April 2024 Growave product update

May 10, 2024

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April Updates

Growave is constantly evolving with new updates rolling out on a monthly basis. Our users' success is our success, so we seek ways to deliver the most value possible with our user in mind. In fact we’ve delivered several major updates in recent months that have modernized Growave and made it a more synergetic and intuitive platform.

1. Growave Wishlist has received major UI updates

With this update, you'll notice an updated heart icon and a new version of the wishlist tab. The new design offers a minimalistic interface with more detailed information about products which makes it easier for customers to keep track of their favorite items. We've also enhanced the overall experience of working with the listed products through the Wishlist tab, making it more user-friendly and interactive.

2. Enabled multi-language support for Growave 2.0 users

Growave 2.0 now supports automatic translation for Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Japanese, Dutch; in addition to the existing French, German, and English. It is possible to translate other languages, customers will need to provide their own translations. https://help.growave.io/article/161-language-editor-and-multi-language-feature)

3. We've launched Growave version 2.0 for all new installations 

All new users will receive the new Storefront v2 by default. This means that any new Growave installations will feature Growave 2.0.

4. The rewards pop-up received an enhanced logic update for variable discounts.

This feature update for the rewards pop-up tab has introduced an easy-to-use interface for variable point redemption, making it more intuitive and adapted for a mobile-first experience. (This update is only available on Growave 2.0)

5. Rewards now includes a new feature - assign VIP Tier by Tag

It is now possible to tag customers and automatically assign them to your tag criteria. Additionally, if a user has more than one suitable tag, the most recently created tag will be automatically used. In the admin panel, tag options can be found in the eligibility section for rewards.

6. Additional translation features for Growave 2.0

We've launched a feature for Growave 2.0, which applies translations for earning and spending rules. This aligns version 2.0 with features currently available on the legacy version. Additionally, we’ve added translations for the FAQ section which now means Growave 2.0 offers full translation services.

7. Admin panel now provides notification pop-up about customer discounts

This information features as a pop-up and includes discount specific information. It features a link to the Shopify discount page, source of the discount (reward or action), and the quantity of points if applicable.

8. The new version of Growave API 2.0 

We have refined the structure of the API and enhanced the response/query structure, removing deprecated calls. Overall it has the same functionality but a lot of changes were made to add scaling and we’re continuing to add new features. (Customers who already use API v1 no actions are required; it will continue to work as usual)

Documentation available: https://api.growave.io/v2/docs

These updates for April demonstrate Growave’s commitment to constant improvement. These changes are specifically designed to boost performance for our merchants with a specific focus dynamism and usability. Stay tuned for further updates from our team at Growave and catch our latest updates from month to month.

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