March 2024 Growave product update

April 10, 2024

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March Updates

Growave is constantly evolving with new updates rolling out on a monthly basis. Our users' success is our success, so we seek ways to deliver the most value possible with our user in mind. In fact we’ve delivered several major updates in recent months that have modernized Growave and made it a more synergetic and intuitive platform.

1. UX/UI update for Growave: Post Purchase Upsell app

Post purchase upsell represents Growave’s latest introduction that gives customers the ability to strategically place product offerings at the end of the customer journey. They are known to be effective in increasing average order value. Growave creates an effective experience by streamlining the post purchase process and improving user interaction. These updates delivered improvements to the UX/UI experience, greatly improving functionality for Shopify merchants.

2. Redesign of the Reviews app on the storefront (Growave V 2.0)

Growave has implemented a new modernized platform referred to as Growave version 2.0. This update marks a major improvement to the platform by modernizing its features. Part of the series of updates that follow this modernization is this month's update to the Reviews app. These updates deliver some major changes to customization, usability, and reviews display. These changes to the reviews apps are considered some of the biggest changes thus far. We highly encourage users to switch to Growave 2.0 in order to take advantage of these new features.

3. Release of updates for the rewards pop-up tab

The update allows you to fully customize the color scheme to match your brand. With this new feature, you can set two brand colors and use them in various parts of the rewards popup like banners, icons, buttons, links, and launcher. This gives you endless possibilities for your design. Additionally, customers on the Medium plan and above can now upload banners. Another exciting feature is the ability to change the position of the tab, currently available on the right and left.

4. Update to the rewards checkout widget interaction

This update includes a simplified interface with an emphasis on maximum point utilization. This new and improved interface allows for customers to easily control the quantity of points they wish to redeem with an expressed method to redeem max points. (These changes are available on Premium and Shopify Plus shops)

5. Automatic redemption with rewards app

The rewards app now automatically applies redeemed rewards, significantly simplifying customer interaction with the feature. Whenever customers choose to redeem their points, they can do so with one-click and the app will now automatically carry the changes for the customer. (This update is available on both versions Legacy and Growave 2.0)

6. Rewards popup got new style update on version 2.0

This feature update introduces an enhanced banner section and an improved display. This includes point balances at the top of the pop-up tab and in the history and FAQ sections. This update also includes intuitive changes by hiding program description for logged in users.

These updates for March demonstrate Growave’s commitment to constant improvement. These changes are specifically designed to boost performance for our merchants with a specific focus dynamism and usability. Stay tuned for further updates from our team at Growave and catch our latest updates from month to month.

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