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Shopify Product Recommendation Strategies and Apps

Product turnover is a key part of managing your store. This article lists recommendations on how you can practically adjust your selling strategy to motivate clients towards further spending.

Shopify Product Recommendation Strategies and Apps

288% increase in conversions. That's the effect of personalized product recommendations on an eCommerce store. However, just setting up product recommendations on different parts of your store isn’t enough! Instead, your product recommendations should be intentionally placed in areas you may see drop-offs or places where shoppers may hesitate to continue browsing your Shopify store or purchasing from you.

With this blog, we’re recommending 6 product recommendation strategies to help you set up high-converting recommendations on your Shopify store. 

6 Strategies to Increase Conversions Using Product Recommendations

1. Display ‘New Arrivals’ on your storefront

‘New Arrivals’ is a product recommendation widget that allows you to show your shoppers what was recently launched on your Shopify store. With this widget, you can create hype around your new inventory and make them more visible to your store visitors. 

If you’ve launched a new collection or a few new products, you can give them the much-needed visibility with a ‘New Arrivals’ widget on your storefront. 

This widget is proven to increase sales. In fact, Buddy Love, a fashion brand, saw a 63% increase in total revenue by displaying the ‘New Arrivals’ widget on their storefront using the WISER app for pulling in product recommendations. 

2. Increase revenue with ‘Frequently Bought Together’ widgets on your product page

‘Frequently Bought Together’ widgets allow you to bundle products and display these offers in an attempt to sell more to your shoppers. Shoppers will see such an offer and be tempted to grab it since they will be getting more products for less than the actual price of the individual items.

The ‘Frequently Bought Together’ widget is best placed on product pages so that you can persuade a shopper who is interested in a product to add more items in their cart for a discount. 

By setting up ‘Frequently Bought Together’ widgets, Saint Cosmetics saw a 204% increase in total revenue.

frequently bought together example

3. Upsell on product pages with ‘Similar Products’ widget

Many shoppers start browsing and end up on a product page only to reach the end of the page and drop-off. You can decrease page drop-offs and ensure that shoppers continue browsing your Shopify store by placing the ‘Similar Products’ widget on your product pages.

The ‘Similar Products’ widget shows products that are similar to the product that the shopper is viewing. With this widget, you can take shoppers to other products that are similar to what they already showed interest in.

By placing a ‘Similar Products’ widget on their product pages, Franne Golde saw a 20% increase in AOV, from an average of $110 to $168.

you will aslo love example

4. Display ‘Top Selling Products’ on collection pages

If your shopper is browsing their collection page, it means that they are generally interested in all products and aren’t looking for anything specific. This means that you need to display recommendations that will sway them. 

‘Top Selling Products’ widget displays products that are selling well on your Shopify store and are popular among other customers. With such a widget on your collection pages, your browsing shopper can be led to products that are well-loved by other customers. 

5. Increase AOV with ‘Recently Viewed Products’ widgets on the cart page

A shopper adding an item to their cart is proof that they trust the brand they are about to shop from. You can tap into this trust by displaying other products they are likely to buy.

The ‘Recently Viewed Products’ widget is a perfect recommendation widget to add to your cart page. This widget shows all the products that the shopper presently looked at and showed interest in. With the widget on the cart page, your shopper will be reminded of other products they may still be interested in, allowing you to generate more profits.

Perfumania smartly increased their AOV by 573% by placing a personalized recommendation widget within the cart page using WISER too. 

recently viewed product example

6. Cross-sell on thank you page with ‘Inspired By Your Browsing History’ widget

‘Inspired by Your Browsing History’ is an AI-powered recommendation widget. It displays products that the shopper would be interested in, based on their browsing history. This widget is dynamic to each shopper, increasing your chances of capturing new orders through it.

You can place this widget on your thank you page so that a customer who just placed an order would see the personalized product recommendations and be tempted to make another purchase.

With this widget on your thank you page, you can bring in repeat purchases quickly and boost customer retention.

inspired by browsing history example

Bonus: Size chart

More eCommerce brands have come to realize that one of the big reasons for shoppers returning clothes and shoes is mostly the "sizing issue". It is very relevant to all online stores to provide a full range of sizes that customers can easily find the right choice of your product. This in return will ease the process of consideration and increase your online business's conversion rate.

Therefore, Growave always recommends the Kiwi Sizing app that offers a customizable Size chart with unit conversion and Size Recommender tool to help visitors find the right size without a hassle.

Apart from Shopify, Kiwi Sizing supports the most popular eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and more. Most importantly, they offer a free plan so you can try the app with no pressure.

Increase conversions with personalized and strategically placed product recommendations on your Shopify store

With the right kind of recommendation widget on the right page, you can increase your chances of generating more revenue. Recommendations have been proven to grow an eCommerce store. Since shoppers are constantly distracted, these recommendations can help you recapture their attention and ensure they continue browsing and end up making a purchase.

Apps like Wiser for product recommendations on Shopify are built to help merchants display product recommendations that are personalized. Powered with AI, the app lets you set up dynamic recommendations based on each shopper, helping you convert. The app enables you to set up widgets like: 

  • Similar/ related products 
  • Frequently bought together 
  • Inspired by browsing 
  • New arrivals 
  • Featured items 
  • Recently viewed products 
  • Trending/ top-selling items 
  • Thank you page recommendations 

Install Wiser on your Shopify store to display product recommendations and increase sales. 

About the author

Vanhishikha Bhargava is a Shopify app marketer and a partnerships manager at Expert Village Media. You can reach out to her here. 

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