The Best Build Leads Apps for Shopify in 2024

By thoroughly exploring the Shopify App store, we have gathered the apps can help to build your audience to whom you can market your products easily, thus increasing revenue. We hope this will help you in your research to pick the best app for your store! Here are the best build lead apps for Shopify that we think you should use, free or paid, based on hundreds of recommendations.

Email & SMS Pop ups



Price from:
Free plan available, paid plan starts from $29/month and comes with a 15-day free trial.

Justuno stands as a premium conversion marketing and analytics platform, empowering retailers with sophisticated tools designed to boost conversions effectively. With Justuno, retailers can craft engaging and personalized website experiences that resonate with visitors, leading to higher conversion rates. Here's how Justuno revolutionizes your marketing strategies:

  1. Email & SMS Lead Capture: Expand your email database by precisely targeting new visitors. Justuno offers seamless email and SMS capture functionalities, allowing you to build a robust and engaged subscriber base for targeted marketing campaigns.
  2. Highly-Targeted Pop Ups: Utilize powerful and precisely targeted popups to capture attention and engage visitors effectively. Justuno's popups are designed to be compelling and relevant, ensuring that your promotional offers and messages resonate with your audience, driving conversions.
  3. Personalized Website Experiences: Implement personalized onsite experiences tailored to individual visitors. By understanding visitor behavior and preferences, Justuno enables you to create customized website messaging and offers, enhancing user engagement and increasing the likelihood of conversions.
  4. Recover Abandoned Carts: Combat bounce rates effectively with exit offers designed to recover abandoned carts. Justuno's exit offers strategically engage visitors who are about to leave your site, enticing them to complete their purchase and reduce cart abandonment rates.
  5. Commerce AI: Elevate your average order value (AOV) by leveraging intelligent product recommendations powered by Commerce AI. Justuno analyzes customer behavior and preferences to provide targeted product suggestions, encouraging customers to explore and purchase additional items.
  6. Audience Sync: Enhance your return on ad spend (ROAS) by seamlessly connecting email lists from Google Ads and Facebook. Synchronize your audience data to create highly targeted and effective advertising campaigns, maximizing the impact of your marketing efforts.
  7. Incredible Design Capabilities: Enjoy unparalleled design capabilities to create visually appealing and compelling marketing touchpoints. Justuno provides a range of design options, ensuring that your popups and website messages are not only effective but also aesthetically appealing.

With Justuno, you have access to a comprehensive suite of tools, including robust traffic segmentation, conversion analytics, and more. Craft personalized, data-driven, and visually captivating website experiences that convert visitors into customers, driving your business towards unparalleled success.

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Original Wheelio spin pop‑ups


IT Trading

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Starts from $14.92/month and comes with a 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Wheelio understands the psychology of customer engagement, and that's why we employ gamification as the core strategy behind our pop-ups. We recognize that ordinary pop-ups don't capture attention effectively; they lack the excitement that encourages users to engage. That's where Wheelio stands out. When visitors encounter Wheelio, they sense a genuine opportunity to win big, creating an immediate connection and increasing the perceived value of the coupon.

In today's digital landscape, user acquisition is costly and continually rising. Whether you invest in Google Adwords, Facebook, or any other advertising channel, you're paying for users to visit your site with the ultimate goal of making a purchase. If that purchase doesn't happen on the first visit, your investment goes to waste.

Key Features of Wheelio:

  • Versatile Placements: Wheelio can be placed anywhere on your site, offering flexibility and control through our user-friendly admin interface.
  • Multiple Themes and Integrations: Customize your Wheelio experience with various themes and seamless integrations, including Email services, SMS, and Messenger, ensuring a cohesive brand experience.
  • Comprehensive Campaign Management: Easily manage and track your campaigns. Implement A/B split testing to optimize your approach and maximize engagement.
  • Diverse Gamification Options: Wheelio offers multiple gamification choices, ensuring you can tailor the experience to match your audience's preferences, making engagement irresistible.
  • Dynamic Coupons with Direct-to-Checkout Injection: Increase conversion rates by offering dynamic coupons that lead users directly to the checkout, eliminating unnecessary steps and streamlining the purchasing process.
  • Email Validation & Duplicate Prevention: Maintain a clean and efficient email list by validating addresses and preventing duplicates, ensuring you reach the right audience every time.
  • Google Compliance & GDPR: Rest assured that Wheelio adheres to Google compliance standards and GDPR regulations, prioritizing user privacy and data protection.
  • Custom Background: Personalize your Wheelio pop-ups with custom backgrounds, aligning the visuals with your brand identity for a cohesive and visually appealing experience.
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Exit & Email Pop Ups



Price from:
Free plan available, paid plan starts from $25/month.

Meet the all-in-one solution to boost your store's engagement, capture leads, and skyrocket your sales – the Exit Intent Popup, Autoresponder & Inline Forms Platform. In less than 2 minutes, create stunning popups, optins, and embedded forms that resonate with your brand identity. Utilize advanced targeting triggers, including exit intent technology, to convert more visitors into valuable leads, subscribers, and customers. With features like Spin to Win, Pick a Gift, and Scratch Card, transform mundane interactions into gamified experiences, enhancing visitor engagement and enticing them to explore further.

Key Features of Exit Intent Popup, Autoresponder & Inline Forms Platform:

  • Exit Intent Technology: Prevent cart abandonment and upsell effectively with exit intent popups, capturing leaving visitors' attention with compelling offers.
  • Versatile Popup Options: Choose from an extensive range of beautifully designed popups and lead form templates, including lightbox, wheel of fortune, welcome screen, floating bar, slide-in, sidebar, newsletter popup, SEO-friendly mobile popups, video popups, email popups, exit offers, thank you popups, iframe popups, announcements, spin wheels, 2-step popups, discount popups, and more.
  • Targeted Engagement: Create popups tailored to specific visitor behaviors, whether it's time delay, scroll percentage, page count, page targeting, or specific countries.
  • Drag & Drop Editor: Effortlessly design popups and forms without any coding skills using the intuitive drag-and-drop editor.
  • Multichannel Communication: Implement WhatsApp Chat, Click to Call, Facebook Messenger Chat, and other interactive widgets to engage with visitors seamlessly.
  • A/B Testing: Optimize your popups and optins by conducting A/B tests, ensuring you deploy the most effective versions.
  • Agency-Friendly: Manage users and accounts effortlessly with the Agency plan, streamlining your team's collaborative efforts.
  • GDPR Compliant: Rest easy knowing your customer interactions are GDPR compliant, respecting privacy and data protection regulations.
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Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS



Price from:
Free plan available. Additional charges may apply. Paid plan starts from $20/month

Klaviyo is the leading ecommerce marketing platform in the Shopify ecosystem. Over 265,000 stores around the world use Klaviyo to send personalized email, SMS messages, signup forms and more. The platform scales with your business no matter how much you grow—so you can go from launch to running a billion-dollar brand without slowing down or switching platforms.

Key Features:

  • Powerful pre-built integrations
  • Free and flexible account options
  • Pre-built forms, templates, and automations
  • Personalization and targeting
  • Out-of-the-box automations
  • Dynamic forms
  • Best-in-class segmentation
  • Growth-focused reporting
  • SMS
  • Social advertising
  • Insights and guidance
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Campaign Monitor: Email Marketing


Campaign Monitor

Price from:
Free to install. Additional charges may apply. Paid plans starting from $9/mo

Automate your ecommerce email marketing! Send branded emails that grow your brand and increase your conversion and sales. Trusted by more than 20,000 entrepreneurs and ecommerce businesses worldwide, Email Marketing by CM Commerce combines email marketing with user-generated content tools to engage your customers and build trust in your brand.

Note: Our 30 days free trial includes access to all of our email marketing tools. Once the free trial runs out, you'll get charged according to your tier, unless you cancel manually.

Email newsletters — Collect emails with this email marketing app and start sending personalized brand emails to help you convert more customers. Looking for a Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Receiptful alternative? Look no further because our email marketing app can be set up quickly to replace all of your email marketing automation efforts.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Shopify integration—Instantly sync all of your customer & order data to dynamically build up-to-date customer profiles and list segments.
  • Email marketing automation with ready-to-go automation recipes. Set up custom html email templates that create constant contact, welcome new signups, nudge people to reduce cart abandonment, upsell with personalized receipts, and target customers based on their preferences and behavior.
  • Email campaign builder with powerful segmentation gives you access to your customer's purchase, demographic, preference, and engagement data.
  • Build brand trust with real customer product reviews. Turn customers into brand advocates by featuring their compelling stories & customer feedback on your site and in your emails.
  • Abandoned cart emails—Reduce cart abandonment and grow revenue with abandoned cart recovery email campaigns that feature your latest product reviews, coupons, & other recommended products.
  • On-brand receipts—Optimize your most opened and clicked email marketing campaigns with eye-catching templates, cross-sell messages, & shipping coupons.
  • Recipes for automation success—Nurture your new customers, drive repeat purchase, & reward your most loyal customers with email marketing automations.
  • Visual product reviews—With visual product reviews and customer feedback, your customers can become your biggest advocates.
  • Our whole team will be on standby, ready to get our hands dirty to help you make the switch.
  • High-performing marketing automations on easy mode.
  • With super-personalized email marketing and on-site social proof, CM Commerce is the easiest way for growing ecommerce brands to increase revenue.
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