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Aug 15, 2022



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Top Apps for Ecommerce - Upgrade Your Shopify Store

Finding the best apps for your e-commerce store can be difficult. This article makes life easier. Check out our picks for the best Shopify apps. These ecommerce apps will make your store stand out.

Top Apps for Ecommerce - Upgrade Your Shopify Store

These are our picks for the most engaging and user friendly ecommerce experience. These apps will create a lasting impression on your customers and improve your store's sales performance. These apps are best used in combination with one another. When these apps are used in combination, they can deliver a powerful change to your ecommerce stores performance.

Top Ecommerce Apps for Sales and Consumer Engagement:

  1. Page Builders
  2. Mobile App Builders
  3. Loyalty & Rewards Programs
  4. Reviews & UGC
  5. Email & SMS Communication
  6. SEO Optimization
  7. Up & Cross Sell

Shopify does well to guide our decisions with clever categorization, descriptions and reviews. But is that enough? There are thousands of apps in the official Shopify app store, so many that you may never test as much as 1% of them. Since time is of the essence we need to be able to go straight to our best option without having to doubt our decision. Thats what this article is all about. Most of these apps have some sort of free trail which is best used to explore the apps and realize their benefits.

Why Consumer Engagement is so Important?

When it comes to online stores, the consumer's experience is very important for both sales and search engine result pages. Focusing on engagement can positively influence your shoppers willingness to trust your store and their willingness to repeat their purchase. By adopting a customer centric strategy you will notice that your marketing outreach will both compete better against other online stores and resonate with the customer on a deeper level. When Google crawlers notice improvements to the site's overall quality they improve your ranking and domain rating, which improves your discoverability.

Best Shopify App Categories

Depending on what scale your ecommerce business may be in, some of these ecommerce apps could be more important than others. Any business still in its early stages may emphasize low cost apps until there is enough cash flow to sustain core expenses. While a more mature business may focus on effectiveness and sophistication. Shopify understands your needs and provides an abundance of third party choices.

Page Builder & Customization

The first things your customers encounter is most likely your website, it is also where most of your channels lead. Our best conversion tool is our main website, which is the core of our online business. Choosing the easy to set up template won't beat the average store. We need to change up the game, and the best way to do that is with a versatile page builder. These site builders are the most effective tool you have for creating an advanced landing page. These three topic picks for page builders require zero coding to use.


PageFly is the best known website builder on the Shopify app store, with thousands of positive reviews. You can start upgrading your landing page with their free to start and pay as you go plan. This gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with their product and decide whether you want to continue. It would be wise to explore their services as these apps can carry quite a lot form one another.

PageFly Website Builder


Ecomposer is a relatively new web page builder, but its built with clear intention from the start. They have amassed a great reputation and are the recommended option for brand new ecommerce businesses. Their  free plan is the most competitive of all the options but that doesn't reflect in their services. Ecomposer could very well be your favorite choice of the three, despite being the newest player in page builders.

Ecomposer Website Builder


GemPages focuses a lot on style and aesthetics. They recently made a few upgrades to their product and took an already stellar reputation and made it better. They offer a limited period free trial of 10 days and as low as $15 afterwards. I recommend checking out some of their templates, and Im sure you will find at least one that you love.

GemPages Website Builder

Mobile App Builder

Mobile Apps are an amazing addition to a high retention strategy, especially if you are in the right industry. They make the shopping experience easier, faster and most importantly habitual. To understand why they are so important I've prepared an article that describes the growth process and how tech can be a focal point for a digital strategy.


Vajro is another app with a stellar reputation. You can use their app directly in the Shopify Admin Panel and they offer a 60 day free trial so that you can see their impact first hand. Mobile App builders in general are a bit pricey but they are one of the best choices you can make for their impact on your customer expierence.

Vajro Mobile App Builder


Shopney is comparable to Vajro in both quality and price, but there are no two apps that are the same. The difference is that the free trial period is 30 days with Shopney and that there are fewer reviews for their services. Nonetheless, Shopney is an amazing choice for a lasting impact on your clients shopping expierence. We highly recommend Shopney for your mobile app builder and we are confident that you won't regret your decision.

Appy Pie App Builder

Appy Pie App Builder is an app-building software that allows you to create your own mobile apps with ease. The platform is a one-stop solution for all your mobile app needs. It is easy to use and offers a variety of features that can be customized to suit your needs.The Appy Pie App Builder offers an easy and intuitive interface which makes it possible for beginners to create their own apps without any prior coding knowledge.

Shopney Features

Loyalty & Rewards Program

Conversion is huge headache all on its own. When trying to convert a lead on your website, loyalty tiers and rewards are fundamental for success. They motivate customers to complete their purchase with perks as a reward. The customer has a reason to continue to shop at your store after they've been inducted into your program because of tiers that grow progressively redeeming. The possibility discounts can be a primary

Reviews and UGC

Trust is a very important concept in ecommerce, the anonymity of the internet create a natural rift between buyers and sellers. Reviews and user generated content demonstrates authenticity, it demonstrates a history of reliability and real world images of the products. It is highly recommended that you employ third party reviews to build trust, and apps can be the perfect way to do exactly that.


Growave offers five apps under one single platform; Reviews, Rewards & Loyalty, Wishlist, Instagram and Social Login. Beyond what's mentioned here, there are also email notifications, analytics and full brand customization. Growave have recently gone through a transformation by completely redesigning the administrative panel. Growave also offers the most affordable payment basic plan that starts as low as 9$/month, making it the most affordable loyalty and rewards app on Shopify. The third major change is that Growave now offers a 30 day free trail which is more then enough time for customers to get a feel for just how impactful it can be. Growave is widely considered as one of the most reliable and ighest rated apps in the Shopify App Store. We encourage you to visit the Shopify App Store to see how they compare.

Growave all-in-on marketing app

Email & SMS Communication

Part of the challenge is of managing an ecommerce store is maximizing the value of each customer. Having a way to remarket existing customers and drawing them back is how we extend their LTV. This is of course one of the cheapest and most reliable channels for businesses. Part of the value of a business is its contact list, since you have already gathered their contact details the hard part is over. With the suggestions listed below you would be able to keep in touch easily with your loyal customers, sending them a variety of different messages, all done automatically.


Klaviyo is amazing for keeping in touch with your customers and their pricing is really practical. Klaviyo is very affordable but rates a bit lower then Omnisend. Their services are divided into two part; email and sms. They also come with a free limited packaged that gives a fixed amount of emails and sms contacts per month.

Klaviyo Intro

Omnisend is the power player when it comes to communications apps on Shopify, with the largest collection of users and reviews. They also offer a free plan, but with a different payment structure to Klaviyo. It is highly recommended that check out which ones best fits your needs.

Omnisend Intro

You cannot go wrong with postscript, they are well received by merchants with an outstanding history of reviews. You will certainly find that you have made a wise choice if you choose PostScript for your communication app. Their free package is highly advantageous and very worthwhile, especially for larger businesses.

Postscript Analytics

SEO Optimization

One of the largest sources of traffic to any website originates from search engines. In order to increase these traffic figures, we need to ensure that our website is optimized to generate these very important leads. As such, these sort of integrations may become a major differentiating factor for your business.

Avada: SEO

Avada is a highely regarded SEO tool that is available completely for free. They help improve your stores performance, site mapping and so much more. With there paid plan, you have a plethora of high impact tools to ensure your stores constant SEO quality.

SEO App Avada

Pop-Up & Cross Sales

When it comes to pure numbers, pop-up and cross selling apps are highly impactful. Shopify upsell app is the most "direct" way of increasing your AOV. They contribute to your bottom line by increasing product visibility after purchase, and by selling accessories and marketing new products. Customers have established trust if they have completed their purchase, making it the perfect time to recommend additional items. Pop-ups work in a similar way, which help you to both collect contact details and market discounted items. These apps are much more then just simple recommendations and pop-ups.

ReConvert: Up Sell & Cross Sell

ReConvert as an intergration can help you increase the value of each shopper with after purchase recommendations. These recommendations have strong persuasive attributes and are likely to improve your sales performance. ReConvert in particular is very affordable and structured to only charge you for services after proven results.

Reconvert App Intro
NextSale: Social Proof, Urgency and Pop Ups

When it comes down to funtionality NextSale is bar none. They provide surprising features that can give your store a sense of genuine presence. Depending on your strategy, their app can optimized for multiple purposes. They use advanced pop ups and banner notifications to help you get the message across effectively. The best part is that they offer a free plan and all plans then after are affordable and highly impactful.

Next Sale Intro

In Conclusion

Trust and Quality are deeply intertwined. There is no avoiding the customers expierence at your store, one must always have an ear out for what they want. These apps are the closest you can come to building a superior ecommerce website. These are the top app categories for Shopify stores.

FAQ Section

What are the benefits of Loyalty Programs?

They are linked to lower customer acquisition costs, increased average order value, and lifetime value of customers. They are considered robust ecommerce marketing tools. Loyalty programs are also databases of all your members that can be used in combination with emails to re-market shoppers.

Can you combine Reviews with Rewards?

Rewards compliment Reviews very well. They make it more worthwhile for the customer to leave a review and improve your company profile at the same time. Stores with hundreds or thousands of reviews have excellent track records and greatly benefit from them.

Can you display reviews and review requests in emails?

Reviews and review request can both be featured in emails, along with a few other customization options. It is highly encouraged to combine them with reward points to increase the rate of their collection and personalize your emails so that the right people are seeing the right messages.

Do Reviews impact SEO?

Reviews are excellent for SEO and make your shop stand out. They can be used to build your website's profile and can featured across your marketing channels.

Why should you use Instagram UGC?

There are several benefits to using Instagram UGC; it turns your Instagram into a shoppable store, it creates beautiful catalogs in your site and it provides a layer of authenticity with UGC. You can also turn your Instagram into an additional sales channel, while boosting your social media.

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