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Growave provides feature-rich multiple apps in one place: loyalty & rewards, referrals, wishlist, reviews, and Instagram UGC

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Generate 2x+ growth like the top brands using Growave

Loyalty, Rewards, Referrals

Turn one-time buyers into repeat customers

Offer loyalty points for interactions and purchases
Provide options to redeem points: discounts, free products, gift cards 
Increase LTV and recurring revenue by offering VIP tier memberships 
Incentivize customers to promote your brand to their friends
Automated emails, nudges, points expiration, POS & Flow integration 
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Convert shopper intent to sales

Enhance your customers' shopping experience, reduce cart abandonment, and convert shoppers' intent to sales.
Let your customers save and share favorite items on your Shopify store. 
Boost sales by triggering marketing emails: items in wishlist, on sale, back in stock. 
Let visitors organize and create multiple lists (birthdays, weddings, etc.)
No registration or login is needed to add items to the wishlist
Reviews & Instagram UGC

Grow your brand with effective social-proof marketing

Generate reviews and UGC for your Shopify store to build strong social proof. 
Display reviews on a dedicated page, product pages, and Google search results.
Incentivize your customers for leaving reviews with loyalty points and rewards.
Bring your Instagram feed and UGC  to your Shopify store to drive conversions. 
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Get it all done,
all in one place

We put all essential marketing solutions under one platform so that you can effectively grow your brand
Save on your tech stack. Don’t pay for each app individually
All apps work seamlessly together. E.g. give loyalty points for reviews
All apps are managed from a single dashboard
24/7 world-class support is provided from one place

Growave really moves numbers 

Our North Star is helping merchants achieve their growth goals

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increase in repeat purchase rate 

”We were looking for some time to improve our loyalty program already in place and to improve our customer experience throughout the website. Growave was an excellent solution for that”.

Tabs author
Joshua Lloyd
CEO and Managing Director of Joshua Lloyd
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orders growth

“We love this app! Such a great team of developers and amazing customer support. So happy that Growave offers everything all in one... plus more”

Tabs author
Tracey Hocking
CEO and Creative Director of Lazybones
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increase in repeat purchase rate

“What an amazing app! It's hard to find an app that does this much in such a seamless way. The pricing is very competitive and it's a great value for the money”

Tabs author
Toni McMahon
CEO of Plant Essentials
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increase in AOV

“I tried many different loyalty apps but this one is the best so far! We were able to translate everything on the front end into Japanese. Transferring all data from other apps went smoothly”

Tabs author
Meri Tanaka
Co-owner of Amirisu Shop
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orders growth

“My experience interacting with Growave has always been excellent. The app is pretty easy to install and I had no problem installing it myself”

Tabs author
Cate Burton
CEO and Managing Director at Queen B
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