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Mar 29, 2022


What is Growave?


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Leveraging your Social Media with Growave

Having a social media presence in today's digital environment is becoming an important part of any business. Many companues use this opportunity to connect with their customers and to demonstrate their products value. We'll go step by step showing how you can turn your Instagram page into a business store front with Growave marketing.

Leveraging your Social Media with Growave

This article will go over exact steps you need to take in order to set up Social Login and Instagram for your online store. It's undeniably important to incorporate a social media presence into your marketing. The modern format for customer registration has become the social login. It's hard to imagine that anyone will make much of a consideration towards registration if the process involves remembering a new account, with a new password and in a process that is dreadfully long. We know that the act of customer registration is an important component of any new business. There have been updates to legislation concerning customers, that protect their rights to privacy. The social login is a very clever way for us to accelerate the process of engaging and collecting customer details. This is an important step because it enables direct communication for marketing campaigns.

Stage One: What is Social Login?

Social Login is a necessary improvement to the shopping experience, which enables one-click signup and login to your Shopify store. Customers can use their Facebook, Google, Amazon, and other social media accounts to access your stores secondary features. This alleviates the stress of new registration and streamlines the process altogether.

Growave has a social login function that can be adjusted through the admin panel. After completing the onboarding process, you may freely customize the app through the settings.

Activating Social Login

You decide where Social Login redirects clients

When clients complete the seamless integration process, they are redirected to where ever you want to them to land. Simply follow the instructions below to choose a destination.

Choosing Social Login Redirect Location

Define your "Terms of Use"

Simply insert the link to your Terms of Use page, and the app will take care of the rest.

Adding a "Terms of Use"

Collect and Track New Registrants

With each new customer is a complete profile with their (age, location, contact details), interests (Wishlist, purchases and preferences) and behavior on your site. You may freely access this data from the Members section of the Social Login app. We give our merchants control over point balances, recent activity, VIP tiers, redemption of points, and much more.

You may filter your data according to the options listed in the drop down menu:

Monitoring New Registrations

Important Notice: The Social Login app cannot be disabled unlike our other apps. In order to disable the social login function, you need to disable individual social media platforms by unselecting them from here:

Enable Multiple Social Platforms

Social Login unlocks a lot of powerful features. You can read about them below:
Complying GDPR using the consent checkbox
About Shopify Multi-pass Support

Stage Two: Setting Up Shoppable Instagram Galleries

1. Connect your Facebook account

a) Create a business page on Facebook.

b) Switch your personal account to a business account on Instagram.

c) Add your Instagram business account to the business page on Facebook:

via Facebook: Add or Remove an Instagram Account From Your Facebook Page

OR via Instagram: How to Add or Change the Facebook Page Connected to Your Instagram Business Account

d) Connect your Facebook account to our marketing platform through the dashboard. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to do this.

  • Please go to the admin panel and click on Connect Facebook account.
Setting Up Instagram Purchases
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
Login with Facebook to Use Instagram

2. Create your first Instagram gallery

If you have not created a gallery yet then click on the "Create gallery" link on the dashboard then tick one of the connected Instagram accounts and fill in the fields according to your needs.

Creating a New Gallery

3. Photo moderation

Congrats! Now your beautiful gallery is shown in the Galleries section, so you can easily moderate the photos in your gallery, choosing what stays or goes.

Selecting Photos

4. Make the gallery an extension of your store by tagging products and adding links on posts

  • Open your gallery and click on the "Tag products" button on any photo you would like.
Creating Tags
  • Next, you should see a form appear with a text field for tags. Start typing your product name and a list of similar titles will appear. Simply choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu to connect the specific product. You also have the option of adding a direct link instead of the product name. Additionally you may need to change Instagram password to make it secure with the strong password.

Tagging Items in Instagram Pop-ups

5. Preview your Shop Instagram page

At this point your Shop Instagram page including your gallery, should be successfully implemented!
Click here to edit the page's design and see it in live view.

Preview your Shoppable Instagram Page
Important Notice: If you want to embed the gallery on another page, check the guide - How to embed your Instagram gallery in Shopify.

6. Add a website link into your Instagram profile

It is time to drive more traffic to your store! :) Copy the gallery page link and paste it in your Instagram profile settings under the website link section. Once you do, visitors will be redirected to your store through that link.

Linking Your Website to Instagram

In Conclusion

At this stage you should have a socially engaged Shopify store, with the freedom to customize and implement your personal touch. This is an important step in establishing market legitimacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use Social Login?

Social Login improves the user experience, shortens the registration process, and can be used in combination with rewards to encourage registration. The easier it is for customers to register to your loyalty program, the more opportunities you have to communicate and ecnourage them.

Why should you use Instagram UGC?

There are several benefits to using Instagram UGC; it turns your Instagram into a shoppable store, it creates beautiful catalogs in your site and it provides a layer of authenticity with UGC. You can also turn your Instagram into an additional sales channel, while boosting your social media.

What is Instagram UGC?

Instagram UGC is an app that easily integrates into you ecommerce store and builds your sales funnel on Instagram. With Instagram UGC you can display your Instagram profile in store, link products to your Instagram and feature user-generated content. You can easily convert shoppers through your instagram and feature your Instagram pictures on your main site.

What is Social Login?

Social Login is a quick login feature that allows shoppers to sign in to your e-commerce store using their social media accounts or email. This app is designed to improve the overall customer expierence and increase the amount of customer registration you receive. Social Login is great in combination with your Loyalty Program.


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