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Introducing: SocialShopWave is Now

The humble roots of started many years ago, but now is the dawn of change. Here is an article about the transformation that Growave went through and the plans they have for the future.

Introducing: SocialShopWave is Now

I haven’t made such a heartwarming and important announcement in a while. But now I have a good excuse to do that. Mainly thanks to the big and cool changes made in the SocialShopWave. And I’m here to share them with you.

The last time I was this thrilled to tell you about our company was when it was its first day. It feels the same tho now since we are rebranding SocialShopWave to Growave and turning a new leaf in our story.

Our journey started in 2014. We had experience in building social networking apps and wanted to bring customer engagement tools into e-commerce.

We have expanded beyond a tool or a solution to one problem.

As our customers’ needs have evolved, our business and products have evolved right along with them. We changed our name, site, design, and overall customer experience to scale and change in step. We became an all-in-one marketing platform that powers thousands of Shopify brands around the world. And I’m very excited to present you

Meet stands for:
- “grow” tells about our core goal to help your business grow.
- “wave” is taken from our old name to show that we stay true to our beliefs.
- “.io” subdomain tells about our commitment to innovation.

We are moving forward to become a complete marketing platform that helps your brand go viral, build delightful customer-brand relationships, and grow your business.

To achieve our goals we tripled our company size in the last 12 months, released hundreds of enhancements and new features, added a dozen of great integrations (Shopify Flow, Klaviyo, Gorgias, FirePush, PushOwl, Tobi, etc.), and expanded our server infrastructure to provide a better shopping experience for you and your customers.

The future of

We clearly aligned the entire company processes behind our main purpose: to assist our customers in solving complex issues with simple, but effective solutions.

Hence, we have identified four key processes which we will focus on in the future to achieve the goals and objectives of the company:

Strengthening the customer-brand relationships. A few months ago we launched a new Loyalty and Rewards product and we've been consistently improving it ever since. We believe that successful brands are built on true and strong customer-brand relationships. And we are going to provide more and better solutions to do that, by motivating your shoppers to engage more meaningfully with your brand, increasing repeat purchases, turning your customers into loyal advocates, and helping your brand go viral.

Using the power of UGC. In 4 years, we've built many tools for our customers' UGC: reviews, photos reviews, wishlists, Q&A, and discussions. And we're committed to continually providing new ways to generate and improve the power of user-generated content to boost your store's brand trust and sales.

Ads. We’ll direct our efforts towards letting you get the most out of ads campaigns with the help of UGC-based ads. It will be more effective for you than ever before since people are shifting more and more from relying on brand information to other people’s feedback about it.

New integrations and API. We have planned a number of great integrations between Growave and your top favorite apps and tools. Moreover, we’re improving API to give you more flexibility in accessing and managing your data and connecting our platform with your own instruments the way you want it.

I believe with these steps we will be moving further and to greater heights, opening new and tremendous growth opportunities for you.

In all, with our new strategy and unending energy, talent and creativity, I am sure that our best days lie ahead.

New Pricing

It’s just an interesting point to make that this is the first time we've updated our pricing in 3 years. This is quite a long term, especially for today's fast-paced SaaS world.

It has always been important for us to provide a quality product with excellent service at the best price. And we don't deviate from our basic principles. The new pricing structure will allow many of our clients to reduce costs altogether.

Thus, pricing for us is not just about money. It’s more about quality. New pricing fully reflects our attitude and commitment to the success of your business. After all, you pay commensurately with the benefits that we bring to you.

Get the best solution at a price that works for you. New pricing will allow you to get access to many new and improved features of our platform as well as a personal customer success manager who will work with you to get the most out of your Growave experience and turn it into the growth of your business. In this case, the payment will depend on the number of sales, i.e. from the benefits, you get in reality.

I know new things are usually frustrating. However, no need to stress out! The new pricing will not affect your current payment schedule for the whole year from now.

Also, we’ll keep supporting startups by providing access to our features at a more affordable price. Since is partner-friendly, you can use it for free while you develop your Shopify store. Moreover, now we are open to long-term contracts for discounted annual pricing.

Here you can view our new pricing.

And finally: Thank you all for inspiring these important changes!

Starting today, you’ll see these exciting changes that for sure will add room for our mutual growth. From now on, we will invest further in the development of the project along with the quality of both the products and the services provided to you.

Moreover, we will now approach brands and companies with an even more individual approach, taking into account your progress, sales, and needs. :)

It’s fair though if you don’t like a new look or if you think the old one was better. Happy to discuss it if you'd like to call or just share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Eldar Galiev is the CEO and founder of He's passionate about programming and one of his main goals in life is to use his skills to make a positive contribution to the world around him

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