Best Email Marketing Apps for Shopify in 2024

By thoroughly exploring the Shopify App store, we have gathered the apps that can help you easily personalize and automate all your email marketing campaigns to engage and delight your customers. We hope this will help you in your research to pick the best app for your store! Here are the best Email Marketing apps for Shopify that we think you should use, free or paid, based on hundreds of recommendations.

Omnisend: Email Marketing & SMS



Price from:
Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.

Omnisend is an Email & SMS marketing platform used by 70,000+ ecommerce merchants who want to increase sales, not the workload. We’re the only marketing automation platform that has a G2 ease-of-use rating as high as 9.3, after all!

Seamlessly collect email and/or SMS opt-ins using our mobile-friendly, fully customizable popups, signup boxes, landing pages and even a wheel of fortune. Boost your conversions with well-targeted, personalized messages across email, SMS, push notifications and use the built-in audience sync for Facebook & Google ads. Moreover, Omnisend integrates with Growave to enhance the capabilities of both apps.

All messages, subject lines and workflow settings are pre-built, so you can get up and running in minutes. No need to pay for multiple apps anymore!

Key Features:

  • Sell while you sleep with pre-built workflows
  • Convert store visitors to shoppers with pre-built ecommerce automations
  • Send stunning newsletters
  • Create beautiful, shoppable emails in minutes
  • A drag & drop email builder
  • Ready-made, responsive email templates
  • Dynamic coupon codes
  • An automatic product picker
  • Automatically resend campaigns without any tedious manual work!
  • Build your Email and SMS lists
  • Improve your targeting with robust segmentation
  • Combine email with SMS and push notifications
  • Send FREE SMS on any plan
  • SMS available worldwide
  • Push notifications and SMS can be used in campaigns & omnichannel workflows
  • Campaign, automation and form performance reports
  • Personalized benchmarks to compare against industry brands
  • Live view of store visitor activity
  • Customer Lifecycle Stage breakdowns
  • Custom storefronts & single integration API. Contact us before installing.
  • 24/7 live chat & email support
  • Dedicated customer success managers for Pro plan users w/15K+ subscribers
  • On-demand Omnisend Academy training & live webinars
  • Enjoy all features on any plan

Get started by accessing all Omnisend's features on the Free plan. You can upgrade your plan to suit your list size.

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Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS



Price from:
Free plan available. Additional charges may apply. Paid plan starts from $20/month

Klaviyo is the leading ecommerce marketing platform in the Shopify ecosystem. Over 265,000 stores around the world use Klaviyo to send personalized email, SMS messages, signup forms and more. The platform scales with your business no matter how much you grow—so you can go from launch to running a billion-dollar brand without slowing down or switching platforms.

Key Features:

  • Powerful pre-built integrations
  • Free and flexible account options
  • Pre-built forms, templates, and automations
  • Personalization and targeting
  • Out-of-the-box automations
  • Dynamic forms
  • Best-in-class segmentation
  • Growth-focused reporting
  • SMS
  • Social advertising
  • Insights and guidance
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NotifyVisitors: Email & SMS



Price from:
Free plan available. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

NotifyVisitors is one of the best email marketing software as it offers a wide range of features. You do not require any coding knowledge to get started. Moreover, it offers a free plan where you can send up to 1000 contacts to 1000 email sends and test its features and functionalities.

Key Features

NotifyVisitors is best suited for Shopify stores, small businesses, and startups.

  • Automated email campaigns 
  • Send welcome emails, promotional emails, cart abandonment emails, win-back, etc.
  • Track your campaign progress through in-depth analytics
  • Drag and drop email editor to personalize emails.
  • A/B testing your email segmentation
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Personalization
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Campaign Monitor: Email Marketing


Campaign Monitor

Price from:
Free to install. Additional charges may apply. Paid plans starting from $9/mo

Automate your ecommerce email marketing! Send branded emails that grow your brand and increase your conversion and sales. Trusted by more than 20,000 entrepreneurs and ecommerce businesses worldwide, Email Marketing by CM Commerce combines email marketing with user-generated content tools to engage your customers and build trust in your brand.

Note: Our 30 days free trial includes access to all of our email marketing tools. Once the free trial runs out, you'll get charged according to your tier, unless you cancel manually.

Email newsletters — Collect emails with this email marketing app and start sending personalized brand emails to help you convert more customers. Looking for a Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Receiptful alternative? Look no further because our email marketing app can be set up quickly to replace all of your email marketing automation efforts.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Shopify integration—Instantly sync all of your customer & order data to dynamically build up-to-date customer profiles and list segments.
  • Email marketing automation with ready-to-go automation recipes. Set up custom html email templates that create constant contact, welcome new signups, nudge people to reduce cart abandonment, upsell with personalized receipts, and target customers based on their preferences and behavior.
  • Email campaign builder with powerful segmentation gives you access to your customer's purchase, demographic, preference, and engagement data.
  • Build brand trust with real customer product reviews. Turn customers into brand advocates by featuring their compelling stories & customer feedback on your site and in your emails.
  • Abandoned cart emails—Reduce cart abandonment and grow revenue with abandoned cart recovery email campaigns that feature your latest product reviews, coupons, & other recommended products.
  • On-brand receipts—Optimize your most opened and clicked email marketing campaigns with eye-catching templates, cross-sell messages, & shipping coupons.
  • Recipes for automation success—Nurture your new customers, drive repeat purchase, & reward your most loyal customers with email marketing automations.
  • Visual product reviews—With visual product reviews and customer feedback, your customers can become your biggest advocates.
  • Our whole team will be on standby, ready to get our hands dirty to help you make the switch.
  • High-performing marketing automations on easy mode.
  • With super-personalized email marketing and on-site social proof, CM Commerce is the easiest way for growing ecommerce brands to increase revenue.
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Shopify Email



Price from:
Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Connect with your customers and build lasting relationships with Shopify’s own email marketing tool.

Choose from a growing collection of email marketing templates like product collections, sales, restock, newsletters, holidays, events, and more. With illustrations and templates for every moment of your business.

Key Features:

  • Send branded emails to your subscribers in just a few clicks - directly from your Shopify admin.
  • Easily customize an email by editing text, buttons, images, layout and more to make it your own.
  • Personalize your subject line, preview and body text with customers information for a more engaging experience.
  • Duplicate previous emails to keep your content consistent.
  • Be more flexible. Schedule an email to send at a desired time.
  • Import customer lists into Shopify.
  • Segment emails to ensure the right message gets to the right person.
  • Track results including open and click-through rates, products added to carts, and purchases.
  • Send emails from your domain with little setup if you purchase your domain on Shopify.
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Seguno Email Marketing



Price from:
Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.

Seguno is the top-rated email solution built exclusively for Shopify... Running a shop means time is your most valuable asset. Other apps that serve all commerce platforms or enterprise merchants will slow you down; Seguno was built to save you time.

Feature Highlights:

Discounts - Aside from leveraging unique codes, product prices, discount details, and links (all of which auto-apply the discount) are set automatically.

Reporting - Integrated with all Shopify marketing reports, you can see conversion details right on orders and in a detailed report for each newsletter and automation.

Templates - A huge library of email templates to pick from or create custom ones.

Key features:

  • Launch your BFCM or holiday campaign in minutes with Campaign Templates! Each includes 4 newsletters with design, copy, and timing. Let's go!!
  • Insert images from your Instagram feed
  • Pull in product ratings from Judge (, Stamped (, Yotpo or Shopify
  • Sync Facebook leads in real-time
  • Trigger an automation when a product or any product in a collection is purchased
  • Design with Canva inside Seguno
  • Automate product review request emails
  • Live countdown GIF to boost conversions
  • Create an email in a multi-channel campaign in the Shopify Marketing section
  • Customer tagged automations for wholesale customers, VIPs, etc.
  • Multi-Email Automations
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Automizely Email Marketing


Automizely & AfterShip

Price from:
Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.

30+ sales and conversion tools in one place Everything you need to generate leads, automate email marketing, and drive more conversions. Automizely’s seamless integration with Shopify lets you set up your first marketing campaign in seconds. Organize your email contacts from a centralized CRM platform to send personalized marketing campaigns and many other amazing features.

Key Features:

* Sales popup campaigns
* Email capture popups
* Exit-intent popups
* Upsell popups
* Cart recovery popups
* Embed forms
* Welcome emails
* Abandoned Cart Emails
* Email newsletters
* Order follow-up emails
* Coupon management
* Web push notifications
* Announcement bar
* Free shipping bar
* Social proof popups
* Sales boost stickers
* Countdown timers
* Inventory countdown
* Inactive blinking tab
* Better CRM
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AC Email Marketing



Price from:
Free plan available. Starts from $15/month

ActiveCampaign is trusted by over 150,000 businesses around the world to deliver 1:1 messages across your channels and customer lifecycle to drive growth.

Whether you are just starting out or are an established brand, ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation is like hiring someone to manage the marketing and customer relationships for your online store. ActiveCampaign gives you the tools that you need to automate revenue driving activities through powerful email campaigns, signup forms, SMS messages, email automation (like the Abandoned Cart and Welcome Series), and more, all while saving your valuable time.

Select from hundreds of already-built revenue-driving marketing automations, like the Abandoned Cart and Welcome Series, customize for your brand and go-live in minutes.

Forget about the headaches that go along with account migration. ActiveCampaign will migrate your account from your previous software provider for you, allowing you to worry about what matters most; your business. Additionally, ActiveCampaign offers ongoing 1:1 support and strategy sessions in an effort to consistently drive growth from your business.

Key Features:

  • 600+ out-of-the-box automation recipes
  • Free account migration and support
  • Seamlessly connect your businesses activities on channels like Facebook, Instagram, and eBay to turn behavior that happens off of your website into actionable, sales-driven 1:1 email marketing campaigns in minutes.
  • A library of 850+ pre-built integrations
  • Powerful segmentation tools
  • Drag-and-drop landing page builder
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Out of the box templates. Select one of our 125+ email templates, signup forms, or popup forms and customize them for your brand and start sending professional looking newsletters in a few short clicks.
  • SMS messaging
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SM: Email Marketing & Pop Ups



Price from:
Free plan available, paid plan starts from $14/month and comes with a 15-day free trial.

SM: Email Marketing emerges as the ultimate toolkit, seamlessly blending email automation, newsletters, SMS marketing, and pop-ups to elevate your Shopify store's performance. This app stands out with its ready-to-use pre-built email series, enabling you to kick-start your campaigns instantly. For the creative minds, customization knows no bounds – craft bespoke email templates effortlessly, tailored precisely to your brand vision.

Key Features of SM: Email Marketing:

  • Pre-Built Email Series: Dive into action with meticulously designed pre-built email series at your fingertips. Launch engaging campaigns promptly without the hassle of starting from scratch.
  • Flexible Email Customization: Enjoy the freedom to customize and create new email templates tailored to your unique brand identity. SM: Email Marketing empowers you to bring your creative ideas to life effortlessly.
  • SM Pop-Ups for Targeted Engagement: Re-engage your visitors and transform them into loyal buyers with SM pop-ups. Shopify merchants wield the power to control precisely when and where these pop-ups appear, enhancing their re-targeting strategies.
  • Library or Custom Pop-Ups: Explore a diverse range of pop-ups within the existing library or unleash your creativity by crafting custom pop-ups. Tailor every detail to resonate with your audience, ensuring maximum impact.
  • Welcome and Cart Abandonment Emails: Make a lasting impression with captivating welcome emails, setting the stage for a fruitful customer relationship. Effortlessly recover lost sales with strategically crafted cart abandonment emails, turning potential losses into gains.
  • Segmentation for Targeted Communication: Refine your communication strategy with segmentation features. Reach the right audience with tailored messages, ensuring that your engagements are relevant and impactful.
  • Expert Support & Seamless Migration: SM: Email Marketing provides robust support, guiding you through every step, including migration. Experience a seamless transition and unlock the app's full potential with expert assistance.
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AVA Email Marketing, SMS, Popups



Price from:
Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $16/month. Additional charges may apply.

Avada presents a comprehensive toolkit tailored for email marketing automation, empowering merchants to convert visitors into loyal customers while fostering long-term relationships. This robust app seamlessly integrates a suite of marketing tools, including SMS, pop-ups, email marketing, push notifications, and WhatsApp, enabling merchants to engage customers across various channels effectively. Avada goes beyond conventional marketing efforts, offering features like smart mail, automation, mass mail, newsletter creation, SMS marketing, sales popup forms, segment audience, advanced reports, campaign monitoring, spin-to-win promotions, and push notifications.

Key Features of Avada Email Marketing Automation:

  1. Diverse Marketing Tools: Leverage a variety of tools, including SMS, pop-ups, email marketing, push notifications, and WhatsApp, to create impactful omnichannel campaigns.
  2. Cart Abandonment Recovery: Reduce cart abandonment rates by sending targeted emails and personalized follow-ups, enticing visitors to complete their purchases.
  3. Customizable Templates: Access 100+ email marketing templates and a library of 5M+ free images, ensuring your campaigns are visually appealing and on-brand.
  4. Shopify Notification Customization: Customize Shopify notification emails, ensuring consistent branding and personalized customer communication.
  5. Lead Capture: Capture valuable leads, including email addresses, to expand your subscriber base and nurture potential customers.
  6. Advanced Segmentation: Segment your audience based on contact profiles, shopping behavior, and order information, tailoring your messages for maximum impact.
  7. A/B Testing and Conditional Splits: Refine your strategies using A/B testing, Yes/No split conditions, and multiple splits, ensuring you deploy the most effective campaigns.
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Email Templates



Price from:
Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Orderly email templates are the choice to go when it comes to design the emails with the a lot of features to customize the look and feel of the email template, this is one of the top-rated option on Shopify app store. But what most merchants like is that you just need to pay a one-time fee and don't think of the rest since every email tempalte is supported by Shopify.

Key feautures:

  • 30+ email templates
  • Post purchase discounts and upsell recommendations
  • Email conversion tracking
  • 1-click translation
  • Multia-currency support
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Pop Ups, SMS & Email Marketing



Price from:
Free plan available, paid plan starts from $6/month and comes with a 10-day free trial.

ONE is  a complete transformation of your online store, integrating 18 powerful conversion and marketing tactics into one seamless platform. Designed to enhance customer experience and add a personalized touch, ONE redefines your store's dynamics. By bundling essential tools like marketing emails, sales snipers, better coupon boxes, newsletter popups, autoresponders, campaign monitors, cart abandonment protectors, opt-in popups, and SMS bump, ONE creates a unified environment that feels tailored specifically for your customers.

Key Features of ONE:

  • 18-in-1 Integration: ONE consolidates 18 powerful conversion and marketing tactics into a single, cohesive platform, simplifying your store management and ensuring a seamless customer experience.
  • SMS Marketing: Reach your customers directly with SMS marketing, delivering personalized messages and promotions to their mobile devices, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.
  • Gamification: Gamify your customer interactions with features like spin SMS popups, SMS spin wheel, wheel of fortune, and spin the wheel popups, making shopping on your store an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
  • Social Proof: Utilize social proof elements to enhance trust and credibility, displaying real-time data like recent purchases or customer testimonials to influence buying decisions positively.
  • Email Marketing: Craft compelling email marketing campaigns, including cart recovery emails, upsell bundles, product recommendations, A/B tests for Shopify email lists, and thank-you email templates, nurturing customer relationships and driving sales.
  • Cart Recovery: Recover abandoned carts effectively with strategic retargeting efforts, ensuring potential sales are reclaimed through targeted email and SMS reminders.
  • Unified Dashboard: Manage all aspects of your store's marketing efforts from a single, intuitive dashboard, streamlining your workflow and enabling efficient store optimization.
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