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Best Back in Stock Apps for Shopify in 2022

By thoroughly exploring the Shopify App store, we have gathered the apps that can help you provide a stellar customer experience by letting your shoppers know when the products will be available again. We hope this will help you in your research to pick the best app for your store! Here are the best back in stock apps for Shopify that we think you should use, free or paid, based on hundreds of recommendations.


Back In Stock: Customer Alerts


SureSwift Capital

Free plan available. 14-day free trial. From $19/month

App highlights:

Back in stock: Customer alerts app is developed by SureSwift capital and helps to remind shoppers when products in stock, out of stock, and able to notify about preorders. The app works perferctly on online stores with multilanguage. Automated flows can be easily customized and enabled for emails and SMS. When you restock products, shoppers are notified instantly in order to bring them back to your store.

Key Features:

  • Email Notifications
  • Multi-Location Support
  • Product Restock Alerts
  • Email & Form Customization
  • Custom Theme Support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • SMS Notifications
Free plan available. 14-day free trial. Starts from $5/month

App highlights:

Don't miss out on lost sales with Back in Stock, Abandoned Cart & Price Drop Push, Email & SMS Automation

CartBite is an all-in-one marketing automation tool for a back in stock, abandoned cart, and price drop notifications through Push, Emails, SMS Notifications. Engage with your customers based on actions taken by them when they visited your store. Our powerful automation techniques help you make more sales by sending out abandoned carts, back-in-stock, and price drop notifications.

Customers can subscribe for being notified for out of stock or when there is a price drop on their favorite product by simply clicking on subscribe button.

Sends custom notifications to customers who left the cart abandoned in the store. Edit notification message or add a coupon code to nudge them to complete the purchaseю

Allows your customer to subscribe for items that are currently out of stock. Automatically send notifications to subscribed users once the product becomes available again.

Allows your customers to be subscribed for receiving notifications when there is a price drop on a certain product. Increases conversion as they have already shown interest on the product.

Send notification to subscribers when the order is shipped and share the tracking URL for easy tracking of their orders. Send tailored messages to drive first-time customer sales, build strong relationships, and announce sales and discounts to all or custom segmented audiences. Segment audience based on how they interacted with your store, geo-locations, or their purchase history.

Stuck Somewhere? Just message on in-app chat support and we will help resolve any questions right on time.

Key Features:

  • Automation Campaigns
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Back in stock
  • Price Drop
  • Shipping Notification
  • Custom Campaigns
  • Custom Segments
  • Customer Service that makes a difference

Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts


Appikon Software Pvt Ltd

Free plan available. 7-day free trial.

App highlights:

Now bring back customers to your store with automated back in stock alerts!

Most of the online shoppers don’t make a purchase on their first visit. Let shoppers subscribe to upcoming products & out of stock products via email, SMS, Facebook Messenger & web push.

Proudly trusted by Shopify Plus brands. Best app to send automated restock alerts.

Reach customers where they are the most active & bring them back with notifications once a product is back, when you launch a new discount or a product, or when you promote a sale so that they don’t miss out on sales.

Let customers subscribe to & receive restock alerts for specific variant combinations like size, color, or style. Capture purchase intent, personalize in-stock notifications & increase conversions.

If you have inventory in multiple locations, send restock alerts only when the product is back in stock in the location a customer subscribed from. Take complete control over which warehouse locations are connected to the app & improve inventory management.

Gives you the perfect opportunity to capture customer demand & grow your email list with back in stock notification app when they opt-in using their email address, mobile number, or Facebook accounts. Retarget them with future sales campaigns & promote products they’re more likely to buy.

The "Coming Soon" feature helps you understand your market & create buzz around product launches. Perfect to capture pre-orders & create waitlists. Gauge market demand for products before you restock.

Not sure how to set up back in stock alerts or need help? Feel free to contact our support team at any time. We make recovering your lost sales our goal too!

Key Features:

  • Back in stock Customer Alerts
  • Automated SMS
  • Facebook Messenger notifications
  • Web push notifications
  • Smart automation
  • Segmented restock alerts (based on variants)
  • Multi-location support
  • Works with every theme
  • Supports multiple languages
  • The only restock alerts app that supports email, SMS, Facebook Messenger & web push
  • Advanced features for back in stock customer notifications
  • Multiple location support
  • Easy install & customize
  • Grow email list
  • GDPR complaint
  • Marketing app integrations
  • Product pre-orders & powerful market research
  • World-class customer support team

Looking for another feature? Reach out to us.

Free plan available. 7-day free trial. From $5.99/month

App highlights:

Zooomy Back in Stock

The back in stock feature allows your customers to sign up for an email alert. When products are back in stock, you can email customer from our app's back end about its availability. This way you can get your customers back and make sales.

Once the product quantity is updated, you can either send an email manually or enable automatic email setting from app's back end and send emails to your customer with the link to the back in stock product so they can be directed back to the product they want!

If a customer finds the product they're looking for and it is out of stock, a notification widget will be presented and they can enter in their email so they will be notified once the product is back in stock.

We support almost all of the themes on Shopify. If the theme has a different structure or different coding, our support team can help you to install the code for your theme.

Our app works with variants as well, if it does not work for your theme, please let us know via the contact form given in the app. We will check and fix it for you in no time. Get email notification when someone subscribes to your product. It will keep you updated always about which products are in demand. (Feature available from pro plan).

We have a feature in our app, where your customers can check the checkbox to receive your upcoming updates via newsletter. (Feature available from pro plan)

Key Features:

  • The admin can customize the text displayed.
  • Back in stock button's font color and background color can be customized too!
  • Works well with almost every theme on shopify theme store
  • Works well with variants
  • Automatic email feature is available from PRO plan of the app.
  • Email notification for admin
  • Export list of subscribers. CSV export feature is available in our app where you can export list of all your customers.
  • Feature for customers to subscribe for Newsletter
Free plan available. 7-day free trial. Starts from $14/month

App highlights:

ReStock app by Hengam allows merchants to customize the app fully while letting install the app to the online store without any coding. The "Notify me" button should be added to the product pages without any stock. Therefore, the app collects the audience and automatically send them back-in-stock reminders.

From smallest needs like "set minimum inventory" to "button on collection/home page" and "multi-location support", we've got you covered.

Customize the notify me button, request form, and notification email template (compatible with all themes and multilingual).

Fully automatic. No need to insert a code or ask support to do that. You need a new feature? Ask and we build.

Key Features:

  • Supports all themes out of the box. No coding required.
  • Klaviyo integration
  • Multi-lingual widgets
  • 24x7 professional support
  • Grow Your Email list (Import & Export)
  • Fully Customizable
  • Can be used for waiting list, low stock, and Wishlist
Free plan available. From $9.99/month

App highlights:

Bring shoppers back by sending emails to your customers for notifying back in stock notifications automatically. It saves you money.

Ordesify is a great alternative for Back in stock customer alerts, restocked notify, Stockify, Now back in stock, Back in stock alerts, Real-time back in stock, Stockbot, Quick stock notifier. Ordersify supports 10+ popular languages including English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, French, etc.

Key Features:

  • Push notification
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Mailchimp
  • Theme Integration
  • Automatic emails
  • Fully customizable
  • Inventory policy
  • Manage notifications
  • Manage contacts
  • Low stock products
  • Analytics
  • Integrations
  • Support multiple languages

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