Elevating your Ecommerce Business with Visual Marketing and Design

September 28, 2023
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Visual marketing and design are of the utmost importance for the success of any ecommerce business. Design matters as much as the content on your website and the products you sell. It’s the face of your brand. It’s the first thing your customers see when they land on your website. People love beautiful designs and visuals are everything. We are inherently visual creatures, and our response to visuals is naturally stronger. 

Globally, there are between 12 – 24 million eCommerce sites, and new ones are being launched every single day. Today, in the rapidly evolving digital world, where competition is fierce, being different and unique is a game changer. However, many ecommerce businesses make the mistake of not paying enough attention to visual marketing and design. These key elements not only shape a brand’s identity but also influence purchasing decisions and create lasting impressions. Do you want to know why? Read on to find out. 

Here’s what we’re going to look at:

  • What is Visual Marketing?
  • Why Visual Marketing and Design are Important for Your Ecommerce business?
  • Crafting Winning Ecommerce Visual Marketing Strategies and Design Tactics 

What is Visual Marketing?

In a fast-paced content consumption era where everything is changing and attention spans are short, visual content is what captures the hearts and wallets of online shoppers. From eye-catching product images to compelling website layouts, these elements play an important role in turning website visitors into loyal customers. The demand for visual content has never been higher. Those ecommerce brands that understand the importance of visual content manage to attract more customers, increase their online presence, boost sales, and engage their audience. 

So, what is visual marketing

The visual marketing definition is rather simple. Visual marketing is a part of content marketing strategy that uses photos, videos, infographics, animated GIFs, social media graphics, user-generated content and other forms of multimedia content to effectively market your products or services. Producing breathtaking and unforgettable visuals is crucial for the success of any marketing campaign. 

The main goal of visual marketing is to grab potential customers’ attention and present product or service details in an engaging, understandable way. What makes visuals so valuable is that they speed up the process of making purchasing decisions. It takes about 90 seconds for consumers to make a decision on a product. And between 62 and 90% of that decision is based on color alone.

For example, imagine you’re shopping online for a new smartphone. You find two product listings:

  1. The first listing has only one image of the phone with a plain white background.  
  2. The second listing offers numerous images of the phone taken from different angles, showing its sleek design, bright screen, and different color options. 

The second listing with numerous visuals provides you with a clearer and more thorough look at the product. These images make it easier for you to evaluate the smartphone’s design, capabilities, and color scheme. As a result, you feel more confident about buying the smartphone because the visuals have provided a better understanding of the product's qualities. 

Before we continue, let’s outline 5 types of visual content you need to use in your marketing campaigns. 

Why Visual Marketing and Design are Important for Your Ecommerce Business?

Now that you understand the concept of visual marketing, let’s uncover why it stands as a cornerstone for your eCommerce business. We'll examine how it not only captures the attention of potential customers but also influences their decision-making process.

First Impressions Last

Your ecommerce website serves as the first point of contact between your brand and potential customers. Visual elements are the first thing your website visitors notice, and they form quick judgments based on what they see. An engaging and well-designed website establishes credibility and trust with your visitors. 

Enhancing User Experience

The way your website looks, with its images and layout, can make a big difference in how users feel about using it. A well-structured and beautifully designed website makes it easier for users to navigate, find products and make purchases. Eye-catching visuals enhance user satisfaction and reduce bounce rates. 

Product Presentation

Effective product display is important in e-commerce. High-quality images and product videos increase the chances of customers clicking on your product and provide customers with a clear understanding of what they're buying. The ability to zoom in on a product, view it from different angles, or watch a video demonstration can have a significant influence on customers’ purchasing decisions. 

Brand Identity 

Visual marketing and design can help you build your brand’s identity. And to develop a strong brand identity, consistency is essential. By using consistent colors, fonts, typography, layout, and imagery, you can create a cohesive and recognizable brand image. A strong brand identity can help you differentiate yourself from the competition and deliver a pleasant customer experience. Additionally, it fosters trust and customer loyalty. Online shoppers tend to choose ecommerce brands they can easily identify and relate to. 

Visual Storytelling

Visuals have the ability to tell a powerful story about a brand, product, or mission. 

The practice of storytelling through visuals isn’t new; it has ancient roots. In today’s digital age, we continue this timeless tradition by using visuals to narrate stories about our brands, products, and missions, connecting with our audience on a deeper level. 

For example, infographics can present complex information in a way that is easy to understand. With the help of compelling visuals, you can communicate the values and benefits of your products. 

Social Media Impact

In the age of social media, visuals are everything. By incorporating engaging graphics, enthralling videos, and appealing product photos, there are more chances that your content will be shared on social media and generate buzz. Effective visual marketing can help you reach a broader audience and increase traffic to your eCommerce store. 

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Mobile Responsiveness

A visually appealing and responsive design is crucial given the rising popularity of mobile devices for online shopping. Your eCommerce website should automatically adjust to different screen sizes and resolutions to give all users a stress-free and pleasurable shopping experience.  

Competitive Advantage

A decade ago, the number of ecommerce sites wasn’t big but now the situation is completely the opposite. In a highly-competitive ecommerce market, visual marketing might help you stand out from the crowd. Unique and attractive visuals can provide your brand a competitive edge and influence customers to choose you over your competitors. 

Crafting Winning Ecommerce Visual Marketing Strategies and Design Tactics 

Visual Marketing and Design aren’t just aesthetics. The success of your e-commerce business depends on them. They affect how people perceive your brand, improve user experience, communicate your brand’s identity, and ultimately drive conversions. By ignoring these crucial aspects, you could put your company at a disadvantage in the highly competitive online marketplace. Prioritize visual marketing and design as crucial elements of your ecommerce strategy if you want to succeed and expand.  

To thrive and stand out in this ever-evolving landscape, you need to implement the right visual marketing strategies. 

What are visual marketing strategies in ecommerce? 

Visual marketing strategies in ecommerce are deliberate approaches that use eye-catching visuals such as images, videos, graphics, and design elements to engage customers, improve the online shopping experience, and boost sales. These tactics aim to captivate and inform potential buyers, ultimately influencing their purchasing decisions in a visually appealing way. 

What are the best visual marketing strategies?

What is a visual marketing strategy? It is a set of techniques that use images, videos, infographics, screenshots, and other types of visual content as a crucial component of your advertising campaign. Here are the best visual marketing strategies that are relevant in 2022:

Let your Customers Tell Compelling Stories


Lexus actively encourages its customers to showcase their vehicles on their personal Instagram profiles, fostering a sense of community and brand loyalty among enthusiasts.

Use the hashtag #LookAtMyLexus on your Instagram posts for a chance to have your Lexus featured.

Your customers should always be your number one priority and by letting them tell their stories about your products and services you tell other potential customers that you are trustworthy. You just cannot underestimate the importance of the customer’s opinion. Their positive experience with your product is better than any marketing strategy you can come up with. You should make your customers shine in your stories and people remember stories. By empowering your customers to tell stories of their own you humanize your brand.

You just need to make sure to include the right images and videos to share the experience your customers have with your brand on your eCommerce's website.

User Experience (UX) Matters

User experience is a key element for the success of your online store. You don't want potential customers to feel confused while navigating your e-commerce website's content. Your website's navigation should be logical and user-friendly. If your site isn't easy to navigate, potential customers may easily turn to your competitors. Keep everything as simple as possible, with design focused on improving user experience. To prevent customer loss due to non-intuitive design with poor navigation, make sure to regularly test the usability of your online store's website. Furthermore, ensure your site's design is both unique and eye-catching, as visuals are powerful attractors. Colors, photos, videos, white space, and overall design matter significantly. Incorporating pictures and videos into your website's content can effectively convert visitors into leads. Make sure to add a drop-down menu to your online store. It streamlines the user experience. When your customers interact with your website's menu they can quickly find what they are looking for. Moreover, they save space on the website's screen.

Incorporate Text with Visual Content


Effective communication on your website involves a harmonious blend of text and visual content. Together, they can elicit stronger reactions and engagement from your customers. Striking the perfect balance between the two is a key skill. See the picture above.

Camille Brinch is a great Shopify store. It offers an inviting experience, featuring high-quality images and video content that acquaint website visitors with the brand, the founder's story, and the creative process. It looks like Camille Brinch has struck the right balance between text and visuals.

When it comes to visuals, less can often be more. Overloading your website with too many images can overwhelm and frustrate visitors, making it challenging for them to decide where to focus. Additionally, an excess of images can lead to slower website loading times, which can deter users.

On the other hand, an excess of text can be equally off-putting. While in-depth descriptions are essential, an excess of unbroken text can be daunting for readers.

Finding the sweet spot between text and visuals is crucial. The right combination can significantly impact how well your target audience remembers and comprehends your content. It's about crafting a user experience that guides them smoothly through the information you're presenting.

Consider using visuals strategically to complement and enhance your text. Infographics, for instance, can simplify complex information. Images can also break up text, making it more digestible. Similarly, concise text can provide context and clarity to your visuals.

Remember, it's not just about what you say but how you say it. Ensure your text and visuals work in tandem to create a seamless and engaging user experience."

These revisions maintain the original message while offering more depth and clarity on the topic of balancing text and visuals for effective customer engagement.

Avoid Using Generic Images

Exercise caution when considering the use of stock photos in your products or marketing efforts, as they are commonplace and may not set you apart in the competitive world of e-commerce. To truly distinguish yourself from other ecommerce store owners, opt for captivating and aesthetically pleasing images. A visually captivating ecommerce store should be your goal because distinct, high-quality photos play an important role in shaping your brand identity. These images should not only be visually appealing but also contribute meaningful value to your website's content, resonating with your audience and leaving a lasting impression.


In the following example, the U.S. footwear brand Allbirds showcases its shoes in a manner that effectively communicates to customers the reasons for wearing these shoes and the occasions when they are suitable.

Share your Visual Content on Social Media Platforms

Visual elements play a significant role in the success of your social media marketing campaign. They are not only easily memorable but also leave a lasting impression. To truly stand out, your social media visuals should be not just attractive but also engaging, incorporating your brand's distinctive colors and fonts.

Consider the staggering fact that billions of people worldwide engage with social media platforms, particularly for visual content. This underscores the importance of effectively sharing your visual materials on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Don't underestimate the power of well-crafted captions; treat them as valuable resources to complement your visuals. Incorporating AI voice over can also enhance your visual content, offering a quick and efficient way to create interactive media that resonates with your audience.

Ultimately, your goal is to craft content that people adore and, equally important, make it effortless for them to share. Enable social share buttons on all your web pages to encourage seamless sharing and amplify your reach.


Apple uses its Instagram account as a platform to showcase its campaign, #ShotoniPhone. This campaign effectively highlights the exceptional quality of iPhone cameras by sharing real images captured by their loyal customers. It's hard not to love Apple's #ShotoniPhone social media campaign.

Leverage the Power of UGC

User-generated content (UGC), often referred to as UGC, is a dynamic visual marketing strategy that leverages content created by everyday individuals like you and me. This diverse content includes photos, videos, customer reviews, social media posts, audio, testimonials, and more. What sets UGC apart is its authenticity and trustworthiness, as it stems from real customers rather than the brands themselves.

By prominently featuring UGC that showcases customers using your products, you not only bolster your company's credibility but also amplify its authenticity. This strategy not only helps attract new customers who resonate with genuine experiences but also deepens your relationships with existing ones. Encouraging customers to share their experiences through UGC can become a valuable asset in your marketing efforts, as it humanizes your brand and connects you more intimately with your audience.


Developing user-generated content campaigns is a highly effective marketing strategy for fashion brands. Using UGC can lead to more website visitors, higher conversion rates, and improved return on investment (ROI).


Share your looks using #MyCalvins on social media, and you could be featured. This campaign proved to be a powerful way for Calvin Klein to connect with young audiences, surpassing the impact of influencer posts and paid ads. It quickly garnered millions of followers across Facebook, Twitter, and various social media platforms.

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Make your Visually Appealing Website Mobile-Responsive

A visually appealing mobile-responsive website
Making your e-commerce website mobile-responsive

As the number of mobile phone users and competitors continues to grow each year, prioritizing mobile responsiveness in your visual marketing campaign becomes essential. Mobile e-commerce's popularity is on a rapid ascent, with no signs of slowing down. To ensure a delightful mobile user experience, your appealing and relevant images must adapt seamlessly to various mobile screen sizes. Simplifying online purchasing for your customers is crucial, as mobile online shopping is the future. All it takes is delivering optimized images and videos.


The impact of visual marketing and design cannot be overstated. Choosing the right visuals offers a unique opportunity to forge deep connections with your customers, elevate your brand's image, drive increased organic traffic to your ecommerce website, and ultimately, boost sales. As the popularity of visual marketing continues to grow, it is imperative to stand out in a sea of content. To remain not just relevant but also ahead of your competition, infuse your distinct style and personality into your visual campaigns. Keep an eye on emerging trends and innovative ways to engage your consumers through visual storytelling. By steadfastly adhering to these visual marketing strategies, you will undoubtedly propel the growth of your e-commerce business and secure a prosperous future in the digital marketplace.

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