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Develop your Digital Marketing Skills

Follow these tips to improve your digital marketing skills and learn how to build value for your online business. This article walks you through all the must haves when designing a website and some key information for Google ranking

Develop your Digital Marketing Skills

Whether you're selling a product or service over the internet, taking the steps to improve your online presence is about both style and technical sophistication. If you find you have a bright sense of style, I know for a fact that your skills are transferrable?

Here is How to Build Value for your Online Business

What does a Digital Marketer Do?

As a digital marketer, I have to look at things differently. This means I spend a substantial amount of time comparing websites, products and overall service quality. This means literally opening two sites side by side and comparing their differences. The objective is to find the winning formula by paying close attention to their defining characteristics.

I would say the greatest skill you can develop is having an eye for the technical. Fortunately that’s not something that takes any programming knowledge to accomplish. The most basic requirement simple common sense and a bit of creativity. All the job entails is seeing how all the elements of a page come together.

 As you may already know, the internet is in the midst of a massive bloom with creativity in full effect. There is always a new business model around the corner that has genuine value and could potentially change modern practices. Everyone one of these novel ideas needs to be marketed or else it will fade into obscurity. Creativity is the impetus to success in all things, and digital marketing is no different.

Nevertheless, If your business deals over the internet and your serious about growth, then you must also be aware of some basic technical insight.

How do I build the technical mind set?

Think of thinks as a blank canvas, whereas everything yousee on a webpage is built from scratch; including every character, code anddesign. To think like a tech head you need to see the puzzle pieces and howthey inter-mingle into a finished product.

If you find something that’s truly special, something thatpops off the screen, take an extra minute to observe the pieces. Start off bylooking at what they’ve built and not what they offer. Seeing them from a technicalperspective is a far more telling story about who they are as an organization thenwhat they are selling.

I am confident that if you did in fact open two sites side by side and pointed out the differences that you’ll strike a thought or two about which one provides a superior user experience.

How attentive is the website to the needs of their visitors?

When building an online business there are always problems that need to be resolved. There is a communication problem that present over the internet and a great way of elevating your business is strong presence. An undeniably important factor in determining quality is customer service. Take a moment to tick off a few items off list. Making sure that whoever monitoring or working with is  responsive and made available. This applies for who ever wants to make sure a business is trust worthy.

Make sure your customer service has:

a. Visibility: A client may find themselves lost and simply decide to move on.

b. Know your Customer: Customer service should be attentive and knowledgeable of the underlined issue. Present a clear solution is a sign of strength. There is no worse experience than misleading customer service.

c. Ask yourself, if they provide sufficient resources to answer all your questions. Observe the speed and quality of their information for clarity.

d. Understand that customer service can vary in many ways, and that sometimes a plug-in or app can elevate your presence.

Remember to Play the Part of a Critic!

Observe their “copy” as a critic and ask yourself whether it aligns with clear and transparent practices? Are they active on their blog? Do they provide educational resources and do they describe their services accurately. The last thing you want is hidden fees and its best to do some background research before signing on.

Seek Independent Confirmation

The next step is to build a profile with independent companies or use partnerships to build market legitimacy. Having an external voice can build strong encouragement and this is obviously very important. We tend to flock towards those companies that have a lot of social buzz. One of the best indicators we have for quality is public opinion. We want to find independent resources for reviews that can give us some or a lot of insight into what to expect. As such, we should be actively searching for ways to reinforce our own public image. Consider these resources as a source of self-improving information. This can help you resolve any concerns regarding your business.

Speed, Layout and Sitemap

Another very important factor for your consideration is the sites build. We need to observe the sites speed, size and functionality. I can’t express enough how many times a CTA lead me to a dead end or how a page was overburdened and performed sluggishly. Site build could mean a lot, there is just so much that can affect the overall layout of a site like videos, photos and many other features. Look at how quickly the site loads, find ways to improve its speed and structure. Building a successful website is close to an art form, a combination between expertise and style. There are so many elements, that’s why your website should be an expression of your creativity.

How does all of this factor together?

Without search engines every website would be an island, completely isolated and detached from any other website that isn’t intentionally linked. The most prominent search engine is Google which crawls the entire internet connecting people to websites. Google could be roughly compared to a builder who creates paths for us and whose mortar is algorithms. How well our websites performs is our job but its visibility, in terms of visitors and impressions, is determined by Google.

Google is undeniably your most important tool so knowing how google ranks webpages is critical. The practice of optimizing your search engine result is abbreviated as SEO. All those things that we mentioned above factor into search results but that isn’t the full story. Organic traffic attributes to about 50% of all website traffic, and that’s determined by unbiased algorithms. The term we use is crawlers, that literally scan every character and identify the page. Through trial and error you can work to increase traffic numbers. Google is very fundamental, their practices ar fair and by focusing on the building blocks of a successful website there is no reason why you couldn't succeed.

Here is the catch with Uncle Google

I don't mean to scare you here but by default google lists 10 search results per page. What does that mean? So if your page ranks 60th in search results, then you will be on the 6page for organic searches. And I think we all know how much time we spend on the 6th page.

The keys to success with Google:

1.    The big question is authority, which is a fun way of asking, how many arrows are pointing to your site and vice versa. The sites that point to yours the grant you authority, so link building is an active role in digital marketing. This is by far the most effective method for improving a sites ranking, but it's also the most time consuming. Authority is comparable to expertise but its not so simple because there are other dimensions you need to consider.

2.    Next you need to make sure that your accurately targeting the correct keywords and that you refine your content for relevance. You can successfully target thousands of key words with your copy and blog but if your content is misleading then this is of no value to you. The general rule is to always keep quality in mind, and steer away from empty wording. Google algo's are smart enough to punish misleading information.

3.    Make sure that you are always developing your website, including adding features and improving functionality.  Developing your site will take time, but it is more than worth it in the end. As I like to say, your web presence is an asset and we should treat it with care.

If you manage to piece all of these factors together that were mentioned in this article, you will find your search result ranking improve. Even when it comes to Google Ads, there is an order that based on quality of your overall website. At the end of the day, there is a judge that places a number next to your link.

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