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Oct 11, 2022



Global eCommerce


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5 Best E-Commerce Platforms in 2022

E-Commerce is a massive opportunity for new businesses to launch their business and land it on the moon. There are countless stories of how businesses rocketed to space overnight by simply implementing an e-commerce function. The question remains: How do we launch our project and what are the best platforms to use?

5 Best E-Commerce Platforms in 2022

E-Commerce is a massive opportunity for new businesses to launch their business and land it on the moon. There are countless stories of how businesses rocketed to space overnight by simply implementing an e-commerce function. The question remains: How do we launch our project and what are the best platforms to use?

Starting something new is a lot of work and plenty of stress. It's perfectly normal to hesitate when you have so many questions unanswered, but the reward is very worthwhile. I see myself just like anyone else out there, trying to build something authentic, something I can call my own. It would seem that vision is made possible through the world wide web.

Today’s best method for starting and marketing any business is through the internet. Especially for the aspiring entrepreneur, your best chance is now through a solid understanding of the digital landscape. You may be wondering how we might go about doing something like that, and so this article will dwell into this topic while also suggesting the best platforms to start with.

Launch your Project in 4 Steps

4 step to launching your online store

Let's go over these steps and get a closer look at just how easy the internet has made building a new business.

1. The Difference between Idea and Concept

When we brainstorm new ideas, the idea itself is untested. Without any consideration on how the project would be implemented or if it were even possible, it is here that an idea begins to fade.

The difference between idea and concept is intended to separate ideas that have been proven redundant and those that have real potential. Conceptualizing a project is therefore a step in the process of creating a product or service.

What makes the internet so unique is that you do not necessarily need to have a deliverable product or service. The internet is just as much a place for trial and error, as much as it is a place for new connections. Because it’s so cheap to build and purchase a domain, you can simply share your idea to probe its potential and later decide whether you want to proceed further. Begin with an idea and learn by actually implementing your plan.

2. The Best Zero Code E-Commerce Platforms

Best E-Commerce Platforms of 2022

The second step in the process of launching a new business, inevitably has to do with the platform you use to build your website. If you have no programming knowledge this is a perfect solution for you, because the industry has been populated by many brilliant subscription services that make the internet more accessible for new businesses.

The modern expectation for e-commerce platforms is that they should provide a complete solution and require no technical knowledge to operate. The market leader is undeniably Shopify which currently has the most prominent name in the industry and an astonishing 1.7 million + stores built and operational. They are also a publicly held company with shares traded on the US stock exchange, for many this is comforting knowing just how much capital they have supporting their services.

Shopify - Best E-Commerce Platform of 2022

Shopify is well regarded as the most developed platform in the market for their wealth of features and integrations that fill any gaps within the services they offer. Along with Shopify’s platform you also have the most engaged community with highly valuable resources to learn from and an independent market for apps to improve your stores performance. Shopify is constantly publishing new blog articles and are most famous for the large name businesses that they partner with. Thus far Shopify has had a stellar reputation in the industry but new platforms are emerging that may one day command a large chunk of the pie.

Shopify Features:

  • A complete solution for all business sizes.
  • More than 7,700 third party apps in the official store.
  • More than 1.7 million stores world wide.
  • Great customer service and educational materials.
  • Great for Dropshipping and Print on Demand
Shopify Pricing

Squarespace - Second Best E-Commerce Platform

Squarespace is another platform that has gained prominence by focusing on making a great first impression. Their templates are stellar and make your website a visual experience. These are perfect apps for branding your business and making a strong introduction. You can’t go wrong with squarespace and that is why they land second place for best ecommerce store builders.

Squarespace Features:

  • Renowned for Template Design
  • Very Strong User Interface
  • Highly Engaging Build Quality
  • Very User Friendly
Squarespace pricing

Wix - Third Best E-Commerce Platform

Wix is another very sound platform that delivers a complete and robust solution to all your e-commerce needs. They come in third with an overall excellent performance.

Wix Features:

  • Very User Friendly and Robust
  • Extensive Library of Templates
  • Hundreds of Available Apps
  • Excellent Security
Wix Pricing

BigCommerce - Fourth Best E-Commerce Platform

BigCommerce is best suited for e-commerce only businesses and for larger enterprises. They have a sophisticated API which is ideal for tending to the more complex needs. BigCommerce is easily the best choice for businesses that require a higher degree of control and that do not want to be limited by their platform choice.

BigCommerce Features:

  • Perfect as an Enterprise solution
  • Best API functionality in the Market
  • Most versatile platform
  • Highly Reliable
BigCommerce Pricing

WooCommerce - Fifth Best E-Commerce Platform

The feature which makes WooCommerce stand out the most is their excellent SEO features. If this article was based on organic traffic, then WooCommerce could have very easily taken first place. We highly recommend WooCommerce if your business is actively blogging and relies more on organic traffic. WooCommerce provides a very strong overall performance which lands it in a very close 5th place for 2022.

WooCommerce Feature:

  • Excellent for SEO
  • Very inexpensive to operate
  • Versatile features
  • Well rounded platform
WooCommerce Pricing

3. Domain Selection

Once you have a fully operational website built with platforms tailored towards e-commerce, you can then process payments and drive traffic to this site. In order to list your website on the Internet you will require a domain, which is a lot like your own piece of real estate in the finite web. These domains are your own private platform to say and do whatever you want. In order to acquire a domain, one needs to simply

4. SEO & Marketing

SEO and Digital Marketing are the foundation of the internet. From the consumer’s side there is rarely any thoughts on how they find a website or who created it. While from a professional side of things, we know that each page that we reach has been created intentionally. Amongst the billions of pages out there, the one that stands out is of course those that we find through Search Engines results. In order for any one to successfully operate an online business they have to be familiar with SEO in order to have the greatest chance of remaining relevant in the search engine rankings.

Digital Marketing encompasses the foundation of SEO and how you would market your business on the internet. Digital marketing is a broader field which includes paid ads, influencer marketing, affiliates, social media, email marketing and others.

Once we begin operations, one of the first things that we need to do is generate traffic to our website. Traffic is the life line for any business operating online and having a strong understanding of the principles of digital marketing is vital for success.


There is no doubt that in todays digital landscape that understanding e-commerce and digital marketing is absolutely necessary. There are 4 simple steps that we need to take in order to start our first project. Follow this guide on launching your business and make sure to choose the very best e-commerce platform available.

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