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Sep 5, 2022


Global eCommerce


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Visual Marketing

Visual marketing has a great effect on the success of your eCommerce store. In this article, you are going to learn what visual marketing is and what visual marketing strategies are in 2023.

Visual Marketing

Never underestimate the power of visual content in your content marketing strategy. Visuals are everything. We are just naturally visual creatures and we respond to visuals better. They are important for creating content that will make your business different from your competitors. As the number of e-commerce stores continues to grow it’s getting harder to distinguish yourself from the competition. Visuals create more exciting posts and generate more engagement. You can also communicate with your target audience more effectively.

Visual marketing strategy and visual user-generated content have never been so important in 2022. Visual content captures shoppers’ attention fast and you have to use it the right way to have a competitive edge. It is the best way to deliver your message to the audience. You wouldn't purchase a new pair of shoes solely on some vague description. You will need a picture to make a purchasing decision.

So what is visual marketing? Read on to find out.

In this article we are going to cover:

  • What is Visual Marketing in 2023?
  • What are the Visual Marketing Strategies in 2023?

First of all, let’s discuss the basics of visual marketing:

What is Visual Marketing in 2023?

We are living in a fast-paced world and as a solo ecommerce store owner in 20223, you need to keep up with the constant progression of content marketing. You need to follow the latest trends and implement new strategies to stay relevant. It is really important for you to create stand-out visual content that will help your online business draw in your target audience.

So what is visual marketing definition? At its most basic, visual marketing are the use of beautiful photos, enthralling videos, mind-blowing infographics, funny animated GIFs, and other forms of multimedia content to market your products or services. So why do we use all these beautiful adjectives? Everyone is using content marketing today and because there are so many companies competing for your customers’ attention, the only way to win is to create visually engaging content. This process helps your soon-to-be customers better visualize your products, connect with your company on a deeper level and use knowledge in making good purchasing decisions.

A product will sell better if it is properly advertised. Producing goods and services is one thing but another thing to do is to let people know that such a product or service exists. When you create awareness for your brand, you make it easier for people to learn about you and the products and services you offer.  

Some interesting visual marketing statistics you should know:

These stats just show how visual marketing is a top priority for businesses and marketers. Producing only written content isn’t enough to market your business in today’s constantly evolving digital world. You need to combine visual and textual elements to attract your potential customers, make them spend more time on your site, and boost conversion rates. That’s the end goal and that’s why you should include visuals in your overall strategy. No brand can do without visual content and an efficient visual marketing strategy.

Now, let’s talk about visual marketing strategies.

What are the visual marketing strategies in 2023?

What is a visual marketing strategy? It is a set of techniques that use images, videos, infographics, screenshots, and other types of visual content as a crucial component of your advertising campaign. Here are the best visual marketing strategies that are relevant in 2022:

Let your Customers Tell Compelling Stories

A cute girl enjoying fast food
Happy customer

Your customers should always be your number one priority and by letting them tell their stories about your products and services you tell other potential customers that you are trustworthy. You just cannot underestimate the importance of the customer’s opinion. Their positive experience with your product is better than any marketing strategy you can come up with. You should make your customers shine in your stories and people remember stories. By empowering your customers to tell stories of their own you humanize your brand.

You just need to make sure to include the right images and videos to share the experience your customers have with your brand on your eCommerce's website.

User Experience (UX) Matters

User experience is a key element to the success of your online store. You don’t want your potential customers to feel confused while navigating through the content on each page of your e-commerce website. Your website navigation should be logical and user-friendly. If your site isn’t easy to navigate, your potential customers won’t hesitate to go to your competitor’s site. Everything should be as simple as possible and the design should concentrate on user experience. To avoid losing customers over a non-intuitive design with poor navigation, make sure to regularly test the usability of your online store's website. Moreover, make your site’s design unique and eye-catching because visuals attract people. It’s the colors, photos, videos, white space, and overall design of your website that matters. So, by incorporating pictures and videos into the content of your website, you can convert your website visitors into leads.

Incorporate Text with Visual Content

Text and visual content go hand in hand and together they might evoke a stronger reaction from the customers. Having the perfect balance between text and graphics can significantly improve your customer engagement so you need to know how to do it right. Too much of anything is bad and you don’t want to overwhelm the viewer with too many images. It can be really frustrating. The reader will have a hard time deciding which item to focus on first. Plus, too much imagery can slow the load time of your website. Too much text can be equally frustrating for your viewers but in-depth descriptions are still important. So, it’s all about finding that healthy balance. The right combination of text and visuals has a direct impact on how much your target audience remembers and understands.

Avoid Using Generic Images

Be careful when using stock photos for your products or marketing campaigns because people see them everywhere. If you want to stay unique among rivals in the world of eCommerce business, the pictures you choose have to be catchy and beautiful. A visually rich website is what you should aim at because unique high-quality photos are crucial for your brand identity. They need to add value to your website content.

Share your Visual Content on Social Media Platforms

Visual elements are extremely important in your social media marketing campaign. They are easy to remember and stick in minds faster. If you want to stand out from the crowd, your social media visuals need to be appealing and engaging, and don’t forget to use brand colors and fonts. The fact that billions of people from across the globe access their social media accounts to view material, particularly visual content speaks volumes about the importance of sharing your visual content on social media. It’s also important to share your visual content on the most used social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Focus on writing great captions. You need to treat them as the rich resource that they are.

Leveraging an AI voice over can also enhance your visual content. It isa quick and efficient way to produce more interactive media that you can share with your audience. At the end of the day you want to create content that people love and then make it easy for people to share your content. Enable social share buttons on all your web pages.  

Leverage the Power of UGC

UGC is a powerful visual marketing strategy
Leveraging UGC in marketing

User Generated content also known as UGC or consumer-generated content is an efficient visual marketing strategy. It is highly-visual organic content that is created by ordinary people. It includes things like photos, videos, customer reviews, social media posts, audio, testimonials, etc. This type of content is more trustworthy than brand-generated marketing because it comes from real customers. Visual content showing your customers wearing your products makes your company more trustworthy and authentic. It can help you attract new customers and you can deepen your relationships with them.

Make your Visually Appealing Website Mobile-Responsive

A visually appealing mobile-responsive website
Making your e-commerce website mobile-responsive

The number of mobile phone users and competitors increases every year which is why it is so important to be mobile-responsive in your visual marketing campaign. The popularity of mobile e-commerce is rapidly rising and isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Your alluring relevant images must respond well to the various screen sizes of mobile devices. You should optimize your visual content for mobile devices to provide a pleasurable mobile user experience. Mobile online shopping is the future and that’s why it makes sense to make purchasing online simple for your customers. You just need to deliver optimized images and videos.


There’s no disputing the importance of visual marketing in 2023. When you choose the correct visuals you get an opportunity to connect with your customers, improve your brand’s image, get more website traffic, and boost sales. The popularity of visual marketing will only grow, so it is crucial to be different.

You need to offer your own flair to stay relevant and ahead of your competition. You need to search for new ways to use visual marketing to communicate with your consumers. By following these visual marketing strategies you will grow your e-commerce business.  

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