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Best Apps for Your Shopify Store To Increase Sales in 2023

Shopify Apps are always a benefit if you know what you're looking for. With thousands of apps out their skimming through them all can be a real hassle. We went ahead and compiled a list of top apps for you.

Best Apps for Your Shopify Store To Increase Sales in 2023

There are a lot of aspects in running a successful Shopify store - from finding the product through reaching out to customers and deciding on shipping and payment options - the amount of tasks can get overwhelming sometimes, especially when your time and resources are limited.  It is especially hard to figure out what are the best apps for your Shopify store.

One way to deal with such a problem is to delegate some of the tasks to third-party apps, which will automatize these processes for you. This way, you'll be able to focus on the more important aspects of your business, while optimizing the rest.

So for those who are considering such a decision but aren't quite sure as where to get started, we've made up a list of the best Shopify apps that will get you covered in running your business.

Let's dive in!

1. Growave


Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands to reach, engage and convert their audience. One of the strongest points of the app is that it comes with a great variety of tools, such as Wishlists, Rewards and Loyalty programs, Instagram galleries, Reviews, Q&A and Social login, all while staying on the affordable side of the spectrum.

As a result, it helps your brand encourage users to share you on social media and email, while also enabling strong customer relationships with the help of loyalty programs, reviews and user-generated content.

Price: Paid plans start from $9/month.

2. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a potential marketing campaign for businesses to advertise their products and increase sales without any upfront costs. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is one of the best Shopify apps to support you build, track and succeed with affiliate marketing. 

No technical knowledge is required, UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is friendly even if you are new to eCommerce. You can easily start to build your affiliate team by creating multiple affiliate programs with different commissions. In addition, UpPromote will track and report all orders generated from affiliate referral links and coupons via accurate and real-time tracking systems. This app also helps you to analyze each affiliate performance, so affiliate marketing for e-commerce is made easier with details of affiliate clicks, sales, orders, and purchased products. 

The key features include:

  • Simple setup: The quick onboarding process and guideline system will help you understand how the app works. 
  • Auto-generate referral affiliate links and coupons. 
  • Scale your affiliate team by free listing on UpPromote marketplace, using Converting your customers into affiliates feature, Multi-level Marketing feature.
  • Communicate directly with your ambassadors via in-app chat feature. Or you can use the Bulk email feature to send private messages to some or all affiliates in your system.
  • Integrating with PayPal allows you to perform payment processes for your affiliates automatically within a few clicks. 

Price: 14-day free trial. Free plan; $19.99/ month with Growth plan; $59.99/ month with Professional plan; and $119.99/ month with Enterprise plan.

3. Proofo - Social Proof

Proofo screenshot

Proofo - Social Proof is a thoughtful trust builder app that helps Shopify merchants win customer’s confidence. It enables you t regularly update your visitors on numerous events and statistics such as recent purchases, add-to-cart, sign up, and real-time visitor count. In addition, the app supports showing reviews from your social channels, announcements of any news, promotions, etc. on your stores via eye-catching popups. 

As a result, it boosts your social proof by showing your customers a store with frequent and reliable orders that they can feel confident in.

Price: Free plan available.

4. Shipway Convert: WhatsApp & SMS

Shipway Convert enables eCommerce merchants with WhatsApp & SMS Cart Recovery and Marketing Notifications. The app allows sending SMS & Whatsapp Notifications with high opening rates for abandoned cart recover as well as marketing campaigns.

Shipway convert allows the eCommerce brands to send automated reminder notifications to their customers for left-off items in shopping carts with scheduled follow-ups. The app also allows running marketing and discount or new product launch like notifications via WhatsApp & SMS. Now send custom WhatsApp & SMS notifications to thanks customers for their successful purchases, promote new products, and offer discounts on your stores. The notification templates are fully customizable according to your requirements.

Key features of Shipway Convert: WhatsApp & SMS:

  • Send notifications to 220 countries.
  • Send WhatsApp Marketing Broadcasts.
  • Custom sender id available.
  • Automatically add discounts in the abandoned cart notifications and checkout URLs.

Price: Free trial available. Plan starts from $30. Cost only for SMS & Whatsapp usage.

5. Wiser - Personalized Recommendations

wiser screenshot

Wiser lets you showcase personalized product recommendations, related products, recently viewed & frequently bought products, which allows you to get upsell & cross-sell more effectively. Apart from that, the functions help you:

  • see your average order value & sales increase;
  • add product recommendation widgets within your Shopify store;
  • create opportunities for capturing shoppers’ attention.

Price: Free plan available. The basic plan starts at $19.99/month 

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6. SEO Booster by Secomapp

SEO Booster is a great update for the SEO level of your website. It is designed to suit every SEO need, from starters to professionals, with no code required in every step. If what you want is to have an SEO expert team support in the way of enhancing rankings on Google Search pages and driving more organic traffic, this app is the best companion for you. 

With a user-friendly interface, a bunch of cool auto SEO features, and a devoted 24/7 support team, SEO Booster from Secomapp is guaranteed to bring your SEO boundaries to a new level and save you tons of time, money, and effort when doing SEO tasks.

Price: 7-day free trial; Pro plan and Unlimited plan starting at $29.99/ month and $49.99/ month respectively.

7. Easy Google Shopping Feed by AdNabu

One of the best ways to grow a Shopify store is through Google Shopping Ads. With the latest change, Google Shopping has become free to list. But, Creating an approved Google Shopping Feed & running profitable Google Ads is a multi-step process. AdNabu's EasyGoogle Shopping Feed App helps you easily create Google ShoppingFeed & make your products available for advertising and freelisting.

Listing products, however, is not enough to be successful in Google Shopping. To be successful in Google Shopping & Google Ads, Your feed should follow best practices. AdNabu's Easy Google Shopping Feed App has product scores out of 100 for each product, which helps you improve the product performance in Google Shopping. This product score is based on multiple attributes available in Google Merchant Center & also help you do better in SEO.

8. DelightChat

delightchat screenshot

In today's day and age, brands and their customers are online and active on every channel. Providing fast, friendly and helpful support is the default expectation.

With DelightChat's omnichannel support inbox, you can respond to customer queries from every channel - Facebook Messenger, Facebook post & ad comments, Instagram post & ad comments, WhatsApp, Email, and Live Chat - in one screen. No more switching back and forth browser tabs. You can also monitor all your team members and their interactions with customers, and even jump in if they need help with a particular conversation.

An easy-to-use interface, powerful features, and affordable pricing make DelightChat the best choice for modern eCommerce & DTC brands to deliver delightful support experiences.

DelightChat is currently in beta. Sign up today to gain early access.

Price: 90 days free during beta

9. FeedGeni  by ExpressTech


Best Used For: Creating product feeds for shopping channels globally, for example,  Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, WebGain, CJAffiliates, Stylight, etc. including private channels. This app creates feeds in CSV, TXT, and XML file formats and with varying currencies. It also enables product filtering so you could choose which of your products to show in your feed and on your shopping channel. You can also increase or decrease the price and sales price of products. With FeedGeni you'd be able to show the availability of your products as in stock and or less in quantity.

How can FeedGeni increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • You’ll be able to easily reach millions of potential buyers and grow your business by syncing your store with FeedGeni and connect to multiple shopping channels and comparison sites worldwide for ads and campaigns. With over 20 comparison shopping engines and marketplaces, store owners have the leverage to ultimately increase sales in their stores.
  • FeedGeni saves you a lot of time. You just need to create the feed only once and forget about it. It does all the work of keeping the feed updated at all times because it’s in sync with your Shopify store. All inventory updates are automatically synced. No manual update required.
  • Zero coding required; takes a few minutes to set up. 

Free trial: For as long as you want.

Price: Free plan, Basic at $19.99, Pro at $49.99, and Enterprise at $99.99

10. Reveal by Omniconvert

reveal screenshot

Reveal is a Customer Value Optimization (CVO) Platform that can help Shopify Merchant's monitor and nurture their customers and tailor the marketing actions based on the customers’ buying behavior. It does that by empowering the Merchants to understand how their services, products, locations, and brands are all connected.

Being data-driven means focusing on the right data. Reveal helps companies understand their best and worst customers by automatically segmenting them using the RFM analysis. For each of these segments, Shopify Merchants can oversee and monitor:

  • NPS Score
  • CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value)
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Average Retention Rate

Price: Free for Shopify merchants until the end of Q4 2020

11.  Revamp CRM

revamp screenshot

Revamp CRM is a powerful tool for all Shopify eCommerce store owners to grow your business and build stronger relationships with the customers. Your orders, customers, and products are automatically collected then segmented and synced to an email marketing provider. The app also keeps your store organized by tagging contacts with words. Additionally, Revamp CRM can help with your email marketing campaigns as it automates the process of personalizing emails and sending timely automated email marketing campaigns for refills, cross-selling, and up-selling in order to boost your sales. Finally, Revamp CRM offers great sales analytics for better performance. Copper CRM is the best alternative CRM that also provide quite similar features on with different subscription plans.

Price: $19/month. 14-day free trial.

12. Sales Pop Master - Countdown

sales pop master countdown screenshot

Sales Pop Master - Countdown Sales Pop Master is the ultimate solution to beat the low sales and conversion rates. Sales Pop Master - Countdown by Autoketing possesses multiple tools to increase add-to-cart and boost customers’ trust.

- Social Proof: Pop up

- Boost Sales: Highlight Product Pop up and Pro Sales Box

- Create Urgency: Countdown Timer, Countdown Stock, and Quick View Mode

- Decision Stimulator: Cart Boost Sales and Countdown Cart

This app has over 4436 five-star reviews on Shopify App Store, Sales Pop Master - Countdown lives up to customers’ expectations. It is the reason why Sales Pop Master - Countdown is the Top 1 recommendation to boost sales and conversion optimization.

Price: 3-day free trial; Basic plan starts at $9.99/ month

13. ProductStories

productstories screenshot

ProductStories is a fully dedicated app for Shopify that can convert all product pages into an AMP and Web Stories format. 

As a result, you will get a fast-loading AMP version of product pages (without manual editing), better search rankings for all your product pages, lower bounce rates due to the immersive, fast-loading story formats, and a floating story widget displayed on each product page.

Once you install the app and activate it, it will automatically start converting all your pages into AMP, creating versions of these pages in both AMP and Google Web Story formats.

Price: Free plan available for up to 25 active Web Stories. Pro plan starts at $9/month

14. Omnisend

omnisend screenshot

Omnisend is a marketing automation platform built for eCommerce marketers. Offering deep integration with Shopify, Omnisend allows you to create and send always-relevant messages to your customers no matter where they are in the customer journey.

You can do this through creating automation workflows in seconds from a welcome, cart abandonment, or order confirmation template, or even creating your own in minutes using their user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. In addition, you can add in several channels to the same automation workflow to target your customers on the channels they use: email, SMS, push notifications, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Price: Free plan available for basic email marketing. Paid plans start at $16 per month.

15.  Candy Rack - One Click Upsell

candy rack screenshot

Could you imagine increasing your store's revenue by up to 30% within one month? - This is what Candy Rack App does. Candy Rack - is a highly-rated tool for upselling and cross-selling both products like bundles, frequently bought together, or complementary products and services such as gift packaging, extended warranty, or other custom options. 

The popularity of the app speaks for itself. Merchants value Candy Rack for its simplicity, modern design, and most importantly for its instant effect and profitability for online stores. What's more, is that this upselling tool has a positive effect not only on store revenue but also on a customer experience. 

An ultimate upsell offer configured in Candy Rack within seconds, helps you to show your customers the right products at the right moment during their purchasing journey. Your customers would appreciate this communication from your side since you help them to choose the product they may have forgotten about or simply did not know that you were offering.

Price: Free 14-day trial.  The basic plan starts from $29/month.

16. Sixads

sixads screenshot

Sixads is a simple in use and powerful app for Shopify merchants who don't want to spend much time on technical settings. It drives you more traffic by displaying your ads in partner stores, and vice versa. However, there is a paid plan that stops displaying partner ads in your store. Besides that, you also receive more impressions and a better click-through rate.

Another amazing thing about Sixads is its AI-driven ad campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Select products you want to promote, adjust your daily budget (starts at $2/day), and launch your campaign. No need to tinker in settings – AI will deliver it to the right people. Sixads is trusted by 60000+ merchants with a proven 5-star track record.

Price: Free. Paid plans start at $9.99/month.

17. GemPages

gempages screenshot

GemPages is the all-in-one tool that helps you design high-converting Shopify store without coding skills with the help of its drag & drop feature. The app is among some of the most flexible page builders for Shopify, helping users significantly improve their design while staying simple and intuitive.

Price: Starter plan starts at $15/month.   

18. Printful

printful screenshot

Printful provides easy print-on-demand drop shipping and fulfillment warehouse services. The app handles inventory, production, and shipping, with over 17 million orders behind its back. It's dropshipping with your very own designs.

Price: Free.

19. SpurIT

spurit screenshot

Shopify quantity breaks & discounts by SpurIT helps to increase the average order value. The app makes it easy to create tiered pricing and volume discounts to motivate customers to buy more items per order. Its extensive functionality provides the possibility to apply discounts as a percentage or a fixed amount, showing customers how much they could save, customizing the design to fit any theme, and much more. It's an easy and effective tool to boost sales and conversions of an eCommerce store.
Price: Free plan available. The unlimited plan starts from $15.91/month.  

20. AdRoll

adroll screenshot

AdRoll is a growth marketing platform, which helps marketers to unify their data and channels while measuring it all in one place. It is a cost-effective app, which makes reaching customers an easy and smooth process.

Price: Free Plan available. Essentials plan 9$/month.

21. Cartloop

cartloop screenshot

Cartloop is a top-rated Shopify SMS Marketing App that helps hundreds of Shopify brands build better customer relationships and grow effortlessly. Cartloop Experts connects businesses with their customers in real-time, helping them navigate shipping questions, find the right products and close sales with personal attention that builds confidence and brand trust.

Price: Free plan available. Growth plan starts at $99/month.     

22. Gorgias

Gorgias is a customer support helpdesk designed specifically for Shopify stores. It lets you store all your customer communication and conversation history in one place, optimizing customer service processes as a result.  

Price: $60/month

23. RevTap

revtap screenshot

RevTap is a new-generation analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence. It connects to your Shopify store, Google Analytics account, Facebook/Instagram Ads and email marketing apps like ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo and others to bring all your data onto one dashboard.

As a result, the app helps you make data-driven decisions on your inventory and marketing, while reducing your ad spends and customer acquisition cost (CAC). It is a simple and intuitive tool and is one of the best among data analytics apps.

Price: Free plan available. Starter plan starts at $14.99/month.   

24. PageFly

pagefly screenshot

PageFly is a powerful conversion rate tool with a drag-and-drop system. It helps you simplify your design-making by automating the bulk of the process.

Price:  Free plan available. Silver Plan starts from 9$/month.

25. Shop Instagram Feed & UGC

shop instagram feed screenshot

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC is a complete Instagram feed app, which is fully compatible with a new Instagram API. It's been one of the first apps to integrate the Facebook Graph API, allowing for a more secure and stable connection. The tool offers a simple and easy-to-use interface, while keeping all of the advanced features of the best apps in its segment.

Price: Free plan available. Starter plan starts at $9/month. 

26. Spocket

spocket screenshot

Spocket allows you to choose the best products to sell from thousands of dropshipping suppliers all over the world. It helps you order product samples, test them out and fulfill your orders - all in a few clicks. You can sync the app with your store and all your orders will automatically appear in the app.

Price: Free plan available. Starter plan starts at $19/month.   

27. Rewind

rewind screenshot

Rewind is a backup tool that lets you save your store's data. It enables you to undo the unwanted changes in your store and is fully automatic. The app is used by such companies as Endy, MVMT Watches, and Gymshark.

Price: Basic plan starts at $3/month.   

28. Shopney

shopney screenshot

Shopney allows you to connect with your Shopify store and build a mobile version of your store to  make your customers' experience on mobile much smoother.  The app also has a clean and simple dashboard, ensuring seamless UX not only for the customers, but for you as well.

Price: Silver plan starts at $79/month.     

29. Bytestand

bytestand screenshot

FBA Shipping connects your US & non-US FBA account with your Shopify store, allowing you to finally leverage the power of Amazon FBA around the world. Once set up your orders can automatically be sent to and fulfilled by Amazon FBA . The app pulls in updates every 5 minutes and automatically emails your customer when their item ships.

Price: $25/month.

30. Carro

carro screenshot

Carro is a Shopify app that discovers all the influencers, press, and media that already love your brand. Whether they’re your brand’s customers, email subscribers, or fans, Carro will reveal all the influential people with a connection to your brand, allowing you to build your influencer marketing in a simple and hassle-free manner.

Price: Free.

31. Traffic Booster

traffic booster screenshot

Traffic Booster automates your Google Ads using unique AI technology. It allows you to take the burden off your shoulders, automatizing the process of reaching out to the customer. All of the app's plans include the set up + management + optimization + ads budget. There are no additional fees.

Price: The basic plan starts at $180/month.

32. Firepush

firepush screenshot

Firepush is an omnichannel retargeting app that enables Shopify stores to turn traffic into sales using SMS, email, and web push notification marketing.

Many eCommerce stores suffer from high traffic, low sales problems, with their ROI on ads getting lower and lower. Converting the window-shopping rest into actual clients is tricky, especially if you rely on a single retargeting channel (like email newsletters). Firepush allows marketers to retarget both new and existing customers with an omnichannel approach. Instead of having to handle all channels separately, this app coordinates retargeting campaigns via web push notifications, email, and SMS. Firepush is trusted by more than 20,000 stores, provides multiple ways of recovering abandoned carts, notifying customers of stock updates and price drops, launching promo campaigns, and more.

Price: Free plan available. Basic plan costs 29$/month.

33. Omnikick

omnikick screenshot

OmniKick is a popup builder plugin for Shopify that’s effective for collecting leads. OmniKick’s omnichannel platform is easy to use. Interact with customers via email, SMS, Push Notifications, and Facebook Messenger without leaving the platform.

With the visual automation workflow builder, you can create brilliant automation campaigns and send messages to all major channels within a few minutes. The plugin automatically detects when a visitor is about to exit your web page and tracks visitors’ movements across the web page.

They’ve collected enough data to perfect their exit-intent technology and come with ready-made templates you can use immediately. With these templates, you should get your popups running within a few minutes.

Price: Free plan available. Basic plan starts from $39/month

34. iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

icart screenshot

iCart is an all-in-one app for cart customization & optimization. If you're not optimizing your cart page you're leaving money on the table. With iCart you have full control over the look & feel of your cart page and you can use it to squeeze more revenue out of your customers with upsells, cross-sells, time-sensitive offers, and much more! 

iCart keeps it simple with their intuitive drag & drop interface, simply add your desired widgets, configure additional settings, and publish your cart!

Key features

  • In cart Upsell
  • Product recommendations (cross-sell)
  • Custom HTML
  • Sticky add to cart & cart bubble - Slide cart
  • Order addons - Giftwrap (Gift wrap) / warranty / custom
  • Cart countdown
  • Slide cart

Wrapping up

We hope that you found our list helpful and these apps will help you bring out the best of your business potential by handling the rest.

What are some other apps that you think we should have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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