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Avada presents a comprehensive toolkit tailored for email marketing automation, empowering merchants to convert visitors into loyal customers while fostering long-term relationships. This robust app seamlessly integrates a suite of marketing tools, including SMS, pop-ups, email marketing, push notifications, and WhatsApp, enabling merchants to engage customers across various channels effectively. Avada goes beyond conventional marketing efforts, offering features like smart mail, automation, mass mail, newsletter creation, SMS marketing, sales popup forms, segment audience, advanced reports, campaign monitoring, spin-to-win promotions, and push notifications.

Key Features of Avada Email Marketing Automation:

  1. Diverse Marketing Tools: Leverage a variety of tools, including SMS, pop-ups, email marketing, push notifications, and WhatsApp, to create impactful omnichannel campaigns.
  2. Cart Abandonment Recovery: Reduce cart abandonment rates by sending targeted emails and personalized follow-ups, enticing visitors to complete their purchases.
  3. Customizable Templates: Access 100+ email marketing templates and a library of 5M+ free images, ensuring your campaigns are visually appealing and on-brand.
  4. Shopify Notification Customization: Customize Shopify notification emails, ensuring consistent branding and personalized customer communication.
  5. Lead Capture: Capture valuable leads, including email addresses, to expand your subscriber base and nurture potential customers.
  6. Advanced Segmentation: Segment your audience based on contact profiles, shopping behavior, and order information, tailoring your messages for maximum impact.
  7. A/B Testing and Conditional Splits: Refine your strategies using A/B testing, Yes/No split conditions, and multiple splits, ensuring you deploy the most effective campaigns.
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