowledge, and experiences, and gain valuable insights, tips, and best practices. What’s more, they can stay updated on the latest Shopify news, trends, and updates. 

04. Dropify – Hacking Shopify Dropshipping

Dropify is another fast growing ecommerce community and it has 152k members. The group is private, meaning only members can access this group and see who’s in the group and what they post.  If you want some insights about drop-shipping, marketing, and E-commerce-related topics, Dropify is a must-see. This is a perfect place where digital entrepreneurs can share their experience in running online businesses and building E-commerce stores. The members can discuss a wide range of topics related to Shopify, Dropshipping, Ecommerce, Online selling, Marketing, Digital Entrepreneurship, and different online ad platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Snapchat Ads. The group was created 5 years ago and there have been 9 posts last month. 

Why join? 

By joining the “Dropify – Hacking Shopify Dropshipping” Facebook community you can get useful insights, ecommerce networking opportunities, and a supportive environment for anyone who has an interest in ecommerce and dropshipping. What makes this Shopify community so appealing is that it offers Free tutorials & training on Dropshipping. How can you not love that?

Suggested reading: The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

05. Shopify Newbies

The “Shopify Newbies” Facebook community is a private community dedicated to individuals who have just started using Shopify or are interested in learning more about it. The group was created 8 years ago and with 90k members, this Facebook community boasts a sizable membership. The longevity of this group indicates that it is been providing value to its members for quite some time. There were 11 posts in the last month. 

Why join?

Joining the “Shopify Newbies” group is built specifically for people new to Shopify. So, if you are just starting out, this Shopify community is worth checking out. It provides crucial insights, a supportive community, and a platform to learn and share experiences related to Shopify. 

06. Shopify Money Makers

Shopify Money Makers is another great Facebook community designed as a resource for Shopify merchants to discover how to leverage Shopify for entrepreneurship and financial success. With a membership base of 21.6k members, it boasts an engaged community that posts frequently. With its self-explanatory name, the main focus is easy to guess. If you want to explore strategies for maximizing earnings through Shopify this online Shopify community is exactly what you need.

Like any other Shopify community on Facebook, there are certain rules that you must follow. Links to your website, affiliate links, and self-promotion are not allowed unless you have permission from the moderators. You should also respect other members of the group. To receive assistance and gain knowledge from others, you must provide value to receive value.

Why join?

Being a part of the Shopify Money Makers community is a great way to network with like-minded business owners and learn and share techniques for financial success with Shopify in a respectful and mutually beneficial environment.

Shopify Communities on Reddit

01. r/Shopify

r/Shopify is a great Shopify community on Reddit that you need to follow. If you have an account on Reddit and you are interested in Shopify, then you might want to check out this online Shopify community. And if you don’t have one, signing up for a Reddit account is super easy. 

Right now, the Shopify subreddit has 219k members and is very active. It’s been around for 12 years and everyone can access it. It is free. You can ask Shopify-related questions and you can also ask questions on a variety of ecommerce topics. There are discussions about Shopify apps, themes, products, marketing, design, or shipping. Before posting a question you need to make sure that you have enough karma, and account time. 

Plus, there are rules that you need to follow. Make sure that you read them before posting because it can lead to a ban, which might be permanent. Be active, and make sure that your posts and questions are related to Shopify. The more upvotes your submission gets, the more exposure your question will receive. Members cannot promote their Shopify stores or do advertising.

Why join? 

Joining the r/Shopify subreddit helps the Shopify enthusiast to learn, discuss, and share insights about their online stores, making it a valuable resource for both new and experienced merchants. The merchant can find answers or insights on almost any Shopify-related topic. The longevity of this community and the size of its membership won’t disappoint you. 

02. r/ecommerce

Here’s another active ecommerce community on Reddit that you might find valuable. This subreddit is dedicated to all things E-commerce and Shopify and offers free membership. The E-commerce subreddit boasts close to 440k members and has been active for about 14 years. Members can seek advice on topics ranging from marketing and products to SEO, conversions, and everything related to Shopify. However, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the subreddit's guidelines before posting. Non-compliance can lead to a ban. 

Here are some interesting posts:

These are very interesting discussions where you can get answers to your questions and get plenty of insights. As a result, it allows you to run your business better. Many topics like SEO and marketing that are crucial for driving traffic to your Shopify store and increasing Shopify sales. 

Why join? 

With 352k members, many of whom are experienced in ecommerce, there’s a wealth of knowledge to tap into. Whether it’s about Shopify-specific features or general ecommerce strategies, there’s likely someone who can offer insights. In addition to that, you can connect with other Shopify merchants, ecommerce pros, and potential partners. 


Review My Shopify Store is another Shopify-related subreddit that is worth checking out. With 25k members, you are sure to get feedback on your Shopify store. If you can’t understand why customers aren’t buying and need some advice on how to strengthen your brand, this is a great place to find answers. This online Shopify community is public so anyone can see its content and as with many other Shopify subreddits that we’ve mentioned above, it is free to use.

You can ask other Shopify merchants or experts to review your online store. You can also ask for assistance with a variety of issues, including how to drive traffic to your Shopify store, how to make your website user-friendly, etc. 

Why join? 

Reddit’s Review My Shopify Store forum gives Shopify sellers a place to ask for feedback on their online stores. Members publish links to their Shopify stores. Then they receive constructive criticism and get helpful advice from experienced and knowledgeable merchants and shoppers. In addition to that, merchants can gain insights into common challenges faced by others and learn from their experiences. The community fosters a collaborative environment where Shopify store owners can support and learn from one another.

03. r/ShopifyeCommerce

r/ShopifyeCommerce is another active subreddit with discussions occurring daily. The variety of topics and the sizable membership of 12.9k prove that this Shopify community is worth checking out. Whether you're looking for advice, want to stay updated on e-commerce trends, or are eager to share your own experiences, this subreddit provides a dynamic platform. The daily interactions and discussions can offer real-time insights and support for anyone involved in the Shopify ecosystem, making it a valuable community to be a part of.

With discussions like “What’s new in e-commerce? Week of October 30, 2023,” this Shopify subreddit appears to be a place where members can stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the e-commerce world, which is crucial for staying competitive in the ever-evolving digital space.

Some of the redditors share their success stories. Topics such as "How I pushed 1.2 million dollars in sales last November" provide a platform for successful merchants to share their experiences and for others to learn and get inspired.

Posts like "SEO Ask Me Anything| Get your Shopify SEO questions answered!" suggest that members have the opportunity to seek advice on optimizing their Shopify stores for search engines, a vital aspect for driving organic traffic and sales.

Reddit posts like "What do you think of my Shopify store, first time making one" offer a space for newcomers to get constructive feedback on their stores, helping them to improve and refine their e-commerce business.

Why join?

Joining this Shopify community could open doors to a plethora of information, perspectives, and encouragement from like-minded people, helping you overcome obstacles and succeed in the Shopify e-commerce space.

Shopify communities on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a new rapidly growing audio-based social media platform that can be very useful for Shopify sellers. Its discussions cover all sorts of Shopify topics. It’s currently available on iOS and Android so anyone can get access as long as you have an iPhone or smartphone running Android. This new social networking app lets you join groups and listen in to live conversations. What makes it different from other social media platforms is that the experience is audio-only. You can communicate with other members by using your voice only. When you open the Clubhouse app, you can see a list of virtual rooms to join. Each room has a group of participants who talk about any topic imaginable. Speaking of virtual rooms, it's hard not to think of the increasingly popular Virtual Data rooms technology, which can be used to store large amounts of data.

01. Women on Shopify

Once you are on Clubhouse, you can join a specific group: Women on Shopify. With 5k members, Women on Shopify is another fast-growing community for female store owners. Using this community, members can talk about Shopify & Shopify ecosystem, building brands, conversion strategies, growing your blog, marketing, finding clients, working with clients, developing products and so much more. You can get practical tips on how to start, run, and expand your E-commerce business using practical advice and you can support other female entrepreneurs. You can’t turn on your camera to stream a video and that’s the appeal. You can avoid eye contact, and you don’t have to worry about the clothes you are wearing and what your hair looks like in the morning, or where you are.

Why join?

If you are a female ecommerce entrepreneur this community provides a supportive space to connect with like-minded individuals. Whether you're a newbie, an established ecom boss, or someone feeling overwhelmed, this Shopify community covers a wide range of topics that you might find helpful.

02. The Shopify Club 

The Shopify Club is another Shopify-related community on Clubhouse that you might want to join. It has brought together an exclusive panel of experts from Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Their main goal is to assist individuals in starting up, growing, and scaling their ecommerce sales. The Shopify Club has 3k members and was founded by Ben Metcalfe. 

Here are some exciting topics on The Shopify Club:

  • Getting started in e-commerce
  • Achieving $0-$10 with Free & Paid Ads
  • Shopify Dropshipping Chit-Chat
  • Ultimate Facebook Ads
  • Social Media Strategy Secrets

Why join?

Joining the Shopify Club on Clubhouse offers members access to an exclusive panel of experts from Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. These experts discuss various topics, including insights on how to boost your Shopify business through the Shopify plan. The opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and experts can provide further growth opportunities.

03. Shopify Live

Shopify Live is a Shopify community on Clubhouse that connects people worldwide who are a part of the Shopify ecosystem, such as eCommerce merchants, partners, agencies, and developers. To promote relationships among them, regular gatherings are arranged. The Shopify Live community on Clubhouse has 1k members.

Why join?

Here are a few features of the community and the Clubhouse platform that may be of interest to potential members. Shopify Live is likely to appeal to individuals seeking to network, learn from experts, share their experiences, and find solutions to common challenges faced in the Ecommerce real, especially within the Shopify ecosystem. 

Shopify Communities on LinkedIn

01. Shopify Women's Network


A small group within Shopify called the Shopify Women's Network was created to encourage women to use the platform and make connections with other business owners. It's a hub for business-savvy women interested in technology, app integrations, and industry trends, all while fostering a supportive community. It's a go-to place for those selling their products, transitioning their website from a different platform, or offering online store-building services. With a membership of 2K, this group is crafted to help women navigate Shopify confidently to expand their online brands.

Why join?

Joining the Shopify Women's Network is a smart move for female entrepreneurs as it offers a supportive space to learn about Shopify and industry trends. This community, tailored for women, provides a platform to connect, share experiences, and navigate e-commerce challenges together, empowering members to grow their online brands confidently.

02. Shopify Store Owners, Experts, and Developers


The "Shopify Store Owners, Experts, and Developers" community is among the best Shopify communities on LinkedIn, and its name speaks for itself. With an impressive membership of 24k, this community is a top spot for anyone into Shopify. Whether you’re a Shopify store owner, or developer, or are an expert, this group is a good place to learn and share tips. It's a controlled community with strict rules, so the advice from professionals here is solid. It's a great place to meet others who are into Shopify, share your knowledge, pick up new ideas, and learn more about the platform. The collaborative atmosphere here is geared towards helping you delve deeper into the intricacies of the Shopify platform, and expand your understanding. 

Why join?

Joining this Shopify LinkedIn community provides a valuable opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals and share your insights in a well-regulated environment. The controlled membership ensures high-quality discussions, making it a perfect ground for acquiring new ideas and refining existing ones. Additionally, the connections made within this like-minded Shopify community can be beneficial for your Shopify business.

Small Business Computing Ecommerce issues

If you are looking for better ways to market your business, and generate revenue, Small Business Computing forum would be the place to get marketing tips. The members of this forum will advise you on the best methods and tips on how to conduct online business. Its forum, Ecommerce issues, is a great place for discussions about E-commerce. This is a pretty beginner-friendly community where you can find a wide range of topics on how you can overcome E-commerce challenges, how you can increase sales, how to promote an E-commerce website, how to make a brand viral without paying ads, and how is online shopping better than buying from a shop and so much more. The users will respond to your questions, and you’ll receive valuable advice. The group is very active and the discussions are highly informative.

Why join?

These communities are the best places to look for ways to improve your online store. They can help you grow your knowledge and increase your sales. When you need to make an important business decision you can ask for advice from people who have achieved a lot and have more experience.

eCommerceFuel Forum

The eCommerceFuel Forum is an exclusive online community for 7-figure+ ecommerce business owners, including Shopify merchants. This forum could be helpful for Shopify merchants by providing a platform for networking, sharing expertise, and discussing challenges specific to ecommerce. Members can gain insights from experienced entrepreneurs and receive replies within a few minutes – due to the forum’s high activity level of nearly 4,000 posts a month. Proactive moderation ensures questions receive highly qualified answers, making it a valuable resource for successful online retailers who want to get knowledgeable assistance in navigating the intricacies of their industry.

The only issue with this forum is the $149 subscription fee required to use the service. After obtaining membership you’ll find threads overflowing with valuable information, including comprehensive details on how to successfully operate a Shopify online store. Thousands of friendly, drama-free discussions covering all aspects of running an online store are at your disposal. This ecommerce forum is worth paying top dollar for.

Why join?

Joining the eCommerceFuel Forum is beneficial for Shopify merchants and 7-figure+ ecommerce business owners seeking an exclusive community for networking, sharing expertise, and overcoming industry-specific challenges, all while accessing rapid, high-quality advice from experienced entrepreneurs.



Navigating the world of ecommerce can be daunting, but you’re not alone on this entrepreneurial journey. For both new and experienced merchants, Shopify forums and communities are a gold mine of information. These platforms not only offer insights, tips, and solutions but also develop a sense of camaraderie among Shopify enthusiasts. By participating in these ecommerce communities, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience that can propel your Shopify store to new heights. Whether you are seeking technical support, digital marketing strategies, or simply a place to share your accomplishments and challenges, there’s a Shopify community out there waiting for you. With these communities, you will always keep your finger on the pulse. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in, collaborate, and watch your ecommerce dreams flourish. 

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