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Apr 7, 2022


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Influencer Marketing Magic: How Micro-Influencers Can Help Your Business Grow

When looking for a good marketing channel, cost can be a serious and limiting factor. Consider influencer marketing as an alternative to the typical marketing channels that would otherwise cost a pretty penny.

Influencer Marketing Magic: How Micro-Influencers Can Help Your Business Grow

Digital marketing is a difficult mountain to climb, especially nowadays. People are exposed to various marketing approaches online, making the challenge of reaching target consumers and increase sales the toughest test for brands and marketers. Thankfully, a newly popular strategy presents a way to rise above the sea of competition online called influencer marketing.

Influencers are people who grew their following on one or multiple social media platforms through posting content related to their interests. They’re like the modern-day endorsers who specialize in social media. This digital marketing trend of using influencers to market brands is getting more steam in recent history that even the smaller influencers are getting in on the act.

You’ll see plenty of popular brands partnering with famous influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers online; unfortunately, you can’t do that if your business is at the growing stage. You mustn’t spend beyond your means, which is why you need to be strategic if you want to seek influencers’ help for your digital marketing efforts. This is where the magic of influencer marketing comes in.

Here’s how micro-influencers can help your business grow:

Targeting your niche to increase leads and conversions

influencers niche

Influencers cater to a niche their interested in, which means they share the same interests as their followers. They’re hyper-specific to a specific market, which will make it easier for a brand to reach its target customers. Micro-influencers are better at this because they garner more engagement on social media.

Yes, you read that right; influencers with 25,000 followers at most, and even those with 1,000 followers, gains more engagement than famous influencers. A study conducted by Markerly backs this up, as they found that the more followers an account gains, the more their likes decline.

On the contrary, micro-influencers with fewer followers (1,000 to 10,000) earned likes at a 4% rate. A study on big groups of micro-influencers showed that they achieved conversations 22.2 times more than average consumers about product recommendations. It also showed that 82% of consumers were highly likely to follow a micro-influencer’s recommendation.

These statistics are quite exciting prospects because they can lead to an increase in leads and sales. Due to them engaging in more conversations with a hyper-specific audience, they can boost your brand awareness and break through the noisy ad and content space online. A reputable digital marketing company should be aware of the power micro-influencers hold and will find one in the same niche as your business to help you.

Increase trust in your brand

Consumers’ trust takes so much time to establish, but if you decide to partner with a micro-influencer, you’re well on your way to doing just that. As aforementioned, plenty of consumers prefer a recommendation from a micro-influencer. Through their connection and engagement rate with their followers, your brand can gain consumers’ trust.

They have more recommendation power than more famous influencers. Plus, since they frequently converse with their followers, they appear to be more authentic, which gains loyalty. Their content also seems more genuine than a paid ad because they don’t portray “roles.”

Most micro-influencers or influencers in general post photos and videos of themselves using the product they’re endorsing. This makes it more believable than a commercial creatively enhanced to promote a specific brand. The fact that the endorser, the micro-influencer, uses the product in real-life applications is enough to make them credible.

Micro-influencers also target millennials, who make up the majority of the consumer population nowadays. Most micro-influencers are also part of that demographic since millennials are adept or interested in social media.

More savings in marketing expenses

Owning a growing business means you’re more conscious about how much you spend. Savings become more important to you, so you want to invest in a digital marketing campaign that can reward your brand, saving you more money. A positive return on investment (ROI) is also one of the most crucial measurements of an effective marketing strategy.

The fact that micro-influencers help in engaging with your target audience already saves you a lot of time and money. That alone means you won’t need to pay for ads on social media or Google to stand out from the crowd. They can do that for you because they’re in the same niche as your brand, as are their followers.

Moreover, you can also experiment with what will work best for marketing your brand without worrying about additional expenses. Immediate impact and a good ROI do make micro-influencer collaboration indeed an excellent marketing strategy.

Concluding thoughts

Giving your brand a better chance of standing out in the digital space is the best way to grow. Most consumers are online, and it’s your job to think of ways to target your potential customers. With all the information in this article, it seems like working with a micro-influencer may be the best strategy for your growing business.

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