Best Shopify Experts To Hire That Will Skyrocket Your Sales In 2024

January 14, 2023
best shopify experts to skyrocket your business

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Shopify Experts can help you create an outstanding online store on Shopify. Even though Shopify made it very easy for a beginner merchant to deal with e-commerce and create an online store on their platform, there are still things to do as making sure that your online store pages appeal to your customers. Therefore, Shopify experts are here to help you out with all of that. 

No matter if your business is big or small, Shopify Experts can improve your online store as they are experienced in a wide range of services such as marketing campaigns, UX design, images, logos and more. 

So here is Growave’s list of Shopify Experts worldwide to skyrocket your sales in 2024:


Blurbpoint is a full-service digital marketing agency. We strive to create and execute seamless marketing strategies for your company and your eCommerce store to achieve every milestone you desire. We are a team of 100+ marketing professionals, who believe in practicing data-driven marketing methods to drive results for your business.

With years of experience in Shopify SEO and traditional SEO, we can handle any size of the company and ensure to put your goals above anything. With us, you need not worry about the marketing agency that isn’t familiar with your industry. We discuss, we listen, and we assist you in creating pre-eminent and effective marketing ideas for your business.

Jack Paxton (Top Growth Marketing)

Top Growth Marketing is Jack Paxton's full-stack digital marketing agency that specializes in eCommerce growth.

For more than a decade, Jack's agency is helping eCommerce brands scale and increase their profits and customer base. He has partnered with Shopify to hold webinars on paid advertising and has featured in prominent marketing events such as AdWorld Conference.

His team consists of highly skilled designers, copywriters, and marketing experts that have helped clients such as AppSumo and MyIntent expand their businesses throughout all marketing channels.

Eastside Co

As well as designing and developing beautiful and conversion-focused storeson Shopify, Eastside Co also helps its clientsscale through strategic advice, collaboration and marketing services thanksto its 70-strong team of ecommerce experts. Founded in 2012, the agency wasone of the first 3 to achieve Shopify Plus Partner accreditation in the UKand has worked with the likes of Wild Deodorant, Carex and Tropic Skincare.

BSS Commerce

BSS Commerce is a full-service eCommerce solution provider. As a certified Shopify Partner since 2019, the Shopify Plus agency can help merchants create and optimize robust online storefronts driven by Shopify Plus. With the leading Shopify Plus development services, BSS Commerce is proud to provide a sale-driven, conversion-optimized, allowing merchants to tailor customer shopping experience while expanding their business. 

Currently, BSS Commerce stands out in the market with over 11,000 B2B and B2C eCommerce organizations using their go-to Shopify apps and Shopify Plus development services. BSS Commerce always tries its best to apply to your business competence technologies while staying mindful of your relative budget. 


Magenest is an industry-leading Shopify development agency,with a proven track record for helping eCommerce businesses accelerate their success by revamping customer experience through a CRM System and revenue growth. Their experienced team provides a comprehensive Suite of Services tailored to each client's specific needs, from custom design & development, integration & installation to local payment solutions and complete after-sales support. With Magenest on your side, you can rest assured that you'll receive the highest quality services at competitive prices!

Magneto IT Solutions


Magneto IT Solutions is a leading eCommerce development company with expertise in building Shopify stores. With over five years of experience building some of the most successful Shopify stores and watching the rapidly evolving eCommerce landscape, they are definitely worth considering. Post-development, Magneto also provides extensive support services, ensuring that your business can maximize revenue and stay abreast with new developments in your niche.

Delante SEO/SEM Agency

delante screenshot

Delante is a performance marketing agency specialized in SEO campaigns for e-commerces, experienced in conducting SEO for Shopify-based stores. Based in Poland, the agency works with clients from over 20 countries around the world, helping e-stores grow organic traffic and increase conversion rates.

The agency deeply cares for the transparency of processes and smooth, ongoing communication with clients. All SEO strategies prepared by the Delante team are entirely based on your individual needs and composed to best support achieving your business goals.


ecommercetech homepage

There's no other place on the internet that merchants of any size can go to for free advice on the tools they should be using to grow their store. The team at EcommerceTech, led by Derric Haynie, has done over 300 tech demos of apps, platforms, and products that merchants can benefit from. They use their expertise in both the tech and eCommerce industries to help merchants prioritize: create a tech tool roadmap starting with tools that will drive the maximum impact for the store, and ensuring that the merchant has the bandwidth to thoroughly execute on each tool and get real value from each tool. With over 80 independent product reviews on their site, these are the experts on eCommerce Technology.

Pulkit Bhardwaj

Pulkit Bhardwaj is an eCommerce expert who helps new businesses to grow better. He has been blogging around eCommerce and growing online businesses for the past 4 years. His work is seen on popular blogs like HuffPost, JeffBullas and other popular eCommerce sites. Testing new Shopify & WordPress tools is his favorite pastime.

This mention on our list of Shopify experts is good for those who want some personal insights on Shopify. You can get hands with everything from Shopify store setup to adding a functionality tweak to generating your first sales and growing your business.


brillmark screenshot

BrillMark is a software development agency with a long history of building A/B, Multivariate, and Personalization experiments across the entire customer journey. They’ve run over 10,000 campaigns across every conceivable device, application, and platform. The company has a dedicated team for Shopify development and Shopify CRO development.


Rahulogy is a growth marketing blog aim to help marketing and entrepreneurs leverage Internet marketing to grow their business. Rahul, the founder of Rahulogy, is an engineer by education, a blogger by hobby and a marketer by profession. He offers consultancy to small Shopify brands to achieve their business goals. 


underwaterpistol screenshot

With their unique mix of expertise, Underwaterpistol takes a creative, data-driven approach to design, building, and growing best-in-class eCommerce brands. As Shopify Plus partners, their status only reinforces the knowledge they’ve built up over the last two decades of working in the eComm space.

Underwaterpistol understands that brands need more than a team of developers, so they create holistic and omnichannel strategies, powered by data, innovation, and creative thinking. Their growth partner program has been designed to help merchants not only build and launch a better-functioning site but teach them how to grow through various channels. They don’t believe in launch days; they believe in growth periods.


heycarson screenshot

HeyCarson is a team of professionals driven to support Shopify entrepreneurs on their mission to create life-changing businesses. They’ve chosen to offer their design and development services exclusively to Shopify merchants because they believe in the quality of the platform and the entrepreneurial spirit of the community. Carson has been a trusted development and design partner of over 15,000 Shopify stores. They are the highest-rated of over 800 officially vetted Shopify expert teams.

We Make Websites

wemakewebsites screenshot

We Make Websites provides Shopify Plus agency services. They’ll work together to design and implement a Shopify Plus website that has your customers hooked and to create custom wireframes and mockups, ready for implementation. Their team completes a best-practice build that’s optimized for all devices, conversion, SEO, accessibility, and load-speed.

Ask Phill

ask phill screenshot

Ask Phill is an award-winning digital agency that has specialized in e-commerce since day one. They work for brands in the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty industries. Through hard work and dedication, Ask Phill has created a long list of stunning webshops with a focus on outstanding brand experience, exciting design, and e-commerce innovation. They are open, straight to the point and sometimes demanding. Ask Phill will make sure you’ll succeed online.


ssdc screenshot

SSDS is a Shopify agency based in Indonesia. SSDS is the only certified official Shopify Partner and Shopify Expert in all of Indonesia. Samuel Sabandar, the founder of SSDC, has been in the e-commerce business since 2013. He started working with WordPress and Woocommerce, but Shopify has become the primary focus since 2016. Currently, the agency consists of 4 members, and their primary focus is Shopify website development, Shopify POS implementation, consultations, website optimization, website platform migration, ongoing support, and more. 

Startup Slang

startup slang screenshot

Startup Slang is a creative Web and eCommerce Development agency that aims to revolutionize the way we create and scale brands. They help brands grow by offering great creative services for businesses of all sizes. Startup Slang was founded in 2017 in the city of Toronto, Canada and they have worked with over 1000 clients worldwide, many of which are recurring customers who return for the excellence of service, speedy delivery, and great communications during projects. Startup Slang, Here to help you reach new heights!

Wrapping Up

Let us know in the comments if there are other Shopify Experts to be mentioned! We are open to new collaborations, and if you are a Shopify expert, agency, designer, eCommerce developer, blogger, or anyone who uses Shopify, you can become a Growave partner. By becoming a Growave partner, you earn 20% from each payment of your referrals. Also, your clients can get an extended 60-day trial if they install Growave.

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