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The best active Shopify Forums and Communities in 2022

What are the best Shopify Forums and Communities? In this article, we discuss the top E-commerce communities that are available to new members and how do they differ from each other. These Shopify communities will help you adapt to the constantly changing E-commerce market. On these online Shopify and E-commerce communities, you'll get plenty of insights on what's important to your online business.

The best active Shopify Forums and Communities in 2022

Starting your first E-commerce business can be very risky and challenging. As the E-commerce market is expanding, small businesses face a range of challenges in today’s ultra-competitive business world. Creating your first online store and writing a business plan can be tricky. New advanced technologies are changing the way we live. It’s natural for growing businesses to have some questions. There’s no shame in that. No one knows how to completely run a business and it’s hard to achieve success on your own. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. These days people form communities where they share the same interests, have similar needs and preferences. Your website can benefit greatly from forums in terms of web traffic and new business contacts.

           What are Shopify communities? Shopify communities are online groups dedicated to E-commerce businesses. They connect like-minded individuals around common interests, making their E-commerce journey a lot easier. They are designed as a space where entrepreneurs can connect with each other, ask questions, share what they’ve learned, and get advice.

The Internet is full of forums and communities for Shopify owners and in order to narrow down the list, we’ve handpicked some of the best ones. In this article, you will learn more about Shopify communities, who are they for, and why you should join one.

           Now, let’s have a look.

Shopify community


Shopify Community is without a doubt the largest and most active online Shopify community but it is more like a question and answer website than a community. In fact, there are 900000 members, with more than 1 million posts that cover every Shopify topic imaginable like E-commerce, marketing, shipping, advertisement online and etc.

Shopify Community gives you an opportunity to use 5 features. Let’s take a look at them:

1.      Search and Keyword Subscriptions

Before you start, make sure to check out the forum’s search function before asking questions. Maybe the questions you want to ask already have answers. Merchants ask technical, sales/marketing, and financial questions. They describe their E-commerce issues in their posts and get honest feedback from other members.

Moreover, you can subscribe to particular keyword mentions via search subscriptions.

2.      Access to accepted solutions

With the help of this feature, you can mark a reply as “the solution”. Once a post is marked as solved, it’s elevated for easy access. It will also be marked as a “solved thread” in the Shopify Community search and discussion board.

3.      Discussion boards and private messaging

Here’s what you need to know. This feature offers private messaging. You can send and receive private messages. You can connect with other retailers that share the same passion for the platform and get answers.

4.      Participation rewards

What this feature does is it allows you to reward the community’s most active participants that work hard to solve merchant issues. You can earn badges and ranks with accepted solutions, posts, and likes.

5.      Multiple languages

Finally, Shopify Community is a multilingual community that is accessible to online store owners from around the world. It offers 9 languages. They are: English, French, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Shopify Community is free. Plus, it is the largest community provided by Shopify itself and that’s the appeal. That’s what makes it different from Facebook and Reddit Communities. With the official Shopify Community, you can track how many users are online and the number is impressive. Thousands of users are actively browsing your site and depending on the time of day, there can be more. You can get advice from Shopify Staff, Shopify Partners, and Shopify merchants, get reliable answers and get feedback on your store.

Shopify Community is a great international community that every online store owner should be a part of. It’s hard not to love this community. There are a lot of good people on there that can guide you in the right direction and make your Shopify experience enjoyable. It is nice to know that there is a community like this to bounce ideas, check for new ones, and ask for advice. You should definitely check out this community to get information straight from the source.

On Facebook

1.      Shopify Entrepreneurs

The Shopify Entrepreneurs is one of the largest Shopify groups on Facebook of 114,000+ store owners, store managers, app/theme developers, expert service providers, and Shopify team members from all over the world. This free Facebook community was established in February 2015. Shopify Entrepreneurs is a private Facebook group, where store owners can connect, help one another by leaving comments below each post, exchange advices and tips and get feedback for online stores. It is managed by HeyCarson, a leading Shopify expert team.            

        You need to leave your Shopify store link or Facebook profile link to join this community. By joining this group, you’ll get a chance to see other store owners, developers and marketers, and designers. There are rules of this private group that you should follow or you will be banned.


 2.     Dropify – Hacking Shopify Dropshipping


Dropify has over 150,000 members. This Facebook community is growing fast. If you want some insights about drop-shipping, marketing, and E-commerce-related topics, Dropify is a must-see. This is a perfect place where digital entrepreneurs share their experience in running online businesses and building E-commerce stores.  

By joining this group, you can:

·        Ask E-commerce-related questions

·        Share tips and your own experience with other Shopify store owners

·        Connect with members that share the same interests

·        Invite fellow Shopify merchants

So if you want to get answers to your questions, you should definitely check out this community.

On Reddit


Shopify is an interesting subreddit. With nearly 159,000 members this community is not to be missed. It was created on July 15, 2011, and is still active. This subreddit is free to use. You will be pleasantly surprised by the positivity of this subreddit. Everyone is very encouraging. People are more than eager to help and spend actual time to give you valuable advices on how to make your online store better, how to drive more traffic and etc. If you are looking for information on how to start a business and what tools you should use, then look no further. The moderators set their own rules for what is postable. Post a question and you’ll get various perspectives. After posting your question, other “Redditors” can vote as to whether they like it or not. The more upvotes your submission gets, the more exposure your question will receive. Members cannot promote their Shopify stores nor do advertising.


Here’s another active community moderated channel ecommerce. This subreddit is about everything E-commerce related and it is free. As you can see, there is a subreddit for everything. Ecommerce subreddit has nearly 204,000 members and it has been around 14 years. As a member, you can ask questions on marketing, products, SEO, conversions, and all things Shopify. Before posting, you need to read the subreddit’s rules and clarifications because you can be banned at the subreddit. Your account might be temporarily banned and you can contact the moderators of the subreddit to resolve the ban. You can find sorting options at the top of your subreddit feed and you can sort them by: Hot, New, Top.

·        Hot: Posts that have a lot of upvotes right now

·        New: Posts that are recently shared

·        Top: The highest-rated posts

 Here are some recent posts:

·        What social media tools do you use for your business?

·        How do you even begin to research an E-commerce niche?

·        How to make sales from drop shipping?

These are very interesting discussions where you can get answers to your questions and get plenty of insights. As a result, it gives you an opportunity to run your business better.


Marketing is another great subreddit that you should join. This subreddit community is based around marketing, so it is a great source for learning more about all things marketing. With a membership of over 417,000 members, this community is worth checking out. By joining it, you can discuss marketing and E-commerce topics. As a member of this subreddit, you can ask questions related to your marketing strategy and share your experience with other redditors. However, if you want to promote your blog, you need to give the viewers the reason why they should click the link to read your article. It's not a place to promote yourself.

Reddit is different from other social media platforms. Even though they all allow users to share content and discuss it with each other, they are not the same. What makes Reddit communities different from Facebook communities is the anonymity part. Many users on Facebook use their real names while “Redditors” don’t. Why an anonymous forum is good? Well, it allows you to be real, more personal, more yourself. People open up more and are willing to help each other and share their own experiences with other Shopify entrepreneurs.

In addition to the anonymity part, the voting system is great. You can even give out awards to the posts and comments that stand out from the crowd, thus motivating others to share their E-commerce experience and tips. The more upvotes they get, the more visible they become. Posts that get more downvotes are in danger of being hidden. The rules are different for each subreddit so make sure you follow them.

On Clubhouse

Women on Shopify


Clubhouse is a new rapidly growing audio-based social media platform that can be very useful for Shopify sellers. Its discussions cover all sorts of Shopify topics. It’s currently available on iOS and Android so anyone can get access as long as you have an iPhone or smartphone running Android. This new social networking app lets you join groups and listen in to live conversations. What makes it different from other social media platforms is that the experience is audio-only. You can communicate with other members by using your voice only. When you open the Clubhouse app, you can see a list of virtual rooms to join. Each room has a group of participants that talk about any topic imaginable. Speaking of virtual rooms, it's hard not to think of the increasingly popular Virtual Data rooms technology, which can be used to store large amounts of data.

Once you are on Clubhouse, you can join a specific group: Women on Shopify. With 4,700 members, Women on Shopify is another fast-growing community for female store owners. Using this community, members can talk about: Shopify & Shopify ecosystem, building brands, conversion strategies, growing your blog, marketing, finding clients, working with clients, developing products and so much more. You can get practical tips on how to start, run and expand your E-commerce business using practical advice and you can support other female entrepreneurs. You can’t turn on your camera to stream a video and that’s the appeal. You can avoid eye contact, and you don’t have to worry about the clothes you are wearing and what your hair looks like in the morning, or where you are.

Small Business Computing Ecommerce issues


If you are looking for better ways to market your business, and generate revenue, Small Business Computing forum would be the place to get marketing tips. The members of this forum will advise you on the best methods and tips on how to conduct online business. Its forum, Ecommerce issues, is a great place for discussions about E-commerce. This is a pretty beginner-friendly community where you can find a wide range of topics on how you can overcome E-commerce challenges, how you can increase sales, how to promote an E-commerce website, how to make a brand viral without paying ads, and how is online shopping better than buying from a shop and so much more. The users will respond to your questions, and you’ll receive valuable advices. The group is very active and the discussions are highly informative.

These communities are the best places to look for ways to improve your online store. They can help you grow your knowledge and increase your sales. When you need to make an important business decision you can ask for advice from people who have achieved a lot and have more experience.


E-commerce market is growing fast so if you want to expand your Shopify business, and attract more customers and traffic, then you need to know more about the E-commerce industry. When starting a new business mistakes can happen and these communities can help you avoid them. That’s why it makes sense to join them. By joining any of the suggested communities above, you get an opportunity to connect with other store owners, developers, marketers, and designers. They’ll give you a valuable thoughtful advice on how to run your business better. Plus, these online communities allow you to keep in touch with what’s new out there. Undoubtedly, these Shopify communities and forums bring a lot of value to your store. We highly recommend that you join some of them. These E-commerce communities will help you perform better, increase your online presence, drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales. Go check them out. You won’t regret it. Hopefully, we have saved you a bit of time scrolling and searching and you’ll find the community that suits your needs the most.

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