Best Loyalty App for Small Business

August 29, 2022
Best Loyalty App for Small Business

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This article explains the benefits of loyalty apps for small businesses. We begin by discussing the general needs of small businesses, then proceed to list the benefits of loyalty programs. Finally we provide a brief explanation of Growave as a solution to your e-commerce businesses.

How can I increase my sales?

How do I reduce my business risk?

What is a loyalty program?

How do loyalty programs work?

Growave is Perfect for Small Business

Maintaining working processes and increasing the productivity of company resources is part of any small businesses core functions. Growth is underpinned by maximizing productivity of current capabilities. Then there is the need to maintain what resources that you may have in order to ensure operations move forward smoothly. A loyalty app can be an easy way to increase your store's conversions, while also automating the process. Automation takes away the possible complications of potential down time, and works passively to generate new loyalty members. This can help reducethe inherent risk your business is constantly facing (here you can learnhow inherent risk works and what is residual risk.

There are no guarantees as is the case in life, but a loyalty program can provide a way to mediate that risk. Loyalty apps work as a supplementary addition to your ecommerce business while also giving you increased functionality from an easily manageable admin panel. Although Growave started off as a rewards and loyalty app it has evolved into a multiple app platform. Control is vital in ecommerce and having five different apps in one platform provides exactly that. Once you're comfortable using Growave you will notice that it decreases the time needed to manage your store while giving you the ability to manage and implement a variety of different strategies.

Growave is priced according to your business needs with payment plans for start-ups and all the way up to enterprises level organizations. Even start-ups have full access to Growave for as little as $9 a month, which are the lowest prices for similar services on Shopify. Our values remind us that it's about the success of our customers which is the main reason why our services are so affordable. Regardless of your business size, we offer you the same services and provide around the clock care with a team of experienced developers. Our App features several apps and not only Loyalty; Reviews, Wishlist, Social Login, Instagram. To truly understand the value that Growave can offer, it's worth taking advantage of the 30 day free trial to explore our analytics, automated emails and key other features.

Four Tips for Picking a Loyalty App:
  1. Loyalty programs often come with free trials. It is best to use this time to see what sort of product they offer before making a decision.
  2. Free trial periods are intended for testing but results are all that matter. A month does not reveal all but it's enough time to familiarize yourself with the product.
  3. The loyalty app will grow with effectiveness over time. As your members list grows so will the profitability of your program. The information that you draw from it will also help you make more informed decisions.
  4. Your data is saved, exportable and valuable. All the information that you gather is considered an asset in ecommerce. Having a movable database is vital and making sure this is possible is important.

Performance: Increase your stores performance metrics like AOV, Customer LTV and Conversion Rates

The e-commerce industry is known for having conversion rates as low as 3%, which can be terrifying for new businesses. An online store's performance is based on many factors, discounts and rewards are one of the most impactful factors. Loyalty programs provide rewards that grow more beneficial the longer you shop at that store. The hope is that a loyalty program can encourage a customer to choose your business as a long term solution for their needs. Growave works with more than 13,000 stores who are happy with our services. With the presence of rewards it is thought that conversion rates will increase, and in combination with Growave’s other apps this effect is further optimized.

Automation: Reduce Error, Increase Speed and Gather Important Data

There are always some sort of risks associated with small business, and sometimes these risks cannot be avoided but only minimized. Automation is a major trend in modern management because of how it increases operating efficiency, while removing the possibility for error. Factors like speed, human error and feedback are completely resolved. Programs are great for automating working processes and provide highly impactful information for decision making. The absolute best part of these apps is that they are easy to use and same alot of time for managers. They work in the background to drive your sales.

Strategy: Gather High Value Information, Utilize New Tools, Implement High Impact Strategies

Every online store or business deals with a lack of control in early stages. You may have a great strategy in mind but you're held back because you need to actually implement this strategy. Growave is great for helping you gather information and it provides the tools necessary to implement your strategic goals. Our bundle of apps gives you a complete marketing solution. All Growave’s features can be easily monitored in an organized analytical section. Once Growave is set up it will begin gathering data which will help you make adjustments to your marketing strategy and improve your business goals.

What is Growave?

Growave started off as a loyalty program and slowly evolved over the years according to the customers needs. With our expierence of working with more then 13,000 stores, we understand the needs of the business owner. Growave has become much more then just a simple loyalty app, we now offer five different apps rolled into one. Growave also comes with a complete analytics section and the ability to automatically email your customers with template emails. Growave is in many ways a complete service for ecommerce business. We have has recently implemented a 30 day free tail to couple our new and improved admin panel and with a new low price of $9 a month for small business owners.

Loyalty and Rewards

Loyalty and Rewards are at the core of Growave’s marketing platform. Whenever a customer completes an operation on your site, such as leaving a review or sharing on social media. They have the opportunity to earn points which accumulate and can then be exchanged for rewards once they’ve accumulated enough. Because of the versatility of the rewards, you can offer points for broad variety of different functions effectively creating engagement across all your marketing channels. This is great for creating that initial engagement and for driving purchases at your store. Once a customer accumulates sufficient points, they are awarded with a special tier that grows more rewarding the longer they remain loyal to your business. Loyalty apps are a fantastic way of creating long term interest in your brand. With Growave you are given full control over your marketing strategy.

Image of the redesigned Growave admin panel


Wishlist is a new and improved version of the shopping cart which can be shared over any social media channel. You can let your friends and loved ones know that your interested a specific item, making it similar to a birthday wishlist. The cart is also persistent between shopping sessions which means that your previous shopping sessions will not be deleted and your customers can continue their shopping at a later date. You can send reminders to your customers through the Growave email notifications, reminding them of favorites items, inventory levels and possible sales on that product. This feature is perfect for reducing cart abandoment.

Demonstration of the Wishlist in action


Trust is a very important concept in ecommerce and third party reviews are one of the best ways of building that trust. The loyalty and rewards program works perfectly with the reviews app because you can create a custom reward for reviews and accelerate the collection of these rewards. These reviews can included in the comment section or in an on screen pop up widget. You can encourage customers to send in personal image reviews to further build that important trust factor.

Demo of the Growave Reviews Widget in Store

Social Login

Social Login is all about ease of use which allows customers to quickly login into your store using their various social media accounts. You can accelerate the process of customer registration by offering a reward for their contact details. Once you’ve acquired their customer details you can then begin communicating with them through automated email notifications, sharing sales promotions and special offers. Contact details and member lists are considered an important asset in e-commerce and social login makes the process easier.

Social Login feature


This feature allows you to integrate your Instagram into your ecommerce store in any one of the templates available. Allowing you to include a shopping function into your instagram, posting images of your Instagram on your website and useing UGC to build your brand. This will increase your visibility, increase your store's functionality and provide a more interactive experience for the shopper. Many shoppers encounter a business for the first time through social media and a large portion of shoppers use alternative sites to verify any business. If Instagram is part of your marketing strategy then it would be advantageous for you to check out Growave and how we can help your business.

image of instagram shopping

In Conclusion

Growave is the best loyalty app for small businesses because it is built around small business owners. We understand perfectly the needs of our merchants and deliver a complete solution for the best prices in the market. You are capable of keeping in touch with customers with email notifications, visualize your data and drive your performance metrics all from one admin panel. Our App has recently gone over a redesign that have elevated the admin panel to new heights. I encourage my readers to take advantage of the 30 day free trail to see first hand what sort of transformation we can create.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you reward Social Login?

Social Login is meant to be a part of a broader marketing strategy. Social Login can be used in combination with rewards to encourage loyalty program registration.

Where can you display Reviews?

Reviews can be displayed in numerous places. You can display reviews in your pop-up widgets, create dedicagted pages, and include them on product pages, in email requests, in catalog pages, feature them on social media or SEO and include them in your marketing.

How do you install a Loyalty Program?

Loyalty programs usually have a short onboarding process that jump-starts your program. Afterward, you have unlimited access to an admin panel to control the details of your program. With Shopify all you need to do is install the app and follow the on-screen instructions. You should expect analytics, branding, emails and multiple other features when you install a loyalty app.

Does Growave have a Demo Store?

Growave has a demo-store with real examples of how each app works and gives you some context to compare with. All the features you find in the demo-store can be implemented in your own store.

Does Growave offer free trails?

Promotions varry from time to time. Growave currently offers a 30-day free trail on all plans and an generous annual discount.

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