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Nov 22, 2022


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Best Shopify Agencies And Experts to Hire

Building a Shopify store is a lot of work and sometimes we need a little help. This article complies a list of the best choices in the market for that extra bit of help with your Shopify Store.

Best Shopify Agencies And Experts to Hire

Shopify agencies and experts can help you create a great website on Shopify for your online store. Even though Shopify made it very easy for a beginner merchant to deal with eCommerce and create an online store on their platform, there are still things to do as making sure that your online store pages appeal to your customers. And Shopify agencies and experts are here to help you out with all of that.

No matter if your business is big or small, Shopify agencies and experts can improve your online shop's website as they are experienced in a wide range of services, from running marketing campaigns to designing your online shop's website which is UX design including design, images, logos, etc.  

So here is Growave's list of Shopify agencies and experts from all around the world for you to consider in 2020:

​1. OhDigital

ohdigital screenshot

OhDigital - a team with a huge Shopify experience. You are in good hands with their team of experts in Madrid. They create stores following the best practices of eCommerce and Shopify, with results that will help your business grow. They have created over 200 Shopify stores in the last 8 years and have helped many customers put processes and tools in place to help them sell more in a more efficient way.

2. We Make Websites

we make websites screenshot

We Make Websites provides Shopify Plus agency services. They’ll work together to design and implement a Shopify Plus website that has your customers hooked and to create custom wireframes and mockups, ready for implementation. Their team completes a best-practice build that’s optimized for all devices, conversion, SEO, accessibility, and load-speed.

Eastside Co

Eastside Co is a world-leading Shopify PlusPartner agency, building ecommerce sites and delivering marketingstrategies for online brands all around the world. They specialise indesigning and developing Shopify and Plus stores, and helping onlinebusinesses grow through marketing and strategic support.

3. Cosmolink

Cosmolink is an eCommerce & Detail SEO company. We develop e-commerce projects in Shopify and Shopify PLUS for brands and other IT companies as Outsourcing. We love high ROI, results, consistency and search engine optimization. Our team has awarded many times and birth projects in more than 5 countries all over the world.

4. Ask Phil

ask phil screenshot

Ask Phil is the leading Shopify Plus partner in Europe. They design, build and support Shopify Plus e-commerce platforms for fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands looking to scale across Europe. They make sure you'll succeed online.

5. HeyCarson

heycarson screenshot

HeyCarson is a team of professionals driven to support Shopify entrepreneurs in their mission to create life-changing businesses. They've chosen to offer their design and development services exclusively to Shopify merchants because they believe in the quality of the platform and the entrepreneurial spirit of the community. Carson has been a trusted development and design partner of over 15,000 Shopify stores. They are the highest-rated of over 800 officially vetted Shopify expert teams.

6. StoreTasker

storetasker screenshot

StoreTasker is a tight-knit community of Shopify experts helping out store owners with digital tasks. They can outsource Shopify design, development, and marketing projects. 30,000+ projects were handled by their experts with a 4.8 average star rating.

7. Clickmatix

Clickmatix is a Shopify SEO agency and their experts help you to create great websites on Shopify for your online store. Even though Shopify made it easy for the online store builders to customize their store on their own, you need some specific knowledge to make the store pages more appealing.

8. TaskHusky

taskhusky screenshot

TaskHusky helps thousands of store owners on Shopify and Shopify Plus build their dream stores every year. It's an innovative web studio, focused on delivering exceptional service to eCommerce store owners on the Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms and specialize in working with small businesses with new or growing eCommerce presences.

9. Eleven Commerce

eleven commerce screenshot

Eleven Commerce is a highly creative and technical team with a data-driven approach, specializing in the art and science of increasing revenue while simultaneously increasing profitability. Their one goal is to create exceptional results for our clients.  They provide digital marketing, website design and consulting services.

10. Highbury Hill

highbury hill screenshot

Highbury Hill provides IT services and can set everything up for you, their team can advise you on many areas such as dropshipping, Finding the right products to sell, attracting customers, and so on.

11. Eshop Guide

eshop guide screenshot

Eshop Guide offers cost-effective solutions for growth companies. Their team can help out with opening a new store, Shopify migration, and Shopify audit and optimization. Their experts use proven concepts to solve your individual requirements and solutions are based on best practices.

12. Juno Web Design

juno web design screenshot

Juno Web Design is a leading Shopify Plus agency, working with some of the world’s fastest-growing brands to help them make more money online. Juno's team of creatives and developers work to revamp your site, launch new marketing strategies, improve your SEO, and increase your overall revenue.

Wrapping Up

Let us know if you think there are other great agencies and experts that need to be mentioned in this article. Also if you are a Shopify expert, agency, designer, developer, blogger, or anyone who uses Shopify, you can become a Growave partner now and earn 20% from each payment of your referrals.

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