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What is Growave?


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How Does Growave Work? Best Use Cases

Growave is one of the best marketing apps on Shopify with brilliant reviews from thousands of merchants. Growave is an all in one solution for your Shopify store. Make your business a winner. Read about how Growave can help you.

How Does Growave Work? Best Use Cases

Growave is a marketing platform that gives any Shopify business a competitive edge, especially while your businesses is in its development stages. This makes Growave uniquely popular amongst new or growing businesses for our active marketing tools. By the end of this article, you will see exactly how and why a marketing app such as Growave is a must have asset in modern e-commerce.

What to expect from Growave

Tired of writing emails and receiving no responses? Begging for support but getting none? Growave is the best conversion tool in the market because it's built around the merchants needs, all of them. With Growave you get a team of support and success managers, who make your needs their priority.

1. No Code: Everything is streamlined for you. All you need to starting running Growave is a brief onboarding process. As quickly as 3 minutes.
2. Save Time: When dealing with five standalone apps you should expect the process to be long and stressful. With Growave you won't have this issue. With our platform everything is managed from one dashboard.
3. Always Available: We provide you with all the resources you need to succeed. We have an active blog, a complete knowledge base and an active support team.
4. Cost Saving: By combining several apps into one platform, we save you the pain of paying for several apps. Growave will only represent a small portion of your overhead.

Speed and Efficiency

Part of the reason why Growave is so beloved by customers is how our app is so easily manageable and efficient. All of our features are made for speed and coherency. When you use Growave you receive a complete bundle of impactful tools that will add major value to your store. Starting at just $9 a month Growave scales as your business grows, never over burdening your business expenses.

Growave is Suitable and Highly Effective for any Business Size

As important as traffic is in e-commerce, without actual sales there is really no difference if you are generating thousands of visitors or small handful. That’s exactly why the game is all about conversion and retention. The more traffic you generate the more customers you can capture because Growave is all about conversions and incentive. This means that the true value of our platform as an integration is an amplification to all your marketing efforts. Growave can very easily be the most important app in your stack.

Here is How Growave Fulfills its Promise

Demo of Growave's Review Widget

Creating Authenticity

Let’s imagine the for an instance the moment that a customer arrives at your store with the intention to buy a product. The first question they inevitably ask themselves, whether this website can be trusted. As one would when risking a transaction.

We believe it’s Growave’s responsibility to resolve this problem in advance, to minimize any complications and allow your store to achieve its potential. We believe that Growave is the most popular and effective tool for building trust with the prospective shopper.

We accomplish this by supporting social media integration for your store and by building product and website reviews. This sort of social proofing creates an aura of authenticity that is supported by real comments and user generated content.

Demo of Growave's Reward Points

Generating Incentive

Loyalty and Incentive based promotion are two influential factors in the decision making process. With Growave you gain the ability to create active marketing campaigns and reward your clients with bonuses and gifts to encourage them to continue shopping. Your options are endless when building your rewards program. We can incentivize a broad variety of unique actions that would otherwise be impossible. The possibilities are not limited to those options listed to the right, but include much more.

Building Loyalty

Along with a comprehensive rewards program that can reward a broad variety of functions, Growave also offers a loyalty program. You have the opportunity to create a highly engaging way to reward your loyal customers and encourage them to continue to shop at your store. Loyalty programs are incredibly popular amongst shoppers and are a great way to demonstrate gratitude. The after purchase sentiment for your product or store is very important because it creates a lasting impression on your customers. Loyalty programs can be as rewarding as you would like them to be, and they are a great way to increase your turnover rates. The only limitation is your creativity, with Growave you can build a brilliant and worthwhile proposition for your clients.

What You Need to Know
1. We have found that clients go as far as to seek out online businesses that offer loyalty programs for theirs savings and benefits.
2. We've also concluded that it is far cheaper to re-engage with existing clients then generating new ones. Which means repeat shoppers are a hidden treasure trove.
3. You will more than likely notice that conversion rates amongst repeat shoppers is significantly higher than those newly acquired.
4. It is true that every point that you offer has a financial value, but they can be structured to be profitable and they have an advantageous effect on your turn over rates.

Social Media Channels

With Growave you involve your business with social media in several ways. The days of isolated webpages is over, you can drive traffic from several selling channels. A secondary benefit is that shoppers often look for alternative methods of verification in order to confirm store credibility. Growave turns all your socials into an extension of your business and feeds traffic back and forth with ease.

Below is an example of how Instagram can be turned into an extension of your Shopify store and generate new revenue stream.

Shop Instagram function with Growave
1.    Wishlist: has a social sharing function that allows shoppers to save and share favorited items with friends and loved ones.
2.    Instagram: You can create and display stunning Instagram galleries into your Shopify store and turn it into a store front.
3.    Referrals: You can reward both parties in the referral process, thus creating an extra stream of revenue for your store. You can share referrals easily through a simple link and through any social media.
4.    Facebook: You can drive traffic to your favorite social media by rewarding interactions, like shares, likes, and referrals.
5.    UGC: Through the rewards program you can motivate clients to leave reviews and images of your business. This is a truly authentic way of displaying end-user experiences.

Swift and Easy Customer Registration

We have confirmed that many shoppers make a hard U-turn the moment they are prompted to start a registration process due to its drawn out process. The answer is simple, its too long and not worth even a 1 minute. With Social Login, you gain the ability to register clients using their social media accounts with lightening speed. With a simple click of a button you can build a large database of contact details and gather customer information. You can encourage clients even further by rewarding Social Login with points or any other reward. The potential of a your customer database is always growing and your connections become an extension of your business and carry a real value.

Growave's accelerated login (Social Login)

Re-engagement Campaigns

The after purchase segment is painfully overlooked source of business value. We've established that customers that have made purchases in the past are the ones most likely to repeat their purchase. Having a re-engagement campaign is an important step to a complete marketing strategy.

Growave's Automated Emails

You can offer anything from reminders, to sales offerings and even review requests. Growave's email notifications are of major value to any business. You are granted the ability to create custom email templates and dispatch them at pre-ordained times to re-engage your clients. You can design these emails for any reason imaginable. A communication system is increasingly important, especially as you acquire more and more registrants. As you collect new clients your engagement campaigns grow more and more impactful. The size of your customer data base is super important and is tracked actively through Growave's Dashboard.

Growave's Wishlist reminders

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Wishlist is a perfect tool for tackling cart abandonment. With this highly pragmatic tool, you can send reminders to customers who have items left over in their wishlist. Overall these reminders will attribute to an overall decrease in cart abandonment. The email notifications can be customized and employed for a broad variety of purposes. Sometimes reminders are all the clients need to complete their purchase. Not only is the Wishlist great for cart abandonment, they provide you with a great source of information into your customers preference and help you make managerial decisions in regards to your catalogue and store stock.

Customizable Color and Branding 

Growave's Customization and Branding

We set our selves out to be completely customizable and speed optimized. So when you use Growave in conjunction with your store or other app integrations, you wont see any negative effect on performance of your site. All of our functions are also customizable to match your brand, this gives you a free range of options and limitless combinations.


With such an abundant supply of marketing tools, it is no surprise that your store is destined to succeed. We made sure that Growave could be integrated with other major apps to give you the back up you need to deliver a truly powerful market presence.

Growave Partner Integrations

Running Special Offers – Boost Campaigns

We have discussed Growave’s engagement potential through rewards and trust building, what we left out is the our Boost Campaigns. These allow you to schedule time-limited promotional offerings on your store that amplifies the rewards a client would receive if they complete a purchase within the allotted time frame. This is ideal for seasonal events such as Black Friday Cyber Monday, or even Mother’s Day.

Data, Activity and Protection

Along with all that you have seen here, Growave keeps accurate track of all user activity through our App and protects you from any abuse. You can either upload app data or quickly build a data base from scratch. Either way your stores performance is displayed in our analytics section that can help you conceptualize your stores growth and monitor performance. While Growave is operational you can rest assured that you're also protected from any abuse of the system. We strive to give you a complete service from top to bottom. Growave is a marketing solution that works for you. We are one of the highest rated app in the official Shopify App Store and we are proud of that fact. If you wish to learn more about Growave form a real representative you can go ahead and start for free or book a demo.

Have you been searching for a powerful conversion tool for your online business? Then look no further.

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