5 Ways to Turn Visitors into Buyers with Growave

March 26, 2022
5 Ways to Turn Visitors into Buyers with Growave
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High bounce rates and low customer engagement are two metrics that annoy almost every eCommerce business owner. And guess what? Visitors are not going to convert until your store provides them with compelling reasons to do so. 

Yes, turning visitors into buyers is a tough nut to crack. But, it’s not impossible.

Growave comes up with such excellent features that are proven to skyrocket your overall engagement and conversion rate.

Here’s a sneak peek of its features:

growave features

In case you think this one app can’t improve your conversion rates, you have to think twice because from the loyalty program to funnels - there’s a lot you should know. So without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Make Your Customers Feel Like Insiders with Growave Loyalty Program

more. In such a case, you can further hook the individual showing you care for them. 

When it comes to loyalty programs, they’re no different. 

Starbucks is a great example of a loyalty program. Apart from rewarding loyalty points, Starbucks also scales the extra mile, offering birthday rewards and free drinks. A warm and inviting approach is what distinguishes a successful loyalty program from a mediocre one. 

Even big businesses have tapped into this clever loyalty strategy to gain profits. But the question is - Why replicate any other brand’s loyalty strategy when you can create your own successful loyalty strategy using Growave? Alright, let’s just get it. 

Why Is Growave Loyalty Program Great for Your Business?

Growave hits the bullseye and allows you to create customer-centric loyalty programs. A welcoming loyalty program that resonates with your brand purpose is very likely to hit all of your conversion goals. 

That’s not it. According to the latest study published by Wharton Business School, an effective reward strategy should account for different levels of engagement. 

Oversimplifying your loyalty program can actually backfire because highly engaged members don’t want to be treated the same as regular ones.

You would now shrug your shoulders in exhaustion and glare at me for this suggestion. I know creating a personalized loyalty program on your own can get time-consuming and effortful.

But hey! Don’t worry, who told you that you have to create a loyalty program on your own? 

Here’s where Growave’s loyalty program solves your problem. It does twice the personalization in less than half the time. Let me show how Growave handles all the tedious tasks with its diverse range of features. 

  • Gamify Rewards: Standalone reward points are old-fashioned. When you level up your loyalty program, allowing members to unlock different tiers of loyalty levels, you can watch conversions skyrocket on your store. 
  • Create VIP Tiers: Reward your highly loyal members with VIP privileges like free shipping, quick loyalty points, big discounts, and unique gifts. Special customers deserve special attention. 
  • Reward Engagement:  Increase member engagement by offering loyalty points whenever a member purchases a product, leaves reviews, follows your social media accounts, and much more. This keeps your members coming back for more.
  • Automatic Reward Redemption: Let Growave’s functionality handle loyalty points redemption and offer gift cards, discounts, and special promotions.  
  • Referral Marketing: Word-of-mouth marketing and friend referrals are the best way to increase brand credibility and increase traffic to your store. 

Features of Growave Loyalty Program 

A solid loyalty program is a great bang for your marketing buck. The cost of retaining an old customer is significantly lower than acquiring a new customer. Once your visitor becomes a loyal member, the profits you gain per sale automatically increase.

Customizable Email Notifications

Tired of keeping a hundred tabs open just to create an email template? I’ve been there too. With Growave, you can leverage built-in email templates or use its template editor to create emails that suit your brand image.

Points Expiry

It’s no secret that creating a sense of urgency increases conversions. Growave’s powerful automation tool tracks the point expiry for your loyalty program members, promptly notifies them, and lets your brand re-engage with inactive members.

Analytics Dashboard

Growave provides a data-driven approach to your loyalty program so that you can track your loyalty strategy with a wide set of customer data. More importantly, it would give you an understanding of those metrics that make your loyalty program successful. 

Easy Migration

Don’t let the dread of migrating platforms stop you from using Growave, as it ensures that your migration process is smooth.

If you’re planning to migrate from platforms like Yotpo, Loyalty Lion, Smile.io, etc., you can seamlessly import information to Growave.

You might find this comprehensive Yotpo comparison helpful if you are considering the mentioned apps.

Show Social Proof to Build Trust Among Your Visitors

Local Consumer Review Survey 2020 reported that 87% of online buyers check reviews at least once before making a purchase. Yes, 87% is a massive number! 

If you’re not displaying your product reviews correctly, you’re missing out on building trust with your visitors. 

Along with this, social proof also drives people to believe that they’re missing a truly wonderful product. 

Customers are more likely to purchase your product when they believe that others are enjoying your product quite well. 

However, Growave lets you do more than just collecting reviews. To level up your social proof game, you can leverage other powerful features. Let’s tell you what those are! 

What Makes Growave’s Social Reviews Stand Out? 

Automated Review Collection 

The best brands know how to utilize personal experiences to connect with their visitors. People love sharing their stories online. In that sense, reviews are also stories of your customer’s experience with your product. So, be quick to reach out to your buyers and make the review submission process convenient for them. 

Here is where you can use Growave to automate your review collection process with email reminders. 

It simplifies the review collection process and allows you to thank your reviewers. 

Customized Review Generation

How do you build rapport with a person you just met? You narrate stories, ask questions, and find common interests. 

Creating a connection with your visitors is no different, especially when it comes to purchasing a product online. To help buyers visualize better, you can show photo reviews to let them know how it feels to own that particular product. 

growave reviews

As we said, when customers see that people are enjoying your products, they won’t mind smashing that green ‘buy now’ button. But to make this happen, you have to keep up with product images and verified buyer badges to increase the credibility of your reviews, which Growave can easily manage. 

Photo reviews are just the tip of the iceberg; Growave also comes with a range of customizations to match the theme and needs of your eCommerce store:

  • Branding: Customize the sidebar, buttons, and product reviews widget to complement your brand image
  • Beautify Your Reviews: Use beautiful review galleries, carousels, and customizable widgets
  • Manage Reviews: Handle a dedicated page to represent product and site reviews
  • Review Verification: Show a Growave verification badge for all verified reviews
  • Favorite Reviews: Increase the visibility of your favorite reviews and let visitors see the best reviews

Drive Organic Traffic

SEO is like your good old buddy who recommends your business to everyone he finds at the party. And, social media is like your excited girlfriend who posts Instagram stories of each milestone you achieve with cutesy captions.

SEO and social media are two areas where you can’t afford to mess up. To take care of things well, Growave efficiently handles the SEO of your product reviews and manages social media capabilities to boost your eCommerce store’s traffic. 

Here’s a gist of Growave’s SEO and social media features: 

  • Google Shopping: Integrate your Shopify store and reviews with Google Shopping
  • Higher Rankings: Use the metadata of customer reviews to rank higher on Google search results
  • Product Listing Ads Simplified: Display ratings and photo reviews on ‘Product Listing’ ads
  • Leverage Facebook for Traffic: Display reviews on your Facebook business page

Promote Q&A

According to an intensive study conducted by Pew, 86% of online shoppers thoroughly check Q&As on the product page before purchasing. 

The simple reason behind a large number of shoppers checking Q&As is that when customers see that they can ask questions, it increases their confidence. After all, would you trust a salesman who stays quiet while you ask questions or the salesman who is personable and answers all of your questions? 

Most conversion funnels die at the product page because they fail to simplify the purchase-decision journey for the customers. 

growave q&a

Growave prevents this funnel leakage simplifying the Q&A process for visitors. Your online store visitors can simply scroll down on the product page and shoot their questions. 

Add Wishlist Feature & Convert Visitors Into Buyers

With shrinking memory capacities and lower attention spans, how will your visitors remember what they want to buy from your store? 

wishlist allows shoppers to create collections of products they would like to buy in the future without an immediate intent to purchase. 

growave wishlist

How Does Growave’s Wishlist Feature Help Your eCommerce Store?

Create Seamless Wishlists 

The best way to drive visitor engagement is to simplify the process to such an extent where all of it seems natural. Growave champions apply this strategy by allowing visitors to create their own wishlist without the need for any login. 

You can embed the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button anywhere on your homepage. Undoubtedly, a dedicated wishlist page would make it easier for your prospects to manage their wishlists. 

Re-engage with Prospects 

It’s easier to retarget prospects than to acquire new customers. Using your customer’s wishlist, you can notify them about what they’re missing on and move them towards making a purchase. 

growave pop-up

Allow Customers to Share Wishlists 

Allowing your customers to share their wish lists, you can build a natural hype for your products. A smart way to increase sales is to let your eCommerce store capitalize on the social sharing of wishlists. Visitors can create wishlists for different occasions and share them via social media platforms like Pinterest.

Wishlist Rewards

Did someone say cross-feature integrations? No problem, Growave can integrate your wishlist strategy with your loyalty program and offer reward points, discounts, cash, and free shipping whenever your customers share their wishlist via email or social media.

wishlist reward

Not only this, but it also allows you to drop in a few discount codes in your targeted emails to win back your inactive members. 

How Can You Notify Your Prospects? 

Growave uses data-driven insights for picking the best time to notify your prospects about their wishlists. It has an automated system that sends targeted emails when certain conditions are triggered. A few notification triggers are:

  • Products are back in stock
  • Seasonal sales
  • Missing variants are available
  • Products running out of stock

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to make your customers feel special. Personalized wishlist emails and reminders based on products added to their wish lists are the keys to converting prospects into customers.

You don’t have to worry about creating another personalized wishlist email template because Growave has everything you need. But learning how to write a professional email can help you to modify the template in the future.

You can always customize its ready-made email templates to fit your brand image. So drop your logo, splash your brand color, spice things up with your tagline, and you’re good to go with it! 

Growave’s analytics feature also tracks your wishlist email campaigns and analyzes metrics like a queue, sent, opened, and revenue. 

Integrate Instagram with Your Shopify Store

Turn your Instagram posts into shoppable carousels and enable swift purchasing options for your customers to shop directly from the posts. Here’s a gist of Growave’s Instagram Integration:

Customize Your Way to The Top

Splash in your brand’s color theme and create appealing posts. Pick the layouts (grid, slideshows, listing, and masonry) that can make your product line outshine.

instagram gallery

Shopify Galleries

First, add glitter and glam to your product pages. Second, Integrate Shopify galleries with Instagram posts. 

shoppable gallery

Analyze Engagement

Growave’s analytics features track the engagement and conversions of your posts quite well. So a little bit of testing here and there could boost the sales ratio. 

Leverage Various Integrations to Create Proper Funnels that Convert

Growave comes with a range of versatile integrations ranging from landing page builders to email marketing platforms. 

growave integrations

Let’s quickly discuss three powerful Growave integrations to have a clear idea of how you can use them for your Shopify store. 

LayoutHub Easy Page Builder

LayoutHub is a popular page builder that provides eCommerce business owners with pre-designed layouts for interactive landing creation. 

It simplifies the process of creating pages using drag & drop web page building tools. With LayoutHub, you can create a host of pages like landing, product, sales, collection, about us, contact us, blog list, 404, and much more. 

Features of LayoutHub 

  • Beginner-friendly: No coding experience is needed for designing a page with LayoutHub
  • Attract mobile visitors:  Layouts are optimized for mobile and seem compatible enough with all browsers
  • Extensive library: A wide library of free and premium layouts 
  • Shopify themes compatibility: LayoutHub prevents the last-minute chaos by already ensuring compatible layouts for your Shopify store

Shopify Flow 

Save time and increase efficiency by creating Growave workflows with Shopify Flow, which is an automation platform. It serves the purpose of an event constructor between Growave and third-party applications.

Features of Shopify Flow

  • Automation Simplified: Whenever you receive a negative review, Shopify Flow lets you create a customer-service ticket with Gorgias platform. As a result of this, you can personally inquire and receive feedback from the customer. 
  • Customize process triggers: Connect Growave with Klaviyo to generate triggers when customers save wishlists. 
  • Notifications: Notify visitors when their favorite items are back in stock or whenever there’s a hot sale


Firepush is a versatile app that automates email, web push, and SMS notifications to remind your customers on a range of channels.

When it comes to skyrocketing sales growth and retargeting customers, Firepush is something you want to opt for. 

Features of Firepush

  • Abandoned cart recovery: Remind customers of the great products lying around in their lonely carts using a sequence of email, SMS, and push reminders
  • Make bigger profits: Simplify upselling and cross-selling by sending in promotional emails right after when a customer makes the purchase
  • More recurring customers: Show your customers that you have not forgotten them by occasionally dropping in an email

The Bottom Line 

Low conversion rates will no longer haunt you. Growave is a powerful tool that efficiently converts your eCommerce store visitors into buyers. It’s a well-developed, impressive, and intuitive solution for eCommerce business owners who are looking to boost their revenues. 

What you might like the most about Growave is its automation. It saves your time so that you can focus on other business operations that really matter. After all, time is money! 

So what are you waiting for? Go try out Growave’s 14-day free trial and unlock the true potential of your store. 

Author's Bio

Tanish is an eCommerce geek and a super creative writer. He has been researching, analyzing, and writing about eCommerce for 4 years. You can discover his best eCom recipes on ConversionsKitchen.com.

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Frequently asked questions

How many on-page widgets does Growave have?

Growave has multiple apps and comes with three on-page widgets; Reviews, Rewards and Wishlist. You also have full control over branding, programming and position of widgets. Customer enjoy creating dedicated landing pages for these widgets.

What sort of control do you have over Widgets?

Growave has three on-page widgets that are fully customizable; including positioning, branding, images, and values. You also have the ability to build dedicated pages for these widgets.

Can you create separate pages for Widget contents?

Growave has three on-page widgets that can be represented by dedicated pages. You can highlight your reviews, rewards or wishlist by building seperate pages.

What is Growave?

Growave is a bundle of apps built for Shopify stores to increase conversion rates. You can upgrade your Shopify store with a simply install the app and test out the entire bundle of apps for 30 days with out charge. You can build a complete marketing strategy using Growaves apps.

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