5 Mother's Day Marketing Strategies For Shopify Stores in 2024

March 29, 2022
5 Mother's Day Marketing Strategies For Shopify Stores in 2021

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Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s time to scale up your marketing strategy to get some traffic on your store. It’s a holiday for everyone and as an online store owner, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this special occasion. Mother’s Day is the third-largest gift-giving occasion, with Christmas being the first. Last year consumers spent over $26 billion on gifts for Mother’s day and this number is expected to grow in 2024. These stats are impressive enough to get you excited for the upcoming holiday season!

So, how do brands compete for the loyalty of customers who are willing to spend money? When it comes to marketing campaigns, they often use the following strategies that we will talk about in this article. But first, we will take a look at some interesting trends:

Popular gifts this Mother’s Day

  • Greeting cards 
  • Flowers
  • Special outing
  • Apparel
  • Accessories or sentimental gifts
  • Personal services
  • Electronics
  • Houseware
  • Books
  • Gift cards
  • Gardening tools

Mother’s Day shopping trends in 2024

Shopping behavior this Mother’s Day will be different than any year before as more people turned to online shopping. However, Gen Z’s, especially in a younger group, prefer in-store shopping since not all of them have plastic cards laying around. However, if you are an online store, you might consider a cash-on-delivery option where it is available to suit this group of customers.

According to NRF, 86% of consumers plan to celebrate Mother’s day amid the pandemic situation this year. Also, consumers tend to spend a bit more on Mother's Day gifts and celebrations, around $8 more on average, for a total of $205. According to the latest trends, electronics, housewares, gardening tools, and books all saw a huge increase in sales this year as more people chose to give them gifts.

When to start promoting this Mother’s Day?

Customers tend to procrastinate a lot and make last-minute purchases for Mother’s Day. However, it is recommended to start Mother's Day promotion 3-4 weeks in advance. It will give your customers some time to decide on the gift and take delivery times into account. Also, this can help you stock up and prepare a marketing strategy for such an event.

Create a gift guide for Mother’s Day

mothers day gift guide

Let’s be honest, finding a gift for a mom who has everything can be a struggle. Gen X and Boomers tend to acquire more possessions than millennials or Gen Z, making finding a gift much harder. Creating a gift guide is a great way to market your products for customers who have a hard time picking a gift for their important ones.

You can create different gift guides or infographics based on interests to grab customers’ attention — for example, a gift guide for a yoga mom or the best gifts for a book-lover mom. The key is to stay as creative as possible and create a few guides that fit your customer niche. Also, you can create a blog post, separate page on your website, infographic, or product collection for a Mother’s Day gift guide.

Pro-tip: To urge sales, we suggest including the “add to cart” button under the products in your gift guide, so customers won’t have to look around for these items on your website. Integrating a wishlist into your gift guide can be a great way to reduce cart abandonment rates and increase sales. For instance, you can create a separate page or collection on your online store that your customers can visit and save products for later with Growave’s wishlist feature.

Offer free shipping

free shipping
Source: Really Good Emails

How many times did you find something that you desperately want to buy but lost all the excitement when you saw a shipping fee? A shipping fee is one of the primary reasons your shoppers turn around when it comes to a checkout page. According to a study, free delivery is cited by 9 out of 10 buyers as the most convincing reason to shop online. Furthermore, free delivery allows 93% of online shoppers to make extra purchases.

Giving customers free delivery on select products that you're marketing is a simple way to boost Mother's Day sales. It's a brilliant opportunity that will help you highlight the key products you want them to shop for. If you can't afford to provide free shipping on every order, make it an option for orders above a certain amount.

Pro tip: Add a banner on your homepage showcasing a coupon code for free shipping, or you can create a pop-up to gather emails and offer free shipping in return.

Run a sale

mother's day sale
Source: Letterfolk

Customers expect special deals from brands on special occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day is no exception since many brands offer exclusive deals for their shoppers. Drive more sales on your store by running special deals on Mother’s Day gifts through coupons or discount codes. Promo codes are a smart way to get people to buy more. They also help both the consumer and the company: the customer gets a product for a lower price, while the business makes more money.

Here are some examples of discounts you might provide in your store on Mother’s Day:

  • Percentage discount
  • Free gift with a product
  • Free shipping
  • Fixed amount discount

Promo codes have a clear goal of generating more sales, reducing cart abandonment rates and improving brand recognition. Also, promo codes can help you track and measure the success of your campaign. So think about what kind of deals you can provide in your store that will add value to your customers.

Send email marketing campaigns

mother's day email
Source: Really Good Emails

If you are still not investing in email marketing campaigns, you miss out on your ROI. With email marketing, you get $42 for every $1 spent. Therefore, Mother’s Day can be a great occasion to top-notch your email marketing strategy. Email marketing is the most effective way to have your shopper stay up-to-date with your brand. That’s why you should start sending out Mother’s day promotional emails way ahead to ensure they keep your brand in mind when it comes to picking a gift.

Personalize emails and segment your audiences to get higher up to 6 times higher results compared to boring and salesy newsletters. Also, email marketing is an excellent way to drive traffic to your online store. Remember that your shoppers’ inboxes will be flooded with similar promotions and you will need to stay ahead of the competition. Pick a catchy subject line that will grab attention and increase open rates. These are some of our picks:

  • Find her a gift in less than 60 secs
  • Pamper Mom with a Special Treatment
  • What Mom Want for Mother’s Day
  • Still no gift? We’ve got your back. 
  • [MUST OPEN] X nice Mother’s Day gift proposals
  • FREE SHIPPING to all gifts till Mother’s Day!
  • The ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide
  • We will help you find a gift. Promise. 

Check out this article for more subject line samples. 

Offer gift cards

gift card
Source: Really Good Emails

Electronic gift cards are always popular last-minute purchases among all consumers. Offering a gift certificate option can drive more traffic to your store and reduce the hustle of looking for a product to buy for customers. Also, it is a great option to generate profits upfront without having to deal with shipping during the busy holiday season. Consumers love to purchase gift cards during Mother’s Day as it is a convenient way to show an appreciation to loved ones during these times. According to Statista, shoppers spent over $2.8 billion on gift cards during Mother’s Day last year. Moreover, over 28% of moms say that they would prefer to get a gift card that they can use to purchase something they like.

If you still don’t offer gift cards, it would be an excellent opportunity to integrate such a feature into your online store! 

Over to you

Mother’s Day is a special occasion that is celebrated all around the globe. Also, it is one of the most money-spending holidays of the year. Start planning your holiday marketing campaign strategy well in advance. Focus not only on acquiring new customers but also on retaining them and engaging your most loyal ones. 

Try to be creative this year and come up with eye-catching visuals and gift guides. You can do a lot to draw customers to your websites - you just have to decide which marketing strategy works for you. Above all, see this unique day as an opportunity to expand your online store. For any e-commerce brand, Mother's Day can be a great opportunity.

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